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Strangest Things Left at Hotels

Have you ever left something behind in a hotel room? I certainly have! The most valuable thing I ever left was a favorite dress that I had handmade. What a bummer that was! Other than that, it’s mostly been a whole lot of socks. Those things are rather boring and routine, of course, especially compared to the really wacky things that have been found in hotel rooms! From bizarre journals to family members, here are some of the strangest things ever forgotten in hotel rooms.

1    A notebook filled with pages and pages about how amazing salad is

One hotel employee found a notebook labeled, “Why I Love Salad.” While reading someone else’s journal wasn’t something this employee would normally have done, this was far too intriguing. What he found inside were pages upon pages of journaling about the love of salad! The writing in the journal got weirder and weirder, even suggesting that salad may not be an inanimate object after all!
A Notebook Filled With Pages And Pages About How Amazing Salad Is
2    A dead guy

I don’t tell this to many people, but I’ll tell it to you. You can take that to mean that I especially trust you, or that I haven’t met you so I don’t care what you think of me. So here it goes: my greatest fear. More than anything else in the world, I’m scared of walking into a public restroom and finding a dead person in there. I literally think of it every time I walk into a bathroom! I can’t imagine the horror of finding a body in a hotel room. Sadly, this happens pretty frequently.
A Dead Guy
3    $20 grand

What would you do if you found twenty thousand dollars in a hotel room? I think I would keep my fingerprints off that! There’s no way someone would leave twenty grand of their own hard-earned cash in a hotel room. That’s either really sketchy, or a really great tip.
4    A goat

If you’ve ever watched White Collar, you probably remember seeing a scene like this in one of the early episodes. It may seem like an impossibly comedic occurrence, but this actually happened. To make it even better, the goat was dressed like Abraham Lincoln! The story behind this, apparently, was that it was left behind after a rather wild bachelor party. I don’t know why the goat was invited, but he apparently wasn’t welcome to leave with the rest of the party.
A Goat
5    A priceless necklace

The staff at The George in Christchurch, New Zealand found an incredibly beautiful necklace left in the safe of one of its rooms. After many years, the necklace was never claimed! Was it an oversight of a wealthy guest? Crime evidence? The vestiges of a break-up? I guess we’ll never know.
A Priceless Necklace
6    Nothing

Yeah, that’s right… some of the strangest behavior at hotels is when guests don’t leave anything, including hotel property, behind. The Novotel St. Kilda reported that a couple left the hotel with an incredible amount of items from linen closets, housekeeping carts, and breakfast supplies! They even stole a portable heater.
7    A pony

Poor Pudding, a Shetland pony, was left behind at a Travelodge in Ayr. The owners asked the hotel staff to watch him for a couple of hours while they explored the town, and the staff, of course, agreed. After all, who wouldn’t want to watch a Shetland pony? Unfortunately, a few hours turned into almost a day before the owners finally returned to get Pudding.
A Pony
8    A mother-in-law

While some people would probably leave their mother-in-law at a hotel on purpose, leaving June in a Travelodge in Chadderton was not part of the plan. I’m sure the son-in-law in question had a lot of explaining to do when he got home!
A Mother In Law
9    A secret recipe

It doesn’t do much good to safeguard an old family recipe for five generations if someone’s just going to leave it at a hotel. Now the room service staff will have it, too! I know I’d copy it down if I were them.
A Secret Recipe
10    A Bible full of cat photos

Apparently, someone didn’t think the Bible included enough cats. Or maybe the lions that David and Benaiah fought weren’t cute and cuddly enough! One hotel guest found the Gideon Bible full of random cat photos that the person before had left.
A Bible Full Of Cat Photos
11    A suitcase of prosthetic legs

Either someone was trying to become a human centipede, or there were a lot of very disappointed amputees at the doctor’s office the next day. Losing other people’s prosthetics would certainly be a huge mistake! Imagine explaining that one to your patients.
A Suitcase Of Prosthetic Legs
12    Taxidermy raccoon

I’ve heard of emotional support animals for anxious travelers, but I have never heard of dead emotional support animals. Apparently, the guy who left this strange object in his room was practically frantic when he called the hotel to get it back.
Taxidermy Raccoon
13    Seamus

I actually don’t know who Seamus was, but apparently he was left behind at a hotel. Poor Seamus – how could anyone leave a friend stranded on vacation like that? I hope the hotel was located in an area that poor Seamus could enjoy as he waited for a bus!
If I ever think of applying to work at a hotel, please slap me. I just don’t think I could handle finding some of these things. I definitely have a whole new respect for the people who do work at hotels and have the guts to open up those doors every day! You never know what you might find in there. Have you ever left or found anything strange at a hotel? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. July 14, 2017 - 12:07 am

    I have fears of finding a dead guy for sure! I also now wonder why I haven’t been writing down how amazing my salads are. 🙂


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