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U.S. Cities with the Worst Road Rage

Road Rage is a contagious epidemic all across the United States, but some areas have this driving disease worse than others. AutoVantage recently studied road rage, basing their findings on incidents of traffic violence. According to “In the Driver’s Seat Road Rage Survey,” here are the top ten U.S. cities with the worst road rage. If you are planning to visit any of these cities this year, avoid rush hour at all cost! Getting caught in a road rage incident can mean damage to your emotional state, your car, or even your life.


1   Miami

In February of 2017, a man was shot in the face during an episode of road rage. The reason? He honked at a truck that wasn’t following traffic rules. Although the man made it out of the ordeal alive, this is definitely one of the worst road rage incidents you’ll find! Miami isn’t always this violent on the road, but it still earns the top spot for road rage in the United States.
Miami Road Rage
2    New York City

If you’ve ever been to New York City, you know that driving in the city is no picnic. A gridlock system of too many vehicles and not enough road makes getting even a few miles down the street a frustrating excursion. It’s no wonder the subway system is so popular! If you’re planning on getting around in New York City Above ground, a taxi or Uber is always a good idea. Avoid the road rage by letting someone who knows the streets do the navigating.
New York City Road Rage
3    Boston

Living in an historic city is cool. Driving in an historic city is not so cool. Boston’s intricate maze of streets was designed for an era that has long since disappeared. Meandering cattle paths became streets that are now major roads! Cows aren’t the best city planners, it seems; the roads are hard to navigate and don’t make much sense. Tourists and locals alike find it difficult to keep their cool in the busy network of roads.
Boston Road Rage
4    Los Angeles

It takes two hours to get twenty miles in Los Angeles. Getting from place to place in this city is no fun at all, especially since it’s not a particularly scenic place. Smog, traffic, endless jams, and far too many cars make LA one of the worst places to drive in the entire country. There are plenty of people who skip LA or even move away just because of the traffic! There may be a lot to do in the city, but it’s not as fun when you’re angry before you even get there.
Los Angeles Road Rage
5    Washington

If you’re not from the East Coast, you may never have heard of Washington, Virginia. This city has, however, earned a spot on the top ten worst road rage list for a series of horrifying incidents. From intentional crashes to broken windows to murder, the road rage in Washington is something worth avoiding at all costs.
Washington Virginia Road Rage
6    Phoenix

Phoenix has an excellent road system and it is constantly being lengthened, widened, and added to. Still, this doesn’t keep people from being angry during the eight hours of rush hour that Phoenix experiences Monday through Friday. Traffic jams through downtown and all along the highways make it difficult to keep your cool. The worst part of the city is notorious 7th Street, which has a central lane that switches from Southbound to Northbound based on the time of day. Nicknamed “The Suicide Lane,” this part of the road is not for visitors and newbies.
Phoenix Road Rage
7    Chicago

Chicago is almost as bad as New York City, but not quite. The endless honking of horns is a testament to the frustration of drivers everywhere in Chicago. The many one-way roads, rush hour jams, and navigation difficulties contribute to a nightmare when it comes to getting around the downtown area. The road rage that results from the Chicago driving experience has caused many deaths and injuries from poor driving and road violence.
Chicago Road Rage
8    Sacramento

Sacramento’s news is filled with road rage incidents that escalated beyond reason. Maybe all this media exposure is conditioning Sacramento residents to accept road rage as normal, because it just seems to be getting worse. If you’re driving through Sacramento during rush hour, be as nice as you can and don’t react to other people’s poor driving or road rage. Just get through it and get out alive!
Sacramento Road Rage
9    Philadelphia

In March 2017, a 71-year-old woman was arrested for stabbing another woman during an episode of road rage. If that’s how mad the traffic makes a retiree, one can only imagine the collective angst in Philadelphia’s roadways. So much for being known as “The City of Brotherly Love.”
Philadelphia Road Rage
10    San Francisco

Poor California earns not one but three spots on the worst road rage list! Somebody needs to get this state some anger management classes (and better traffic systems). The roads of San Francisco are not known for being particularly friendly and easy to navigate, so it’s little wonder that it falls into the top ten worst road rage cities in the United States. Commuters have to deal with this every single day, and apparently they don’t enjoy spending so much time on the road with their fellow drivers.
San Francisco Road Rage

Driving angry is dangerous for everyone. Aggressive drivers put themselves and others at risk every day. These are the worst cities in America for road rage. Too bad you can’t really avoid driving in some of these places – take public transportation if you can. Be careful out there!

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