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9 Best Budget Airlines in the World

Traveling has gotten to the point where it is really expensive, especially if you need to fly in order to reach your destination. By the time, you pay for your airfare, you practically have no money left for the rest of your vacation. To try to save you some money and allow you to travel more often, we have come up with some of the best low cost airlines in the world. Many of these airlines are able to keep their fares lower because they do not offer as many frills as some of the other airlines out there. However, this does not mean that their services lack in any way.


1    Azul Brazilian Airlines

This airline was created by the co-founder of Jet Blue and WestJet. While Azul mainly flies in Brazil, they do offer flights to limited destinations in the United States and Europe. Their fleet contains ATR, Airbus, and Embraer airliners.
Azul Brazilian Airlines
2    IndiGo

IndiGo is based in New Delhi and they have been in operation since 2006. They currently have one hundred Airbus A320 jets, but they have four hundred more on order, so that they can keep up with the demand of their customers. IndiGo is one of the cheapest ways to fly in Asia and they are continuously praised for their excellent cabin service.
3    WestJet

WestJet was created by the co-founder of Jet Blue and it has grown to become Canada’s second largest airline since it began operations in 1996. The fleet of more than one hundred Boeing jets fly to over a hundred destinations in North America and the Caribbean every day.
4    AirAsia X

AirAsia X is a subsidiary of Malaysia’s low-cost AirAsia airline. AirAsia X uses Airbus A330-300 jets throughout Asia. Each one of their jets has both premium and economy cabin seating, which makes it affordable for everyone who wants to fly throughout the country.
AirAsia X
5    Jetstar Airways

This airline is the low-cost subsidiary of Qantas, which is Australia’s national airline. Jetstar Airways operates out of Melbourne using Airbus A320 and Boeing 787 Dreamliners. Jetstar is continuously praised for quality cabin service as well as excellent customer service.
Jetstar Airways
6    EasyJet

People can fly all over Europe on EasyJet and over the last two decades it has become the most popular airline in Europe. They have a no-frills approach to flying which allows them to keep their costs and their fares lower. EasyJet is one of the world’s leading budget airlines and they currently have over 230 Airbus jets that fly customers to more than 800 destinations in Europe.
7    Norwegian

Norwegian is loved by its customers, but not so much by its competitors. They offer low cost airfare in Europe and they plan on launching very cheap trans-Atlantic flights in the future using Ireland as a subsidiary base. That move there is what makes this airline both aggressive and controversial in the business world. However, these tactics must be working, since they are able to keep their airfares quite low, much to the delight of their customers.
8    Virgin America

Virgin America is based in San Francisco and many people consider them the best low cost airline in North America. The airline has offered high quality service in the past as well as stylishly designed planes, however that may change in the near future since they have been recently been sold.
Virgin America
9    AirAsia

AirAsia used to be a struggling and small airline, but the CEO has turned that around over the past fifteen years. Besides low airfares, AirAsia has excellent customer service, a friendly crew on every flight, and a very efficient operation. These features are what keep customers returning to this amazing airline.


These nine airlines can make it possible for people to travel by airplane more often and go to destinations that may have been impossible in the past due to finances. All of these airlines still offer amazing customer service as well as other services, they just don’t charge a small fortune for them and that shows with the cost of their flights.

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