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10 Craziest Pub Crawls in the World

If there’s one thing that transcends pretty much any culture, it’s alcohol. With a few exceptions, nearly every place in the world has an appreciation for one sort of drink or another. It’s only natural, then, that the world is full of interesting ways to socially enjoy a few drinks. If you’re bored with the grab-a-beer routine, why not try a fun pub crawl? There are hundreds of interesting and creative pub crawls around the world! Here are ten of the craziest pub crawls in the world.


1    Clown Crawl

An Austin tradition is now a popular Charlotte event. The Evil Clown Bar Crawl is as terrifying as it sounds, and it’s beyond bizarre. Still, this crazy bar crawl is a fun way to get dressed up and go do something totally different than anything you’ve done before! Plus, with your true identity masked, nobody can judge you for taking a couple extra shots.
Clown Crawl Austin
2    Star Trek Bar Crawl

If you’re a Trekkie who doesn’t mind a few glasses of beer, then head to the annual Minneapolis Star Trek Bar Crawl. This is the perfect excuse for getting dressed up in that nerdy Star Trek costume between trips to the Comic Con. Maybe you’ll find a few new friends (or a significant other) who loves Star Trek as much as you.
Star Trek Bar Crawl
3    Superhero Crawl

Portland features a super (pun definitely intended) bar crawl for the Marvel and DC fans in the audience. Dress up like your favorite hero or villain and get going on a city-wide adventure with other superheroes! Bat Man, Spider Man, and Captain America are just a few of the characters you’ll meet along the way.
Superhero Crawl
4    Zombie Pub Crawl
Zombie movies… zombie comics…. zombie TV shows…. A zombie pub crawl is the natural progression of things, right? According to the thousands of people who participate in zombie pub crawls across the USA, it is certainly an event to remember! The annual Minneapolis Zombie Pub Crawl owns the Guinness Book of World Records title for the largest zombie gathering for its 2014 gathering of 15,458 undead partiers. So go look as dead as possible and get your beer on with all your undeadest friends. You’ll never feel so alive while looking so dead.
Zombie Pub Crawl
5    Santa Claus Pub Crawl

Balgownie, New South Wales may not get snow on Christmas, but it is still a city full of the Christmas spirit. One of the favorite local ways to enjoy Christmas is the massive Santa Claus Pub Crawl that takes place on the second week of December. Everyone dresses up like Santa Claus and chooses several favorite bars to visit. During the event, the city is filled with about 10,000 Santas!
Santa Claus Pub Crawl
6    Subcrawl

Scotland’s most interesting pub crawl takes place underground. The city of Glasgow, where the Subcrawl takes place, has 15 sub stations. Each one of these features a bar that is included in the pub crawl! Participants ride the sub to each station before taking the metro back home. As far as pub crawl transportation goes, this is one of the most fun and most affordable!

7    Pug Crawl

Portland, Oregon loves beer. And it loves animals almost as much. What is better than a glass of good Portland brew or a cuddly puppy? Both at the same time, of course! The Portland Pug Crawl is an event to benefit the Oregon Humane Society, and it is one of the few pub crawls that allows both children and pets! During the event, there’s more than just alcohol. Dog treats, games, pet product vendors, photo ops, food and more make this an all-around fun event for anybody without a dog allergy.
Pug Crawl
8    Tubing in Vang Vang

This is one of the most unique pub crawls you’ll find! As you tube down this Laos river, you’ll get to alternate sipping a cold one at the bars and in your tube. This is also one of the most dangerous pub crawls you’ll find, since being drunk and being in a river don’t mix well. So save your heavy drinking for the last pub of the trip! After all, this is one event you’ll definitely want to remember the next day.
Tubing In Vang Vieng
9    Monopoly Pub Crawl

London has one of the most fun pub crawls for board game lovers. You’ll be anything but bored when you embark on the Monopoly Pub Crawl! This barhopping excursion travels to bars on each of the 26 streets featured in the British version of Monopoly. Along the way, you might end up in “jail!” The game/pub crawl includes plenty of fun activities during the event, as well. Who knew a board game could be so awesome?
Monopoly Pub Crawl
10    Rubik’s Cube Pub Crawl

Have you ever solved this maddening little puzzle? In this pub crawl, you are the Rubik’s cube! You start the event wearing legally removable clothing of every color on a Rubik’s cube: blue, green, orange, red, white, and yellow. For example, a red wristband, blue hat, green socks, orange shoes, white necklace, and black jacket. As you travel through the six bars on the agenda, you have to find people to swap your clothing with. Your goal is to be wearing all one color by the end of the night. You can trade shoes, hats, and more with anyone at the pub crawl who is willing to swap with you! If you can achieve this feat, you get a prize.
Rubik’s Cube Pub Crawl


You may not normally want to plan your vacation around a pub crawl, but some of these crazy events are cool enough to make you change your mind! In any case, these cities are great travel destinations in their own right; sharing a few brews with some of your new drinking buddies while participating in a fun, unique night on the town is an awesome bonus!

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