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America’s Best Sports Cities

America’s best sports cities are a must to add to your travel bucket list! Whether you attend a game or tour a stadium, you’ll get a truer feel for the pulse of the city when you join in and explore the traditions revolving around their beloved sports teams.

There’s no doubt about it: America loves sports! From small town football games to packed-out metropolitan baseball stadiums, it’s hard to find any place that doesn’t love a good game. Some cities, however, seem to love them more than others. If you’re an all-around sports fan, you’ll want to visit the destinations that boast the best fan bases and most epic sports centers. Here are the top cities for sports tourism.
1    Miami

The Miami Dolphins steal the sports spotlight in Florida, featuring an incredible number of wins and several sports heroes. Sports fans certainly can’t forget about Miami Heat, the Florida Marlins, or the Miami Hurricanes, either. Although Miami isn’t known for having an extraordinary fan base, it is known for having an excellent atmosphere for enjoying sports year-round.
2    Atlanta

One of Atlanta’s claims to fame is that it has hosted in the Olympic Games, and it still home to the 1996 Olympic Village. This, of course, is a huge badge of sports prowess that Atlanta wears squarely on its chest. Of course, this city also has plenty of bragging material from its own teams. The Braves, Hawks, and Falcons may be only moderate wave-makers, but the college scene—featuring Georgia Tech Yellow Jacks, Georgia State Panther, and Georgia Bulldogs—makes up for it.
3    Phoenix

While Arizona’s four major sports teams (and its college teams, for that matter) haven’t been wildly successful in the last few years, the Cardinals, the Diamondbacks, the Suns, and the Coyotes have a strong and loyal fan base that’s hard to rival. Despite frequent slumps, Phoenix is filled with some of the most dedicated fans in sports. In fact, even in not-so-great seasons, you’ll still find most Arizona fans passionately cheering on their favorite team. Its excellent and modern sports facilities—plus eternal sunshine—make it a great place to go watch games.
4    Boston

The Boston Celtics have more championships than any other team in the NBA, making it the premier team in the city. But the baseball scene is hardly less beloved! Fenway Park is a classic baseball stadium; few have more power to draw crowds from across the nation. The Bruins are doing decently well, and the Red Sox and the Patriots are consistent contenders for championship titles. As far as the fans go, they ought to win the championships for the most loyal fan base in the country.
5    Cleveland

This city has both quality pro and college sports. Between both circuits, however, one team stands out above the rest: the Cavaliers, who won the 2016 NBA Championship and so far have a promising 2017 season.
6    Denver

The Denver Broncos, with their multiple Super Bowl wins, are the real celebrities in this city. Their fan base is one of the most passionate in the NFL! However, Denver also has a strong culture surrounding their other successful teams: the Rockies, the Nuggets, and Avalanche. The Rockies are one of the most beloved teams in baseball, despite their unimpressive record, and Coors Field has seen more home runs than any other major league stadium.
7    Chicago

Perpetually loyal, Chicago fans won’t dwell on the century-plus that the Cubs went without a World Series win. Instead, they’ll just head to Wrigley Field for another round of passionate cheering for their favorite baseball team. They were finally rewarded in 2016 and had a century’s worth of celebration. In fact, the Cubs World Series Parade in 2016 was one of the top ten largest human gatherings in the history of the world. Of course, there’s love for Chicago’s other classic sports teams, as well! Don’t forget about The Bulls’ many championships, the incredibly successful Blackhawks with 3 championships in the last 7 years, and the respectable Bears. In Chicago, the experience is the most epic part of the sports scene, but the wins are pretty good, too.
8    Pittsburgh

Surprisingly, although the city only has three sports franchises, these teams have managed to join forces to create an incredible sports scene in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh fans are Pittsburgh fans, supporting the NFL Steelers, the NHL Penguins, and the MLB Pirates. Transplants and visitors quickly learn that sports are an integral part of the city. And those who leave for a job or school carry the black and gold with them. In fact, it’s not at all uncommon to come across Steelers fans in every corner of the continent! With such a strong fan base, it’s little wonder that Pittsburgh offers one of the most exciting sports experiences.
9    Los Angeles

LA has a great sports culture for both pro and college sports. Not only does it boast teams like the Dodgers, the Lakers, and the Kings but it also has hosted countless championship events over the years. The most popular annual event in Los Angeles is the traditional Rose Bowl in nearby Pasadena, which brings the college football culture to the forefront each year.
Los Angeles
10    San Francisco

The Bay Area has made quite a lot of noise in the sports world lately, especially when it comes to football and baseball. The Giants have won multiple World Series titles in recent years, and the Golden State Warriors have hardly been less successful—one might argue that they are the real heroes in the city, especially with their star-studded roster. Surprisingly, the underground ice hockey fan base has exploded in this sunny city, as the San Jose Sharks emerge to the front of the hockey scene.
San Francisco
11    New York

Last but not least, New York City is the best around when it comes to sports. In fact, this city has more championships and more major sports teams than any other city! Its top 13 teams include two baseball teams, three basketball teams, two football teams, three hockey teams, and three soccer teams. It also has plenty of teams from less popular sports, including rugby, roller derby, lacrosse, and tennis. As much as fans of other teams might hate on the Yankees, they have an excellent track record, although it barely overshadows the wins by the Mets, Giants, and Devils. The one drawback of having so many teams for each sport is that the city doesn’t stand behind a single team, causing a lack of solidarity between New Yorkers as a whole. Oh, well—nobody’s perfect.
New York
These great sports cities in the US offer excitement for residents and visitors alike. Whether you want to catch an NBA game, watch an NHL practice, join almost 100,000 fellow fans at an NFL game, or visit an iconic baseball stadium, America’s best sports cities have you covered.

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