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Museums for People Who Hate Museums

Do museums bore you out of your mind? I have some great news! Museum-haters everywhere will be happy to know that there are actually some museums out there that will appeal to them. If your travel buddies are museum maniacs, you’ve probably been dragged through more than one boring museum full of dusty old objects that you just can’t muster up an ounce of interest for. If museum-going is your most dreaded part of vacationing, why not switch up the agenda a bit? Suggest one of these museums on your next trip, and you’re sure to have a great time!
The Arizona Science Center: Phoenix, Arizona

This museums is sure to please! One of the best science museums in the United States, the Arizona Science Center is more like a gigantic indoor playground than a museum. Test out the waterworks, create paper planes, and use brainwaves to control a ping-pong ball – anything is possible at the Arizona Science Center!
The Arizona Science Center
Creation Museum: Petersburg, Kentucky

If you’re not too committed to science, the Creation Museum can provide an afternoon of fun. Although this is a religious museum, it’s interesting enough to entertain even the most ardent museum-haters. Walk through the Garden of Eden, complete with animatronic dinosaurs, marvel at one of the most intact Allosaurus skeletons ever found, and check out the to-scale model of Noah’s Ark. Some photo ops with Babylonian-style architecture and statues of ancient people make this a fun place to explore. They even work zip lines, a petting zoo, and camel rides into the mix!
Creation Museum
Guinness Book of World Records Museum: San Antonio, Texas

Lose yourself in the weird, wild, and wonderful Guinness Book of World Records Museum! This is the furthest thing from boring; you’ll get to measure yourself against tallest and smallest humans, try to beat the record for the most drum beats in a minute, and find out about records that you never knew existed. World’s largest ball of gum wads, anyone?
Guinness Book Of World Records Museum
Madame Tussauds: New York City

A wax museum may sound like a snooze fest at first glance, but Madame Tussauds is actually quite the opposite. This is an awesome place to whip out your phone and get a bunch of selfies with lifelike versions of your favorite celebrities, characters, and political figures! Taylor Swift and Barack Obama are waiting for you. Can you prank your friends into thinking you met the real deal?
Madame Tussauds
Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum; De Smet, South Dakota

If looking at a bunch of historic artifacts behind glass sounds hardly more bearable than an afternoon in the Pit of Despair, you’ll be likely to prefer a hands-on history museum with furnished homes and live animals! Fans of the Little House on the Prairie books will be especially delighted to visit the actual Ingalls homestead on the shores of Silver Lake. Here, you can explore a covered wagon, dugout home, old schoolhouse, and more.
Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum
Museum of Broken Relationships: Los Angeles, California

What began as a weird little collection in Croatia has expanded to include a second museum in Los Angeles! This museum is filled with donated objects related to peoples’ breakups. You’ll see an axe that destroyed an ex’s furniture, shoes that once ensconced cold feet, and plenty of creative Dear John letters. It’s a bit depressing, but also humorous – and it’s sure to give you a few laughs!
Museum Of Broken Relationships
The Cooper Hewitt: New York City

Ok, I’ll admit that this museum does have some of that boring, look-and-don’t-touch, stuck-behind-glass stuff. The good news, though, it that you don’t have to look at any of that if you don’t feel like it! The rest of the museum is hands-on, with interactive displays and fun things to try for yourself. Play with light, texture, and color for an awesome museum experience free of boredom!
The Cooper Hewitt
Jell-O Museum: LeRoy, New York

This museum is basically appealing just because it’s kind of quirky. I mean, Jell-O is good, but why is there an entire museum on it? Maybe it’s just an advertising gimmick, but it’s one I’m willing to fall for. At the Jell-O Museum, you can learn about the history of Jell-O, vote for your favorite new flavors, and get weird Jell-O recipe ideas. Ever heard of Jell-O encased ham? It’s a thing! If you’re really inspired by this museum, you can donate money to sponsor a brick in the Jell-O Brick Road and help preserve the ever-so-significant history of Jell-O for future generations.
Jell O Museum
Cockroach Hall of Fame Museum: Phoenix, Arizona

This museum actually originated in Plano, Texas, the brainchild of a pest control veteran, Michael Bohdan. Leave it to Texas to come up with something as bizarre as a museum filled with dead cockroaches. When he retired to Arizona, he reopened the museum in Phoenix. Now, before you scratch this museum off your list, wait until you hear how the cockroaches are displayed. Each cockroach exhibit has the nasty little bug in a different position – chilling on a beach, speared by the Statue of Liberty, tap dancing on the street. You’ve never seen roaches look so friendly.
Cockroach Hall Of Fame Museum: Plano
Museum of Bad Art: Brookline, Massachusetts

Don’t get art? That’s OK; this museum is full of art that you’re not supposed to get. Actually, you’re supposed to find the art in this museum absolutely laughable. It won’t take much to get you giggling when you visit the Museum of Bad Art. Each piece on display was purchased for the museum because it was such a ridiculous example of poor taste! This just might be the first art museum you truly enjoy.
Museum Of Bad Art
Mutter Museum: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

For some reason, all of us are at least a little bit fascinated with gross things. And the Mutter Museum certainly has its fair share of icky and weird stuff to gawk at! However, it’s not for the faint of heart—the museum is a medical one, and it includes photos of strange skin diseases and pieces of brains floating around in jars. As gross as it is, it’s also kind of awesome and definitely fascinating!
Mutter Museum
As you can see, there are plenty of museums out there that won’t bore you to death! Have an open mind toward these offbeat museums, and who knows? You may find out that you can love some museums after all. And you might want to give major museums another look after you check out our post on Museum Hack tours for a fun, novel approach to more traditional museums.

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