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Finding the Best Fishing Spots in Australia

As the world’s largest island, Australia naturally has some of the best deep sea fishing you’ll find anywhere in the world. However, it also has plenty of other types of fishing you can enjoy, from angler fishing to fly fishing in lakes, rivers, and more. If you’re one of the many who dream of fishing in Australia, here are ten awesome spots to check out.
1    South West Rocks, New South Wales

One of the reasons South West Rocks is such a popular spot is the variety of fishing options and the multitude of species you can encounter. Whatever the weather conditions, there’s a location that you can still fish. From blue-water to estuary, to beach, to off-shore something is always rocking.

Located at the mouth of the Macleay River, this expansive fishing area has a lot to love. You can fish along the rock wall for bream, flathead, or blackfish. The end of the break is good for bream, whiting, flathead, and tailor fish. The river’s infamous bar offers something of a hazard for boaters, so keep this in mind.

If fishing from the beach is more your style, you’ll find that there are beaches facing in all different directions, including Trial Bay Beach which faces west even though it’s on the east coast. Smoky Beach can be a good place to fish sometimes, so if your travel buddies prefer tanning or swimming, this is a good option to look into.

If you go out in a boat, you can frequently snag snook and black marlin. There are quite a number of boat ramps to launch your offshore excursion or sign on with a charter. Mackerel, cobia, yellowfin tuna, wahoo, dolphinfish, and snapper all frequent this area.
South West Rocks, New South Wales
2    Exmouth, West Australia

This is a world-famous fishing spot, and it will give you some of the best fishing experiences in Australia. Over forty different species of game fish are found here, including all six Australian billfish (sailfish, shortbill spearfish, broadbill swordfish and blue, black and striped marlin). You can line fish from the shore, try your hand at fly fishing, or take a boat out to sea.

North West Cape rocks attract giant trevally and fishing off the Learmonth Jetty can be rewarded with tuna, mackerel, whiting and bream. You can enjoy beach fishing or rock fishing for jacks. High tide is best fishing time in Exmouth.

The Ningaloo Lagoon sandflats offer fly fishermen the opportunity to sight cast for bonefish in the clear, shallow waters. This is one of the very few areas in Australia where you can count on spotting these game fish.

If you plan to opt for a boat, some good places to launch are Town Beach, Bundegi, Tentbiddi, and Learmouth Jetty. A new multi-lane ramp at Coral Bay is recommended for experienced boaters only.

Every March, this area hosts the GAMEX Game Fishing Tournament. The Exmouth Game Fishing Club sponsors the tournament, considered the best in Western Australia. Are you up for the challenge? Even if you just want to fish casually, it’s fun to watch other people compete.
Exmouth, West Australia
3    Port Lincoln, South Australia

In Port Lincoln, you can fish from Town Jetty, Kirton Point Cavern Point Jetties, North Shields, and several other jetties. There are also plenty of places to fish from the rocks. Anywhere you go around Port Lincoln, you’ll experience good fishing all year for whiting, snapper, salmon, sweep, snook, and even squid.

The waters off the Eyre Peninsula are home to aquaculture ventures and commercial fishing operations, so you’ll want to be sure to get up to date info so you don’t encroach. Lincoln National Park is a local favorite and also offers camping facilities.
Port Lincoln, South Australia
4    Jindabyne

One of Lakeside Town’s top ski locations is also a top fishing location. This is a five and a half hour drive from Sydney, a trip that is worth it to experience fishing in one of the best trout lakes around. Brown rainbow and brook trout are everywhere! You can boat anywhere in the lake, and there are many launching points.

The Snowy Mountain Trout Festival, in its 43rd year, is held every November and is open to all. Grand prize this year is a boat and motor valued at over $10,000. Whether you’re a pro or a novice, the Thredbo River is a prime destination for fly fishing. The rivers, lakes, and dams all teem with trout, especially in the Australian springtime, when snow runoff swells the waterways. All methods of fishing are allowed, but you’ll need a New South Wales Freshwater Anglers License.
5    Blue Rock Lake, Gippsland, Victoria

There are endless lakes in Gippsland, but Blue Rock Lake is one of the best. Its gorgeous backdrop of Mt. Baw Baw and low number of fishermen on the water makes it a special destination. It boasts huge brown trout and decent redfin, among other species. The lake has been heavily stocked with bass fingerlings since 2002 and trout have been released annually as well.

