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15 Coolest Florida Souvenirs

They’re tacky, they’re kitschy, they’re…. well, they’re sometimes pretty awesome. If you’ve ever gone on vacation, you’ve probably come home with some objects to remind you of the place you went. Most habitual vacationers have dozens of trinkets lying around, from snow globes to keychains. Tired of the same old stuff? Here are 15 cool Florida souvenirs to look out for on your next vacation down south.

Here are 15 of the Coolest Florida Souvenirs:

1    Miami License Plate

If you’re fortunate to come from a place that doesn’t require front license plates, then you can pretend to be Floridian, as least from your anterior angle. A legit-looking Florida license plate that reads “Miami” will remind you what you’re living for while you’re shoveling snow next January.
Miami License Plate

2    Jacksonville Road Sign iPhone Case

As far as useful souvenirs go, this is a pretty great one. This iPhone case looks just like a mini version of the Jacksonville sign on the highway! Every time you pull out your phone, you’ll be tempted to flick through your old vacation photos. Plus, next time you drop your phone, you won’t have to worry about it breaking.
Jacksonville Road Sign IPhone Case
3    Sandglobe

Nope, not a typo! As opposed to the traditional snow globe, a sand globe captures the true essence of Florida. When you shake it, sand will fall down around whichever beach scene you’ve selected. Seems a bit more appropriate.

4    Cuban Music CD

Most of the world doesn’t use CDs anymore, but as long as these Cuban music artists haven’t got the memo, we’ll go along with it. Play cheerful Caribbean tunes in the car, or put them on your iTunes playlist. It’s almost as good as listening to that Latin band during your last dinner in Miami!
Cuban Music CD
5    Tortuga Rum Cake

This is one of the few food items that will actually last a while once you buy it. Since you can’t take the coconuts and the oranges back, take back something even better—traditional Caribbean rum cake. And maybe a bottle of rum, too. Yes, definitely a bottle of rum.
Tortuga Rum Cake

6    Color Changing Nail Polish

Color-changing nail polish has become pretty standard in souvenir shops for many destinations, but that doesn’t make it any less cool. Besides, nail polish that changes color in the sun is a perfect way to remember the Sunshine State!
Color Changing Nail Polish
7    Florida Beach Sand

You could just go grab a handful yourself (although this may be frowned upon), but it’s more fun to get Florida sand in a bag or a jar at the gift shop. It also makes for a funny gift to bring back to your jealous coworkers.
Florida Beach Sand

8    Alligator Jerky

You’ve tried beef jerky but have you tried alligator jerky? It’s actually a bit less exotic than it sounds; many people think it tastes like chicken. Either way, it’s a unique thing you won’t often find outside of Florida! This is a great gift for your friend who hates knickknacks and other dust collectors.
Alligator Jerky
9    Disney World Songbook

Heading to Disney World? Look out for the Disney Songbook! This will last you a lot longer than a Mickey Mouse ears hat or other typical overpriced souvenir. If you’re taking a road trip, you can use this to entertain yourself all the way home! Or to bother the driver all the way home… your choice.
Disney World Songbook

10    Baseball that Looks Like an Orange

You can’t take home real oranges, but why not take home a baseball that looks like an orange? It’s sufficiently bizarre and can certainly serve a purpose when you’re done displaying it. This is one baseball that will be hard to lose.
11    Florida Gators Jersey

The Florida Gators are a popular sports team heralding from the University of Florida. Remember your time on campus or at the game with a Florida Gators jersey representing your favorite sport.
Florida Gators Jersey

12    Shell Art

Artwork made from shells is a popular souvenir item in Florida, but they are not all created equal. Some—like the shell magnets covered in crumbly glitter glue—won’t make it in your house for very long, but others are creative and delightful. We especially liked a sculpture of turtles playing poker that was made entirely of shells.
Shell Art
13    Interstate 95 T-Shirt

Did you do a lot of driving in Florida? Memorialize your many hours on the road with an Interstate 95 t-shirt. Perhaps this shirt can be a bit tongue in cheek—especially if you experienced more than your share of interstate traffic and tolls.
Interstate 95 T Shirt

14    Winter Cap

A winter cap with Florida scenes on it? Well, why not. This is a good way to think warm thoughts while braving the cold of the frigid north. Keep warm and motivate yourself to get through winter when you wear snow gear celebrating the sunshine of Florida’s coast!
Winter Cap
15    Stuffed Alligator Head

By “stuffed,” we don’t mean cozy and cuddly and stitched with love. This one might be less cool and more creepy. Still, where else you can you buy an actual alligator head? Your roommates will think you’re the best friend ever when you start leaving one of these slightly horrifying skulls in random places throughout the house.
Stuffed Alligator Head

Florida is full of the weird and wonderful. Visitors can take a bit of that home from their Florida vacation with these cool, unusual souvenirs. They are the perfect reminder of your trip to the Sunshine State.


  1. October 4, 2017 - 3:45 am

    Hey, good article. I’ll make sure to taste Tortuga Rum Cake and Alligator Jerky. The images of these dishes are beautiful. Other things I loved from you article are Sandglobe and Stuffed Alligator Head. I’ve a real looking lizard that I use to scare friends. I think creepy Alligator Head would be nice addition to my arsenal 😉

  2. Rachael Mills
    October 4, 2017 - 9:27 am

    These are lovely souvenirs that will ensure lingering memory of a visit to Florida, but for me the baseball like orange is the coolest of them all. The winter cap is cool too.

  3. Yassine
    October 4, 2017 - 10:57 am

    Yes it’s good to come up for news idea for souvenirs about Florida some of them could be applied to any beach actually

  4. Cait
    October 5, 2017 - 2:12 am

    I have never been really great at bringing back souvenirs after a trip and these are some great suggestions! I’m kind of a geology nerd and would actually love bottles of sand from the various beaches, especially if they’re as varied as the ones in the photos! The alligator jerky isn’t quite so exotic to me, as we do eat alligator here in my home state of Texas. It’s just a little bit of Louisiana rubbing off on us, I guess. The shell art looks absolutely amazing and like it must have taken…

  5. Catherine Matt
    October 5, 2017 - 8:05 am

    This is an awesome list of souvenirs to explore. I personally take interest in the shell art. My kids will love it as well. It’s a good piece to remember Florida

  6. Richard G.
    October 7, 2017 - 4:25 pm

    What an amazing list of lovely souvenirs to choose from. The Stuffed Alligator Head will no doubt be the ideal gift for my colleague at the office.


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