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10 Best Cities to Tour by Bicycle

Traveling the world can be fun and exciting, but many times people miss out on a lot when they are traveling through countries or cities in a car or a bus. There are always small details that can only be found and seen when a person is close enough to the area. Not too many people could smell the olive grove that they see a mile away from their car with their windows closed and the air conditioning on. The same could be said for the way the sun sets over the water and the sand on a beach. It is going to be more spectacular for a person to see if they are on the beach instead of in their car on a nearby road. Even if you’re not up for a cross-country bike trip, you can get a fresh perspective on these 10 best cities tour by bicycle when you join a tour, rent a bike, or bring your own bicycle.


1    London, England

London never used to be bicycle friendly, but now there are at least forty biking stations scattered throughout the city and people can grab a bike and easily ride to their destination. Battersea Park and Dulwich Park are both cyclist friendly and every year on the first Sunday in June, London holds the Camden Green Fair and Bikefest in Regent’s Park. It is possible for people to travel around London by themselves on a bike, but there are many bike tours of the sights that everyone will enjoy as well.
London, England
2    Palisade, Colorado

The Fruit and Wine Byway is located in the small town of Palisade and this twenty-five-mile loop is very well marked. People can ride their bikes on the back roads and see more than fifty orchards, farms, vineyards, and fruit stands. There is no better place in the world to ride a bike and taste wine at the same time. Besides seeing the countryside, people riding this route will also see the shadow from the 11,000 Grand Mesa as well as the infamous sandstone cliffs that are known as the Book Cliffs.
Palisade Colorado Bicycle
3    Santa Fe, New Mexico

Galleries, shopping, and dining bring sophistication to Santa Fe and the Sangre de Cristo Mountains brings outdoor adventures and fabulous scenery. The best views can be seen while riding the Turquoise Trail National Scenic Byway and these views are so spectacular that Santa Fe created the Santa Fe Century ride more than three decades ago. This ride brings people together to bike either 20, 50, or 100 miles while passing through old mining towns, across the mountains, through the valleys, and into the old village of Galisteo before returning to Santa Fe.
Santa Fe, New Mexico
4    Rome, Italy

Italian drivers may become easily angered, especially when there is a lot of traffic, but they are surprisingly very calm with bicyclists. There are multiple itineraries that people can choose from that utilize the ten official bike path routes in the city. One of the more popular routes is the Appian Way, which is partially cobblestoned, and this path takes people past many different archaeological remains. Rome also has multiple guided bike tours, so that visitors can see things that they might not even know existed in the city.
Rome, Italy
5    Amsterdam, Netherlands

It seems like everyone in Amsterdam owns a bike and that could be because it is the easiest way to travel in the city, with the exception of the tram. Visitors will find themselves riding next to the locals along the canals as they travel from one attraction to another. Vondelpark is a great place to spend an afternoon and it is quite easy to get to by bicycle. People should pack a picnic lunch to enjoy while they are at Vondelpark, because they will want to spend some quality time away from the hustle and bustle of the city while in this green space.
Amsterdam, Netherlands
6    New York City, New York

New York City is full of people and cars, and while people could take the subway to reach their destination, it might be easier to ride their bike. There are hundreds of miles of bike lanes in the city, including the eleven miles of the Hudson River Greenway that starts in Battery Park and goes all of the way to the southern tip of Manhattan.
New York City, New York
7    San Diego, California

The weather in San Diego is gorgeous throughout the entire year, which makes it perfect for bicycling. People can ride their bikes to the pier in the Ocean Beach neighborhood, over to Balboa Park, and even to the San Diego Zoo.
San Diego, California
8    Copenhagen, Denmark

With an emphasis on environmentally friendly transportation, Copenhagen is beyond bike friendly. It’s bike crazy. Nearly a third of the people commute to work by bicycle and almost every downtown street has bike lanes. Bike share is available, of course, and they even come with GPS!
Copenhagen, Denmark
9    Minneapolis, MN
Minneapolis is ranked by Bicycling as the top US city for bike riders. From having the highest per capita number of bikes available for bike share via their Nice Ride program to developing expansive bike paths from abandoned railways to creating protected bike freeways, this city has made a conscious decision to encourage bicycling. It’s no wonder it also boasts one of the highest bicycle commuter rates in the country.
Minneapolis, MN
10    Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is a newcomer to the best biking lists, but it has made a commitment, both financially and politically, to becoming a more livable city. Almost 100 miles of bike paths have been added in recent years, much of which is in protected lanes. They have also instituted a bike share program.
Buenos Aires, Argentina


Get out of the bus, leave your car parked and enjoy the freedom of touring by bicycle. More and more cities are becoming bike friendly and visitors can get a more authentic, less touristy view when they take to the streets to see these best cities to tour by bicycle. Most of the bicycle friendly cities in the world have introduced bike-sharing programs. Locals and visitors can either borrow or rent a bicycle for a specific amount of time and can sometimes even return it to another bike station in the city. In the past, bicycling while on vacation was not an option, but thanks to these bicycle-sharing programs, more people have access to bikes while they are traveling and that means that everyone has the option to see places that they would have missed if they used any other type of transportation.

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