This is a good place for shore fishing or fishing by boat or kayak, and there are lots of nooks and crannies to claim for a good day of fishing. Access has been granted to boats of any size under Victoria’s One Million Plan, an effort to promote fishing at Blue Rock Lake and other lakes in the state. Many visitors enjoy fly fishing, which is ideal on cloudy days or for evening fishing.
Blue Rock Lake, Gippsland, Victoria
6    Cairns, Queensland

Do you dream of Great Barrier Reef fishing in the Pacific? This is your place! Between the reef and the nearby Continental shelf, it is considered the black marlin capital of the world, and also has a lot of sailfish. If you don’t have your own boat, it’s easy to find a good fishing charter company to take you out and help you snag a big one. This is a memorable way to experience the Great Barrier Reef if you’d rather not swim with sharks.

Cairns is also a great place for estuary fishing, with barramundi being most numerous in the “wet” season, between November and April. Trevally, salmon, grunter, and mangrove jack are commonly seen species in the estuary.

Fly fishing takes on a different feel with the more aggressive sport fish found in Cairns. They are heavier and put up more of a fight that the usual suspects. These tropical species such as queenfish, tarpon, trevally, and threadfin demand more physically and you’ll need heavier-weight equipment and flies that resemble fish or shrimp, rather than insects.
Cairns, Queensland
7    Cape York, Queensland

Cape York is best known for tropical river fishing, with a network of rivers all draining into the bay. You can also choose reef fishing or fish from the beach. There are plenty of species of fish, including barramundi, blue salmon, threadfin salmon, mangrove jack, fingermark, and more. You can wander down to the river’s edge on your own, or you can join a fishing tour or charter for the ultimate guided experience.

In general, this area is hard to reach, making it a rustic adventure. It is an ideal place to experience Australian wildlife on your fishing trip. You will commonly spy crocodiles, dugongs,dingoes, wallabies, rays and turtles as you navigate the peninsula’s rivers, blue waters, sand flats, billabongs, coral reefs, and swamps.
Cape York, Queensland
8    Great Lake, Central Highlands, Tasmania

This area has awesome trout fishing in its thousands of lakes, and Great Lake is one of the very best. This freshwater lake in the center of Australia is the ideal location for both rainbow and brown trout fishing, and most fish weigh between two and five pounds. If you like, you can fly fish as well as bait fish.

In this part of Australia, bad weather means awesome fishing. The lake itself is huge and the windy environment leads to excellent chances at brown trout that search out windblown food at the surface. It does have a reputation as one of the coldest spots in Australia and there’s not a lot of development, so come prepared.
Great Lake, Central Highlands, Tasmania
9    Karuah River, Port Stephens, New South Wales

The Karuah River is an awesome place for an outdoorsy daytrip if you’re staying in Sydney, since it’s only a two hour drive away. Enjoy game fishing for bream, whiting, luderick, flathead, sole, and flounder. Excellent location for blue swimmer crabs, too. Karuah Pool, located at the mouth of the river, is probably your best bet, but the whole river has plenty of great fishing sports.

While in Port Stephens, you can check out other fishing destinations. Besides the river, you can opt for Lake Macquarie, a natural breeding ground and fish nursery. The bay has been outfitted with six artificial reefs that attract yellowtail, bream,leatherjacket, pike, and more.
Karuah River, Port Stevens, New South Wales
10    Avon River, Victoria

Gippsland is known for good fishing, and Avon River is a great place to start your Victoria fishing adventures. The lower sections are good for salmon. Upstream of Salisbury, you can catch nice trout. You’ll find European carp and eels. But most fishermen come for the Australian bass.

The river is a great choice for families, boasting beaches and wide shallows from which to cast. The best fishing in this area is Royalty Bridge Pool. If you’re into fly fishing, Avon River is the place to go. Besides, Gippsland is simply gorgeous—you’ll never want to leave!
Avon River, Victoria
Australia has some of the best fishing spots in the world and is an angler’s paradise for both visitors and natives. From inland rivers and freshwater lakes to shore fishing and even the Great Barrier Reef, you can find the perfect spot to spend a few hours or a few days.

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