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10 Places to Ski in the Summer

Skiing is a traditional winter sport, but the end of winter doesn’t have to bring the sad end of ski season. On the contrary, there are a lot of places around the world where you can ski no matter the time of year! There are many summer ski options: you can take a trip to the southern hemisphere, or opt to ascend to high altitudes for cold temperatures and powdery snow. From Chile to Italy, here are the best summer ski spots around the world.
1    Austria

Austria has some of the best summer skiing in the world. It has many of the world’s highest ski resorts, making Austrian slopes white and powdery year round. Austria’s summer ski resorts are located on glaciers, which are a bit tougher than regular ski mountains, but they add an element of fun and challenge. There are many places to try skiing in Austria! Check out Solden and Stubai for ideal conditions.
2    France

France also has awesome glacial skiing options. France’s summer skiing includes an element of the party scene, making it a fun place to be both on and off the slopes! France boasts the largest skiing glacier, Deux-Alps. This ski location is open from June to August and has incredible views. Also consider Val D’Isere, a popular ski park in the Isere Valley.
3    Italy

There are plenty of great ski resorts in Italy that that you can enjoy all summer long. Here, you’ll get a great ride on the slopes and a wonderful Italian meal to follow it up! Head to Cervina to ski the legendary Matterhorn. The slopes here and even more exhilarating than its Disneyland namesake. As usual, the real deal is the best! Passo Tonale is another good option. The black slope is terrifyingly epic, with intense vertical drops and long runs.
4    Canada

Canada is North America’s frigid north, which is a huge benefit if you love to ski! This vast nation has a long of great summer ski spots. The most famous of all the summer ski resorts is the Four Seasons at Whistler. This offers a fun and thrilling ride on the slopes, and the resort is one of the best you’ll find anywhere. Plus, this location hosted the 2010 Olympics, so you can ride the same slopes as gold medalists! Baniff is also a fantastic destination. Not only is it great for skiing, but the surrounding town is a great place to stay and play.
5    New Zealand

Head south this summer for some great skiing! Of course, for the northern hemisphere folks in the audience, our summer is winter in New Zealand. Does that really count as summer skiing? We’re not sure, but in any case, New Zealand has some of the best skiing you’ll find anywhere. For New Zealand’s beast, head to the Wanaka Resorts. You’ll find slopes and halfpipes to make all your snow sports dreams come true.
New Zealand
6    Chile

Head to Chile from July to September for some of the best skiing in Western half of the world. If you’ve never skied a volcano, now is your chance! The Araucania region offers the ultimate ski mountaineering experience. Get trekking and then get skiing! You’ll never do anything quite like this anywhere else in the world. For something with less hiking, Villarrica Volcano Ski Resort is a great place to get pampered between trips to the slopes.
7    Argentina

Skiing in Argentina is similar to skiing in Chile. Towering mountains offer slopes of powdery snow with long, fast rides and picturesque views. One of the best ski destinations for Argentina is Patagonia. From June to September, you’ll find ideal skiing conditions. You can get anything in Patagonia, from tiny ski lodges for budget trips to sprawling, classy resorts. There are so many places to pick from! Check out Primeros Pinos Snow Park and Ushuaia.
8    Switzerland

Glacial skiing in Switzerland is a bucket list item for many ski enthusiasts. Zermatt is one popular location. Here, you can ski Theodul Glacier, fairytale-like peak with year-round snow. Snowpart Zermatt even has a summer training camp! When you’re done with your time on the slopes, stick around to watch the pros train.
9    Oregon

For a taste of year-round winter in the continental United States, head to Mount Hood in Oregon. This is one of the few places in the country where the snow stays year-round, although there are a handful of other places in the northern states. Stay at Timberline Lodge to take advantage of the lift and the convenient of proximity to the mountains. You can also ski at Mount Hood Snowbowl during the summer. The area features summer ski camps—something that is hard to find elsewhere in the States.
10    Alaska

If you want to go all-out, the ultimate summer ski experience in Alaska is heli-skiing. You can ride a helicopter to the top of the highest peaks and then fly back down on your skis! One great place to ski in Alaska during the summer is Thompson Pass in Valdez. This is a place where people from around the world flock for extreme skiing, so if you like to get that adrenaline rush, you’ll love Thompson Pass.
If you’re an avid skier, winter might just be too short a season. Luckily, these are great destinations where you can ski and beat the heat all summer by hitting the slopes.

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