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12 Best Food Cities in the World

From New York to Hong Kong, the world is filled with diverse and delicious dishes! These twelve food capitals with certainly satiate any appetite. If you’re looking for cities that can satisfy your palate and your lust for adventure, then check these out! You’ll be amazed by the incredible dishes you can enjoy in so many different places around the world. If food is one of the most important parts of travel, then these must be the most important cities to visit.


1    New York

New York is considered to be one of the best food cities in the world because of two things: its diversity and its quality. In a place where hundreds of distinct cultures are concentrated heavily together, it’s little wonder that an incredible food culture has developed over the past several decades. In New York City, you can find top flavors of almost any type of cuisine in the world. Whether you’re looking for fine American dining or the best of Asian street food, you can find it in NYC.
New York
2    Tokyo

Ramen, ramen, ramen… this is the staple of Japanese cuisine. And it’s not your college dorm room fare, either. Real Tokyo ramen is amazing! The streets of Tokyo are lines with ramen shops, where you can pick from dozens of mouth-watering flavors. There are other dishes to try, too. Tempura and Sushi also find their pinnacle in Tokyo, making this place an Asian food dream come true.
3    Barcelona

Barcelona is all about the food, all day long. And there are so many opportunities for mini-meals and snacks that lunch is much later than it is in other parts of the world! You may not mind eating it both at the usual time and at the Barcelona time, though, when you discover the delight of Spanish food. Healthy food (think fresh meats and plenty of vegetables in decadent sauces) is used to create a masterpiece for every meal, and days in Barcelona are accented by cups of excellent coffee. At the end of the day, go for tapas—a Spanish staple.
4    San Francisco

Taste the flavors of every corner of the world! Aside from having some of the most fantastic Latin food anywhere on the planet, San Francisco boasts an incredible foodie scene, courtesy of top chefs from around the world and peoples’ grandmas. Get lost in the winding streets of San Francisco’s many neighborhoods to discover street food and fine dining that will blow you away.
San Francisco
5    Paris

If you’ve ever seen Ratatouille, you probably have gathered that Paris has some pretty darn good food. You can’t understand just how good it is until you visit and taste it for yourself! Parisian dishes are considered to be some of the finest delicacies in the world, and they are naturally paired with the perfect wine for every meal. Even the to-go foods are spectacular: you can’t miss the heavenly taste of a good French pastry.
6    Melbourne

If it’s variety and delicious dining that you’re after, Melbourne is the perfect place to visit. With many ethnic neighborhoods and the best of local Australian cooking, Melbourne is hard to beat. You can enjoy everything here, from a healthy breakfast with locally-sourced ingredients all the way to tapas during the exciting nightlife scene. If you want good food in Australia, head to Melbourne!
7    Hong Kong

Hong Kong is definitely the food capitol of Asia! If you’re looking for a great place to try every kind of Asian food on the planet (plus plenty of Western staples), then Hong Kong is the place to go. You can find great Asian favorites in sky-high fine restaurants or street level stalls and everywhere in between.
Hong Kong
8    London

Let’s be real: England isn’t exactly known for its outstanding cuisine. However, London is a world away from the typical British fare, although you can still find the meat-and-potatoes type of meal in London if you really want it. Actually, London is heavily influenced by foreign cuisine, especially Indian and South American foods. There are those that would say London does Indian better than India and American better than America! There’s one authentically British staple, however, that you can’t miss out on if you go: the typical English breakfast of sausages, browns, and eggs. Now, that’s a truly delicious classic.
9    Copenhagen

The first thing you must know about Copenhagen’s food scene is that street food is essential to life. The second thing you should know is that pretty much everything is unpronounceable, unless you’re a Dane. Finally, you should know that pretty much anything you eat is going to be amazing. Try local eats like open-faced sandwiches, porridge, and a Danish favorite: coffee.
10    Rio de Janiero

Rio has some of the most unique and delicious cuisine in South America. You haven’t really lived until you’ve tried Brazilian staples! Upscale South American seafood and crazy Amazonian dishes are both must-taste meals for the adventurous diner.
Rio De Janiero
11    Toronto

Toronto is all about the maple syrup, but there’s more to the city’s food scene than that. There are also maple doughnuts! Besides the sweets, Toronto has a lot to offer. The agricultural land around the city yields succulent peaches, grapes, and more that fill the stalls of farmer’s markets, and top-notch restaurants yield fine dining pleasures from sushi to pizza. Be sure to try the wine, too, because Ontario’s ice wine is pretty much a bucket list experience.
12    Dubai

Although expensive food is not always the best food, it certainly doesn’t hurt to spend a little bit to get better quality. And in Dubai, the expense is worth it! Travelers are especially enamored with the wide variety of gold-accented dishes available. Real gold is served on everything from pizza to ice cream, while gold flakes in wine, coffee, and even lemonade is not terribly uncommon. Even the less glittery foods in Dubai are unforgettable—as with everything else, Dubai goes above and beyond when it comes to food.


Whether you’re a true foodie looking for an amazing gastronomic experience or just want a tasty bite when you’re on holiday, a trip to one of these top food cities in the world will satisfy your appetite. Skip the chain restaurants and try the fantastic ethnic cuisines and fresh, creative dining options that you will find in any of these world class destinations.


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