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World’s Most Extreme Camping Spots

Whether you have a wild streak or just like reading about bizarre vacation ideas, you’ll find the world’s most extreme camping sites fascinating! Camping is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to go on vacation. Well, it’s usually pretty easy, anyway.

Summer is here, and it’s time to break out the tents, hiking boots, and marshmallows. For some campers, however, planning a camping trip is an excuse to find the most epic and crazy place possible to pitch a tent. Read on to learn about the most amazing and dangerous camping spots the world has to offer.

1    Yosemite National Park

If you want to really get some adrenaline pumping, wake up with a thousand-foot drop below your head. In Yosemite, you can camp on the side of cliffs in bivouac tents! Basically, the tents are clipped to rope dangling thousands of feet above the forest. If that doesn’t say “adventure,” I don’t know what does.
Yosemite National Park
2    Waldseilgarten Hollschucht

Spend a night strapped to a portable sleeping platform on the face of a cliff in the German Alps. You’ll never have a more thrilling or sleepless night in your life! This isn’t the only extreme camping option in the park, however. You can also sleep in a hanging tent, suspended from a super tall tree.
Waldseilgarten Hollschucht
3    Antarctica

Pitch a polar tent that looks just like an igloo! Your quickest ticket to long-term camping here is joining a research team and setting up a months-long home in the Antarctic’s freezing temperatures. However, some cruise ship passengers do get the option to camp out for a night! I’m going to guess that a night is more than enough for most people.
4    International High Line Meeting

If you don’t like heights and sheer drops, this camping trip isn’t for you. Actually, most normal people can’t join this trip. Why? You have to be able to walk on a tightrope strung between mountains to get there! The extreme athletes who come to this meeting are a group of the most incorrigible daredevils you’ll ever meet, so it’s little wonder that they don’t mind sleeping in hammocks suspended high above yawning canyons. Yep, that’s right – these extreme campers hook their hammocks to tightropes and sleep that way! In case you want to join, this meeting is located annually in the Italian Alps.

5    Hang En Cave

Hang “En” there! This extreme camping trip is a bit more phobic-friendly. Rather than dangling high above the earth, you can take an extreme camping adventure under the earth. Head to the Quang Binh Province of Vietnam, where you’ll find the world’s third largest cave! It takes quite a bit of hiking, but eventually you’ll reach the underground lakeside beach in the cave. This camping adventure may include leeches and a long hike, but it also involves stunning views, a fossil-filled cave, and an adventure of a lifetime.
Hang En Cave
6    Death Valley

Why anyone would want to camp in Death Valley beats me, but it certainly is one of the most extreme camping spots you’ll ever find. And it actually does have its benefits – aside from being one of the hottest places on earth, of course. Death Valley is famous for its dark sky, which is perfect for stargazing, as well as its surprisingly rich wildlife scene. If you know how to find your way around with a GPS and don’t mind this heat, it’s a great place to put your wilderness savvy to the test.
Death Valley
7    The Atlantic Ocean

Is it really considered “camping” when you’re sleeping on a paddle board in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean? Well, it is staying overnight in the great outdoors, so we may as well include it. Chris Bertish actually made it across the entire Atlantic Ocean on a stand-up paddle board early in 2017, and he had to spend over 100 nights “camping” in the middle of the ocean! How’s that for extreme? So his paddleboard didn’t look quite like this one, but still…For a peek at the real thing, check out the Chris Bertish paddle board craft.
Paddle Board Across The Atlantic Ocean
8    Mount Everest Base Camp

The word “base camp” may lead you to believe that the Mount Everest Base Camp is easy to get to, but don’t be deceived. This extreme camping spot is actually at 17,600 feet of altitude! It’s cold, it’s high up, and it is surrounded with the starkness of a frigid wilderness. And just imagine – this is just the beginning of Everest mountaineers’ extreme camping experiences.
Mount Everest Base Camp
9    The Sahara Desert

On the opposite end of the spectrum from the Himalayas is the Sahara Desert. Here, it’s ridiculously hot, sandy, and wind-swept. The scariest thing about camping here is that it’s really easy to get lost! It’s amazing to think that nomadic peoples have been camping through the Sahara for thousands of years. Do yourself a favor and get a camping guide who knows the area well and can bring the ancient desert wisdom to your campsite!
The Sahara Desert
10    In view of glaciers

Sahale Glacier Camp in the state of Washington is an incredible place to camp. It’s pretty hard to get to the most extreme camp sites, which are located on soaring mountain tops and in full view of Sahale Glacier. This isn’t one of the safest or easiest places to camp, but it’s certainly one of the most memorable.
In View Of Glaciers
Which one of these extreme camp sites sounds the best to you? That cave sounds pretty awesome! Next time you go on a camping trip, why not up your epic-level a few notches? There are so many incredible places to camp all over the world, and not all of them are located within your comfort zone. Try new things and push yourself – you never know what you can do until you try!

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