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Top 10 Movies Filmed in Australia

New Zealand gets all the attention for being the set of The Lord of the Rings, but Australia is no stranger to the movie industry. In fact, Australia has had countless movies filmed on its shores! If you’re looking for a good movie night filled with scenes of beautiful Australia, check out these top ten movies. Even better, plan to visit some of the filming sites on your next trip through Australia! Anywhere you go, you’ll be sure to run into one of the filming locations. Seeing it in person will make the stories come alive! If you can’t make it to Australia, then satisfy yourself with a glimpse of the country in these movies.


1    Mad Max

Mad Max is a 1979 Australian dystopian action movie about breakdown of society, murder and vengeance, directed by George Miller. The movie, starring Mel Gibson when he was well known at the time, was released internationally in 1980. Mad Max became a top-grossing Australian film.
Mad Max
2    Jaws

Yup, this classic horror movie was filmed in Australia! If you’re planning to go Down Under anytime soon, it may be best to skip Jaws for now… if you watch it, you’ll never go swimming anywhere again, especially not on the Australian coast! If you’re landlocked, Jaws is a classic that you should watch once in your lifetime. Fortunately, this movie is not representative of most sharks in the Australia.
3    The Wolverine

There are several famous Australian locations that hosted the set of Wolverine! You can see many of them if you go on vacation in Australia. Sydney Olympic Park is perhaps the most famous. It was used at the setting of the Japanese Village, an oddity considering that some filming was done in Japan itself. The Bankstown Airport was the site of the airport scenes, so if you’re flying in to this airport, be sure to take a look around and see if you recognize anything.
The Wolverine
4    The Great Gatsby

Although there are several film version of this classic F. Scott Fitzgerald novel, the most recent movie was filmed in 2013. The movie captures the antics of Gatsby and his crazy lifestyle in the setting of New South Wales. There are several famous sites that contributed to the movie, including Centennial Park, St. Patrick’s Cemetery, and the Blue Mountains. If you’re in the area, be sure to check out a few of these places and see if you can recognize them from scenes in the movie.
The Great Gatsby
5    The Matrix

Did you know that The Matrix was filmed in Australia? This mind bending story follows a computer programmer as he discovers a terrible government plot that involved machines, mind control, and impossible odds. You won’t see too many recognizable views in The Matrix, since much of the movie was filmed in a studio, there are a few places you may recognize if you try: the Westin Hotel, a Rozelle subway station, and the AON Tower.
The Matrix
6    Crocodile Dundee

You really couldn’t film Crocodile Dundee anywhere except Australia. After all, the story is about a crocodile hunter who lives in the Australian outback! Since the story involves the main character traveling to New York City, much of the movie is also shot in the United States. Still, the coolest scenes involving crocs are shot in Australia, naturally.
Crocodile Dundee
7    Moulin Rouge

The intoxicating story of a man who falls in true love with a high-profile prostitute has captured the hearts of many. The story line of Moulin Rouge has captured many hearts, but it’s the soundtrack that makes this movie stand out. Numbers like an incredible cover of Elton John’s “Our Song” make this movie one worth watching. Most of the movie was filmed in a studio, so you can’t really visit the set if you go to Australia.
Moulin Rouge
8    The Man from Snowy River

The quintessential Australian cowboy movie, The Man from Snowy River, was shot in the great outdoors of Victoria, Australia. In the movie, the owner of an Australian farm dies, leaving his son, Jim, to settle an old feud that disrupts the peaceful countryside and his life. Love, hate, and danger must be resolved, and it’s all up to Jim. Even if you’re not a big fan of ’80s movies or horse films, this movie is worth watching for it’s absolutely beautiful shots of Victoria.
The Man From Snowy River
9    Australia

Obviously, Australia takes place in Australia. Pretty much every Australian state has a part to play in this film, so if you liked this movie you can check out a filming location no matter where in Australia you go. The movie itself starts in the north of Australia. The story of the movie is about a rich Englishman who inherits an Australian ranch after before World War II. Soon, war, love, and the Japanese show up to change his life.
10    Peter Pan

The 2003 version of Peter Pan was not filmed in Neverland, but Australia. Queensland served as the set of the magical island where Peter, Wendy, and the Lost Boys fight Captain Hook and play with the mermaids. The fact that Australia’s coast was chosen for the most magical location in literature is a testament to its beauty and charm.
Peter Pan

Australia is a top film location due to its gorgeous scenery, thriving film industry, and friendly people. Whether the movie is set in Australia or the production company simply wants talented industry professionals and world class studios, Hollywood loves to go Down Under. Check out these best movies filmed in Australia.

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