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Disney World Extras That Are Worth the Cost

Everybody loves Disney World! There’s so much to see and so much to do! Florida’s Disney empire is vast and complicated, encompassing four parks and a variety of smaller attractions. If you’re planning a Disney World trip, you may be beginning to realize that there are an overwhelming amount of Disney World Extras options that you can choose from! Which are really worth the money? Here’s a list of the top Disney World extras that can make your trip that much more magical.

1    Park Hopper Tickets

Let me start by saying that these are not worth it for a day trip. You’ll want to spend all your time in whatever park you start in and will have to tear yourself away to get to the second! However, if you’re in Disney for more than a day, this extra is pure gold. It costs more than a single-park ticket but a lot less than four separate tickets! You’ll get to see four parks on the same ticket and maximize your ability to experience it all.
Park Hopper Tickets
2    Quick-Service Dining Plan

This is a fantastic Disney World extra for big groups, although it might be great for your family, as well. Basically, this plan gives you a certain number of meal vouchers that are valid at any quick-service food seller in the park. It eliminates the need to pass out cash or coordinate meals when group members are spread all over the parks. Goodbye, headache. You may not need that Advil after all.
Quick Service Dining Plan
3    Ride Photos

You may be surprised that this one made the list. After all, ride photos are almost fifteen bucks a pop! You could get a set of professional photos for that. However, a Mickey Mouse hat also costs about fifteen bucks, and which one are you going to use more? A hilarious photo of your kids shrieking their way down the Matterhorn is going to bring smiles every time you look at it! Invest in one—it’s the perfect keepsake.
Ride Photos
4    Marceline to Magic Kingdom Tour

This behind-the-scenes tour might not be so fun to the littles, but older kids and adults will get a whole new appreciation for Disney during this cool extra! As of the time of writing, the tour was $35 per person. That may be a bit pricey for a walking tour, but it’s a special experience that you’ll remember and cherish.
Marceline To Magic Kingdom Tour
5    Backstage Magic Tour

On this tour, you get a full seven hours enjoying an adventure through all the Orlando Disney parks! Learn a thorough backstage history of Epcot, the Magic Kingdom Park, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the Animal Kingdom Park, Central Shops (where the park elements are created), and the Walt Disney World Nursery and Tree Farm. At over $250 per person, this is an unnecessary expense for first-time visitors, but it’s a once-in-a-lifetime bucket list item for families who make regular Disney trips. It’s only open to people aged 16 and over, so it’s a special event to do with teenagers who have seen the Disney parks a few times already.
Backstage Magic Tour
6    Fast Pass

This is the one extra that you totally have to get if it’s in the budget. You’re already forking out a good amount of cash for a Disney vacation. Don’t spend it waiting in line and getting a sunburn! Pay a little extra to get to the rides faster. You’ll get to do twice as much, so you’re actually making better use of your money in the long run.
Fast Pass
7    Dining with an Imagineer

If you’re Disney savvy, you know that “Imagineer” is Disney code for “awesomesauce genius celebrity guy.” In other words, Imagineers are the talented men and women who make Disney resorts come alive with magic. They create the rides, design the effects, and create the scenes. And you can talk to one of them! Basically, for this extra, you get to sit with nine other Disney fans at the Brown Derby restaurant and enjoy a four-course meal. At your table will be one of the marvelous Imagineers, who will answer any questions you have and chat with you about his or her work in the Disney parks.
Dining With An Imagineer
8    Pirate Adventure Cruise

If your kids love pirates, adventure, and the allure of big ships, you have to let them take this cruise. There are a few different cruises to choose from, including three incredible adventure tours and a treasure hunt tour! Your kids will get to dress up like pirates, run around on the deck of a ship, and feel the magic and adventure of being in the mythical world of fairytale pirates. This is a memorable and fun event! Plus, at $40 to $50, this is a pretty affordable Disney extra option.
Pirate Adventure Cruise
9    Sit-Down Dinner

Something I have always wanted to do at Disney is dine at Cinderella’s Royal Table or another of the highly imaginative sit-down restaurants located in one of the lands within the park. Making reservations at one of the most special restaurants in the park is a great way to enjoy a little extra something. Although it might not be ideal for families with young kids, it’s good for older kids and perfect for couples! The Cool Ship in Tomorrowland and Crocket’s Tavern in Frontierland are a couple of great options.
Sit Down Dinner
Of course, what you decide to splurge on is up to you and your family’s preferences! I hope that this list helps narrow down the best options for you, however. Before you make the final decision, be sure to check out my post on Disney extras to avoid! You’ve worked and saved for your Disney vacation -make every penny count towards fun, magic, and memories.

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