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11 Amazing Graffiti and Street Art Tours

Street art and graffiti: however you feel about it, you can’t deny that it’s pretty fascinating. Whether it’s a midnight spray paint job in an alley or a city-funded mural, street art breaks up the monotony of city life and brings the spirit of its people to light. Learn about the street art and graffiti of North America’s most painted cities, and you’ll never see it the same again! Wherever you go, you’ll find tours available to show you the best of the city’s street art. Take one of these street art tours to get a new perspective on your nest destination.


1    New York City: Free Tours by Foot

There are plenty of places to see street art in New York City, and Free Tours by Food offers you the chance to see four of them. The Manhattan Street Art Tour takes visitors through the street art of the most popular tourist destination in NYC, making it a top choice for many travelers. Take a jaunt through the Lower East Side to see dozens of colorful murals by both local and international graffiti artists.
New York City: Free Tours By Foot


2    Miami: Wynwood Walls

The official tour offered by Wynwood Walls is offered daily so that you can always have the opportunity to get a glimpse of the best street art in Miami. Renowned graffiti artists have transformed this corner of Miami into an incredible work of art, and it’s definitely a must-see Miami excursion. Get a street art tour from the best guides around when you visit Wynwood Walls.
Miami: Wynwood Walls
3    Indianapolis: Active Indy Tours

Active Indy Tours offers super cool tours of Indianapolis through walking, running, or biking. The best tour for seeing Indiana’s awesome street art is the White River State Park & Central Canal Walking Tour. If you’ve never been to Indianapolis, you’re in for a treat. The canal is the perfect place to stroll through the city, and it’s lined with fantastic street art of all types and styles. The tour lasts from 3:00 to 4:30 PM every weekday and covers a mile of the best part of Indianapolis.
Indianapolis: Active Indy Tours
4    Seattle: The Freemont Tour

The Freemont Tour in Seattle isn’t specifically a street art tour, but it’s so much fun that it’s worth taking anyway. You’ll still get to see plenty of graffiti and street art, too. The tour takes you through the Freemont District, where you’ll get to participate in fun, hand-on activities and experience the surprises and theatrics that are specific to this tour. If you’re looking for a blast while you gaze at street art, then this tour is for you.
Seattle: The Freemont Tour
5    San Francisco: Mission Walking Tour

There is a lot of ground to cover when it comes to seeing San Francisco’s street art, but one of the best places to see great art is the Mission District. Take a street art tour from Precita Eyes to see the Mission District murals! The tour is free, although donations are welcomed. The tour happens every couple of weeks, so if you won’t hit this one, Precita Eyes also has tours going to other parts of the city, or you can book a private tour.
San Francisco: Mission Walking Tour
6    Atlanta: Bicycle Tours of Atlanta

The Atlanta Street Art Bike Tour isn’t just a street art tour. You’ll also get the history and culture of Atlanta in a nutshell as you bike through all the most significant areas. Along the way, you’ll be introduced to the best of Atlanta’s street art, including things you’d never discover on your own. The tour costs about $60 and lasts for three hours.
Atlanta: Bicycle Tours Of Atlanta
7    Los Angeles: Art Walk DTLA

If you happen to be in LA on the second Tuesday of the month, you’re in luck! The Downtown Art Walk is one of the coolest events of the month. You’ll get to see all the cool art in the city, courtesy of the Downtown Art Walk Lounge. After a fun street art tour of some of Los Angeles’ best graffiti, you can hang out with new friends at the lounge.
Los Angeles: Art Walk DTLA
8    Detroit: The Detroit Bus Co

The Detroit Photo Tour, street art version is the best way to see and capture awesome graffiti art in the downtown area. For four hours, wander the streets with a professional photographer tour guide. You’ll get to see murals, but you’ll also see sculpture and other forms of public art. Traverse both the famous and hidden corners of the city by bus and by foot.
9    Philadelphia: Official Mural Arts Tours

The official Philadelphia tours of the city’s street art vary from week to week, but they’re all good. One favorite is the Love Letter Tour, which takes visitors through the city’s string of love-themed murals by Stephan Powers. The love letters are creative and fun, and may give you a few ideas of what to write on your next Valentine’s Day card.
10    Chicago: Tour Through a Lens

Graffiti expert Theresa expertly leads tours throughout the streets of Chicago. Theresa personally knows many of the artists, and she helps visitors get to know the life and culture of street art in the city. Not only do you get to see the street art in Chicago on this tour, but you get to learn how to take great photos of the graffiti. This isn’t your ordinary hour and half street art tour; you can schedule a much longer and more extensive tour if you really want to dive into the world of street art!
11    Toronto: Tour Guys

When it comes to North American street art, we can’t leave Canada off the list. One of the best Canadian cities to check out street art is Toronto. Tour Guys offers a lot of cool tours in the area, including the Graffiti Tour- Queen Street West & Graffiti Alley. Unlike a lot of other tours, this street art tour focuses on illicit graffiti, discussing the cultural significance, the beauty, the issues, and the opinions behind anonymous street art. Jump into the controversial discussion and learn about this side of Toronto—you won’t see this in the travel brochures!



  1. July 28, 2017 - 10:21 pm

    Just now stumbling across your article. Thanks for the Chicago rep and spotlighting Tour Through A Lens!

  2. 206Girl
    February 27, 2018 - 1:16 pm

    The fact that Seattle made this list and Denver didn’t is a disservice to people that would actually use this article as a reference of places to visit for street art. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Seattle, born and raised, but our street art game is not on point. There is no centralized area that would remotely pass for a walking tour focused on street art. We do have some great pieces trickled throughout the city but nothing comparable with what Denver or some of the other places list here has…


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