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Unusual and Fun Brunch Restaurants

Brunch is that thing your grandma does on Sundays, right? Or what your mom always wanted to do on Mother’s Day. Boring. Just scrambled eggs and toast two hours after you got hungry. There’s nothing that exciting about brunch, right? Maybe, but it doesn’t have to be that way! In fact, there are a lot of restaurants that have taken brunch to a whole new level! You can find some really quirky brunches that just might make this midmorning meal your favorite part of the day.

If you want to try something fun and exciting for brunch, check out a few of these fun and delicious brunch spots.
1    Dishoom’s Bombay Brunch

This London restaurant has added an element of the exotic to brunch. Dishoom in Covent Garden pays homage to the faded elegance of the old Irani cafes of Bombay. It serves only brunch food inspired by Bombay, so everything is Indian with a breakfast twist. It’s pretty much a fact of life that bacon goes with everything, so naturally it would go with curry and naan!
Dishroom’s Bombay Brunch
2    Flesh and Buns

If the name isn’t intriguing enough for you, then the brunch menu certainly will be! Sunday mornings bring a multi-course meal of both warm and cold Asian dishes, served with alcohol for an extra fee. Of course, you can’t miss out on the steamed buns that come on the side. If you’re in London, Bone Daddies Flesh and Buns brunch is a great place to dine midmorning.
Flesh And Buns
3    Hawksmoor’s Meaty Brunch

Meat lovers, rejoice! This quirky brunch place is perfect for those who want meat for every meal of the day. You’ll get your typical brunch food like sausages, along with some less-than-conventional dishes, like the grilled bone marrow. If you’re not so adventurous, it also has plenty of more common breakfast meats available. And don’t forget the Hawksmoor Sunday Roast.

4    Stubb’s Bar B Q: The Gospel Brunch

This Austin, Texas staple has one of the most creative brunches around! Austin is one of the great live music cities in the US and Stubb’s is legendary. The Sunday morning Gospel Brunch attracts two types of people: those who love gospel music, and those who love the famous DIY Bloody Mary bar. Whichever camp you fall into, you’re sure to enjoy the live music, traditional Southern brunch fare, and good drinks.
Stubb’s Bar B Q
5    Suzy Wong’s Drag’n Brunch

You want weird? We’ll give you weird! Saturdays and Sundays in Nashville bring a three-hour drag show and brunch for your entertainment. Suzy Wong’s House of Yum offers up beautiful, talented performers and great service. And, believe it or not, this is a family-friendly affair, with everyone from babies to bachelorette parties having fun. The menu is limited but creative (check out the Gouda Shrimp and Grits or the Hong Kong Millionaire), but its the unique experience that makes it worth visiting. After all, you’ll probably never find any other brunch quite like this.
Suzy Wong’s Drag’n Brunch
6    Nitehawk Cinema

When Brooklyn’s Nitehawk Cinema is open for lunch, you can expect to experience a grand return to your childhood. Except better, since this brunch includes alcohol! You can get the best of both worlds. The theater shows Saturday morning cartoons and offers a brunch buffet… of cereal. That alone is worth a trip to NYC.
Nitehawk Cinema
7    Sabrina’s Café: Walking Dead Brunch

Don’t miss the Walking Dead Brunch during your next trip to Philadelphia. This place takes the zombie obsession to a whole new level! If you’re going to attend this brunch, the expectation is that you will pretend to be a zombie. The entire time. Imagine a whole restaurant full of undead people! Now, that’s a way to do weekends.
Sabrina’s Café
8    Back Bay Harry’s: Beyonce Brunch

The Bey Day Brunch at this Boston restaurant is perfect for anyone with an inner pop star. The entire meal is inspired by Beyoncé! Ladies, this is a great opportunity to get your sexiest dress on, do your hair, and go out with the girls. Guys, this is a great time to, well, eat some great brunch food. Note that Back Bay Harry’s brunch changes the theme from time to time, so check which icon is being celebrated when you’ll be in Boston.
Back Bay Harry’s
9    Tremont 647’s Pajama Brunch

If you’ve already hit the Bey Day Brunch, another great Boston brunch is the Pajama Brunch. This is exactly what it sounds like: an excuse to go out in public without making yourself presentable. And day drink. The weirder the pajamas, the better.
Tremont 647’s
10    Libation’s EDM Brunch

Leave it to Manhattan to make brunch into a rave. If you didn’t get enough partying the night before, continue the experience with both glow sticks and bacon at brunch. This is also a great partying alternative for early birds who can’t make it past 10:00 PM.
Libation’s EDM Brunch
11    Madinat Jumirah’s Friday Brunch

Dubai always has to everything bigger and better. Brunch is no exception. You actually need a map to get through the 65 foods stations in this place! Now, that’s what I call “options.”
Madinat Jumeirah
12    Caroline’s Comedy Brunch

Caroline’s on Broadway in Times Square is known for its standup comedy headliners and it has expanded its offerings to a party brunch known as “Brunch Baby.” Laughter paired with good food is the perfect way to start a day. Be sure to make reservations, because this is one NYC show you don’t want to miss.
Caroline’s Comedy Brunch
13    The Chocolate Bar

Chocolate. Bar. Brunch. Put those three things together, and you have a weekend winner! This Cleveland, Ohio restaurant is famous for its spiked hot chocolate and chocolate martinis, something you’re sure to love when you do brunch here.
The Chocolate Bar
14    Z Rant’s DJ Brunch

If normal brunch is boring to you, you’ll have to head over to Boston’s spiciest brunch spot. And when we say spicy, we’re referring to the cheddar waffles with jalapeno cheddar cream. Even if you opt for less fiery brunch dishes, you can still enjoy the funky and fun atmosphere: Z Rant’s features live DJs and quirky décor.
Z Rant’s DJ Brunch
15    Station 26 Brewing: Bluegrass Brunch

You don’t have to like bluegrass to love this brunch. It’s cooked at a Denver craft brewery and taproom in a repurposed fire station (hence the name Station 26)that doesn’t even own a kitchen, so everything is totally barbecue, food truck, and delicious. Get your meat and doughnuts here while listening to live music.
Station 26 Brewing
Do you still think brunch is boring? We didn’t think so! With so many fun and crazy brunch options, you could fill every weekend with a new dining experience. Do you know of another unusual brunch spot? Let us know in the comments!

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