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9 Best Wine Vacations in the World

If you love wine, why not make a vacation of it? All around the world, beautiful grape-growing regions boast incredible opportunities for travel and tours. Spend some time in these verdant areas and taste the best wine that the world has to offer. Here are nine of the best wine trips you can take.

1    Stellenbosch

This beautiful slice of South African paradise is a wine lover’s dream come true. The town was founded by Simon van der Stel, a city official and wine enthusiast, in the 1970s. This makes it the oldest wine region in South Africa. The town’s beautiful location at the foot of green mountains is ideal for relaxing and long walks through the countryside between wine excursions. Start here to take the Stellenbosch Wine Route.
2    Napa Valley

Everybody knows about California’s most popular wine region. The most fun way to discover Napa Valley is on the Napa Valley Wine Train! Ride this historic train through the verdant wine country and learn about this history and production of Napa Valley wine. Of course, you’ll also have ample opportunity to taste it.
Napa Valley
3    Sonoma Valley

Located next door to Napa Valley, California’s Sonoma Valley is just as good a wine destination. It’s less crowded, making it the ideal location for travelers looking for peace and quiet. It boasts over 400 wineries! Choose your favorites and take tours and wine tasting trips all through the area. Sonoma Valley is only an hour or so from San Francisco, making it a great weekend destination for city dwellers.
Sonoma Valley
4    Burgundy

France is known for its fine wines and exclusive dining. Combine the two when you visit Burgundy. Tours in this area a highly sought after, so you’ll have to do some planning if you wish to visit wineries here. You’ll need to book a tour far in advance, but the work and wait will be worth it when you’re sitting in the French countryside sipping local wines.
Burgundy France
5    Mosel Valley

Germany is known for its beer culture, but it also has a strong love for good wine. The Mosel Valley area boats beautiful scenery and wonderful activities. The rolling green hills provide plenty of hiking space, and walks through the area are relaxing and rewarding. Come in the fall, during the harvest time. Any time of year, you’ll get to experience the culture of rural Germany, including folk dance and music.
Mosel Valley
6    Margaret River

If you are planning a trip to Australia, your best option for a wine vacation is the Margaret River area. This is located on the western coast of Australia, where you’ll find no end of delights during your holiday. This part of the country has beautiful beaches and excellent surf, so whether you like relaxation or water sports, you’ll be perfectly satisfied. The most famous wines from this area are Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardony. You can visit many of the areas restaurants to sample excellent local wines. Don’t forget to take a wine tasting tour.
Margaret River
7    Alto Adige

Northern Italy boasts one of the best wine regions in Europe. Located next to Austria and Switzerland, this section of the country has a unique cultural makeup and a great view of the Alps. This region is known for its white wines, but the selection of excellent red wines can’t be ignored. There are all types of wines here, so you’ll be content and happy no matter what you prefer in your glass. Tour along South Tyrolean Wine Road, and stop at the many wineries such as St. Michael-Eppand and Franz Haas Winery. When you’re not tasting wine or visiting wineries, engage in some of the many outdoor adventures in the area. Snow sports and summer sports are both excellent here. In the summer, hike or visit Lake Caldero, a beautiful body of water with vineyard views. In the winter, ski down the slopes.
Alto Adige
8    Burgos

Spanish grape growers in Burgos take great pride in the fruit and drink they produce. If you like, you can tour this area on your own, or you can take a trip with Vintage Spain, a company that offers a four-day trip through the region for two. Explore wine museums, historic sites, and wineries. You may even get to stay at a winemaker’s house! You can’t get any closer to the wine production lifestyle than this, unless you open your own vineyard and winery.
9    Alentejo

This region in Portugal is the best wine destination in the Country. Over 250 producers work here, creating an endless array of wines. The town of Borba is a great place to start your explorations, especially in November, when you can catch the Festival of the Vine and of Wine. You can also explore the historic area and check out the huge clay wine pots, where wine used to be made. Actually, some places still use the pots to make their wine! Travel to Vila de Frades, where you can see this in action. This is the way that wine was once made by the Romans.
Pair your love of wine with your love of travel. These amazing wine destinations offer visitors beautiful vineyards, unparalleled wine tasting opportunities and other great activities and attractions. Whether you’re looking for a girlfriends getaway, a romantic honeymoon destination, or an oenophile bucket list, these are some of the best wine destinations in the world.

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