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Top 9 Australian Outback Station Stays

The romantic idea of the Australian outback seems old fashioned and even fictional in light of Australia’s modern society. However, far away from Sydney’s bustling streets, there are still many places where you can get away and experience the old Australian frontier. Live out your dreams when you stay at an Australian outback station! Here are 10 of the best station experiences out there.

1    Bullo River Station

This Northern Territory station boasts half a million acres, and it dates all the way back to the 1950s! Explore the hills full of cattle, crocodile-patrolled rivers, remnants of Aboriginal culture, and more. You’ll also probably spot a few wallabies and wild buffalo! This is a legit outback experience. March through October, the dry season, is the time of year it is open to visitors.
Bullo River Station
2    Home Valley Station

Located in Western Australia, this station may look vaguely familiar to you, and there’s a good reason why. Part of the movie Australia was shot here, and you can walk or ride through the very places where the dramatic backdrop of Australia’s outback housed the filming crew and cast. The size of this station is 1.5 million hectares, so you’ll have plenty of space to explore and enjoy Australia’s natural world. You can choose to stay in a comfortable guest room, a safari tent, or pitch you own tent in the campground. This station is also closed during wet season, so plan a spring or summer trip if you want to stay here.

This Station is a little different than most of Australia’s other stations. It’s owned by the Indigenous Land Corporation, so it has a heavy emphasis on Aboriginal aspects. You can kill two birds with one stone here: stay and play at a station, and get an awesome cultural experience. There are plenty of things to do here, from laboring alongside the cattle workers to campfires to tours and fishing trips.
Home Valley Station
3    Barn Hill

Western Australia is home to this stunning slice of Heaven. Get the best of a station vacation as well as a beach stay! This Barn Hill Station has been a family business in the area since 1986, and it offers plenty of activities from bushwalking to cave exploring and hiking. You can stay in a tent or a 4-person mud hut while you vacation here. When you’re not enjoying the ranch life, you can head to the shore of the Indian Ocean for some peace and relaxation.
Barn Hill Station
4    King’s Creek Station

This Northern Territory station is probably the most famous in Australia. If you haven’t heard of it, you’ll never guess what it’s known for! Give up? King’s Creek Station is known for being Australia’s primary exporter of wild camels! You can stay here in a safari tent, a bush camp, or a traditional camp site. If you want the glamping life, you can do that, too. While you’re there, be sure to take a safari or helicopter flight!
King’s Creek Station
5    Willow Springs Station

The gorgeous rolling hills of South Australia are home to this 70,000 acre station. Willow Springs Station has been around for nearly a century, and it’s more popular than ever. You can do a variety of fun activities here in addition to the usual, including four-wheeling.
Willow Springs Station
6    Carisbrooke Station

This Queensland station is the perfect place to stay with your whole family. It offers not only basic campsites, but also cottages with up to four bedrooms! Carisbrooke Station has a lot of fun activates, like nature walks and a trip to see Dinosaur Stampede, which is a collection of thousands of fossilized footprints. There’s also an ancient Aboriginal site, making this place a spot where you can easily visualize what life must have been like many hundreds of years ago.
Carisbrooke Station
7    Beltana Station

This station covers half a million acres, and it’s a fully working sheep and cattle station that was first settled in the 1850s. Take a four wheeler through the station to see Lake Torrents, Mount Deception, Puttapa Spring, and Old Beltana Town! When you come here, you can stay in the old shearers quarters and feel like a real station worker. The rooms are over 150 years old, although they have been redone to feel comfortable and homey. There are also camp sites, in case you want to rough it or save money. Enjoy stunning views and a taste of the rustic lifestyle.
Beltana Station
8    Merna Mora Station

Enjoy a vacation on this 130,000 acre sheep and cattle farm in the Outback. Located from the edge of Lake Torrens to the top of Wilpena Pound, this place is the perfect tourist-oriented station for anyone to enjoy. There are nine cabins here, plus a ten-room bunkhouse and camping sites. You can build a campfire or barbeque out for dinner, and spend your days exploring the four-wheeler trails and beautiful wilderness.
Merna Mora Station
9    Rawnsley Park Station

This South Australian station is outfitted for tourists and welcomes you with open arms. Although the station has visitor-centered things like a shop with souvenirs, internet, TV, air conditioning, and more, it is also a legit operating sheep station. You get the best of both worlds here! Did we mention there’s also a flight tour?
Rawnsley Park Station
An Australian bushwalking and ranch adventure is waiting at these Outback stations. Take your pick from glamping to roughing it when you experience Australia outside of the big cities with an Outback stay.

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