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9 Fun and Cool Themed Cruises

Sunlight, salt, and not a care in the world… cruises are one of the best ways to get away and relax on vacation. Are you planning to take a cruise this year? Don’t settle for the same old routine. Why not take a themed cruise instead? There are plenty of fun and exciting themed cruises you can take to many parts of the world. Whether you are a zombie lover, a movie buff, or an exercise fanatic, you’re sure to find something perfect for you! Take a look at this list of nine cool themed cruises that you can take. This is just a sampling of the many options out there, but we think you’ll agree that these are some of the most fun cruises you can find.


1    Southern Literature

If you’re an American literature buff, you’ll love learning about the many Southern sagas in print while cruising the rivers where many of them are set. This cruise takes place on a steam boat by American Queen Steamboat Company, and it will whisk you back to a slower era that has slipped away. Enjoy the Lower Mississippi River with other bookworms on the Southern Literature Cruise.
Southern Literature
2    Star Wars Day at Sea

Come join all your favorite Star Wars characters for a cruise that’s out of this world! For an entire day on the Caribbean Sea, you’ll enjoy parties with characters, photo ops for your Instagram feed, Star Wars games and fun for kids, a Jedi Training Academy, and more. Of course, Star Wars movies will be playing throughout the day, so you can relax and watch a film between activities. Star Wars Day at Sea is just one day of a longer cruise on Disney Fantasy sailings, so you’ll have plenty of other days to enjoy the regular cruise ship activities.
Star Wars Day At Sea
3    America’s Test Kitchen

Learn how to cook with the experts on Holland America’s new themed cruise based on the popular TV show America’s Test Kitchen. Cruises to a variety of locations will feature 45 minute cooking classes and shows to help cruisers perfect their culinary talents. From tips and tricks to brand new recipes, you won’t want to miss even a single session!
America’s Test Kitchen
4    Zumba Cruise

The Zumba craze is taking the world by storm, so it’s no surprise that a Zumba cruise is offered through the Royal Caribbean cruise line! It’s typical to gain weight on cruises, but this cruise will actually help you to lose weight and get healthier. There are Zumba activities of every type, from nightclub Zumba to Aqua Zumba to Zumba classes for kids. When you’re all danced out, head inside to hear one of the inspirational speakers or enjoy a theme party. The fun and fitness is unending!
Zumba Cruise
5    Ballet Cruise

If you’d rather watch dancing than be the one dancing, you may enjoy the Silversea Ballet Cruise through the Grecian islands. Some of the world’s most talented and famous dancers will be performing shows all throughout this relaxing ultra luxury cruise. Ballet dancers from all over the world, from France to Russia, will be on board, and you can meet the dancers as they mingle at mealtimes.
Ballet Cruise
6    Country Music Cruise

Holland America is embracing that down-home sound with the Country Music Cruise! If you’re always tuned into your local country station, then this cruise is perfect for you. Join famous country stars as well as up-and-comers for an incredible week at sea. The Caribbean sunshine plus good music is a combination you just can’t beat! Alabama, the Gatlin Brothers, Elvis tribute artists and more will be performing to make this cruise a trip of a lifetime.
Country Music Cruise
7    Great Alaskan Running Cruise

This is the perfect cruise for joggers, runners, and walkers everywhere. Alaska has beautiful terrain for running, which makes this the perfect location for a jogging enthusiast’s cruise. This is like a road or trail race, but it lasts a week and offers more beautiful scenery than you can imagine! Jog along the Moosehead 5K in Anchorage, walk a glacier, and run through the Gold Rush town Skagway. During the cruise, you can take running clinics from a professional coach and enjoy nutritious athletes’ meals. At the end, you get a medal, of course!
Great Alaskan Running Cruise
8    Game of Thrones Cruise

Love the TV show Game of Thrones? Then you’ll love this themed cruise. Holland America welcomes you aboard to enjoy a cruise tour through Game of Thrones filming locations. You’ll get to see Belfast in Ireland, the Castle Ward Estate, Audley’s Castle, and more. Plus, you can see movie memorabilia and learn to do archery! Plenty of other themed activities are also included in this fun cruise. Don’t just watch the TV show. Experience it!
Game Of Thrones Cruise
9    Walker Stalker Cruise

Join the undeadest vacationers ever for the Walker Stalker Cruise. This cruise is based on the hit show Walking Dead, and it invites you to come be part of the bloody action. During the cruise, you’ll get to meet cast members and the even bigger stars of the show: the makeup artists who make the set come alive. Or at least come undead. Zombie themed events, shows, games, and more make a Caribbean vacation in the sunshine a nightmare come true.
 Walker Stalker Cruise
From TV shows to country music to cooking, these themed cruises offer unique experiences focused on some of your favorite things. Don’t settle for generic sun, food, and fun when you can join a couple thousand cruise companions that totally understand your love of zombies.

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