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How to Plan a Great Staycation

There are years when a vacation in some faraway place filled with sun and sand is simply not an option and that is okay. You do not need a trip filled with plane rides, rental cars, lost luggage, and restaurant food for a vacation. Instead, you can plan an amazing staycation right in your own home.

A staycation can be just as relaxing or even more relaxing than any other vacation that you have been on. It is also the perfect time to explore the sights in your own backyard, so to speak.


The first thing that you will want to do, after planning when you are having your staycation, is place your mail and newspaper on hold for the duration of your time away. As soon as your staycation begins, you do not want any interruptions, like bills or bad news, to get in your way of having a good time. All your phone calls should be sent to voicemail and you can even set up your email to respond to all messages with an out of the office reply. We understand that you may need to check these at some point each day, but you can do it when it is convenient for you.
Make a Local Bucket List

Prior to the beginning of your staycation, you will want to decide which activities that you will do in your own town. You can visit your local museums, attend a ball game, hike a trail, and enjoy a picnic lunch at a nearby park. If there are attractions in nearby cities that you have wanted to visit for years, this is the time to do that. Any city or town within a two-hour drive is feasible, because you can get there, do what you want, and still return home in time to sleep in your own bed.
Make A Local Bucket List
Give Yourself Permission to Do Nothing

You do not even have to stay busy the entire time of your staycation, so do not feel guilty if you want to binge watch a show that has been on your list for a while. There is nothing wrong with sitting on the couch all day, surrounded by munchies, and watching episode one to episode thirty. If television and movies are not your thing, then you might want to spend an entire day reading a bestselling novel or two.
Gve Yourself Permission To Do Nothing
Make Dinner Plans

Meal time can be tricky while you are doing a staycation. After all, you are in your own home. However, cooking means dishes and dishes means cleanup, and well, that is not very vacation like. Of course, if you really enjoy cooking but never find time to make anything fun or exciting, take the opportunity to try a new recipe or spend the day making that homemade pasta, rack of lamb, or tiramisu you haven’t served since you had kids.
If your budget allows, treat yourself to a nice dinner or two at a new restaurant you have always wanted to try. Maybe a cuisine you’ve never sampled before. Don’t go to your regular place. You’re on vacation! Another option is to order takeout or delivery.
If money is tight, you may want to spend a couple of days prior to your staycation prepping meals and placing them in disposable pans in the freezer. You can take a meal out in the morning to thaw, pop it in the oven to heat, and throw away the pan. This works really well if you eat off paper plates and use plastic silverware and paper cups too.
Make Dinner Plans
Clean BEFORE Your Staycation

The most difficult part of your staycation will be not tackling the laundry and the housework. You need to stop yourself from doing any of it or your staycation turns into a “I cleaned my house from top to bottom” week off. Start your staycation with a clean house or hire someone to come in and clean it while you are out exploring the city one day.
Clean BEFORE Your Staycation
Know Your Limitations

Only you know if you can successfully tackle a staycation in your own home. If you are the type of person that cannot let go of their regular schedule, then it may be more difficult for you. You may find it easier to rent a hotel room in town and stay there or go to a local campground and camp for the duration of your time off.
Know Your Limitations
No matter what you choose, your staycation should be a time filled with fun, excitement, and relaxation. That may mean bringing fresh flowers into your home every morning, lighting candles every evening, and sleeping in until noon. Everyone is different and so are their staycations. Find what will work best for you and then enjoy one of the best vacations you have had in years.

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