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Cool and Unusual Soft Adventure Travel Activities

So what exactly is a soft adventure? Think of it as an exciting activity that doesn’t require you to be a world-class athlete, super strong or fit, or crazy. Adventure for the rest of us.

Soft adventure can mean something different to everyone, but it is basically an activity that takes some physical activity and pairs it with quite a bit of relaxation and downtime. These adventures have been created for those people who want to do something more than sit on a beach in the sun all day, but cannot even think about climbing to the highest peak in the world quite yet.

Here are some cool and unusual soft adventure travel activities. Keep in mind that some may be more challenging than others:

1    Lake Tanganyika

A light aircraft takes guests from Arusha to Greystoke Mahale, which is on the shores of Lake Tanganyika in Africa. Each day will bring guests a hike into the Mahal mountains, where they will visit with a group of wild chimpanzees. These chimpanzees are the largest group that remains in the wild, and people will be able to stay with them for an hour at a time. During this trip, people are also able to visit Katavi NP to the South, where they will see lions, elephants, and herds of buffalo.
Lake Tanganyika
2    Princess Royal Island in British Columbia

Groups will take a motorboat as they explore the rainforest and nature near Princess Royal Island. This is where they will see the world’s only white colored black bears. The white bears are also called Spirit and they live on Princess Royal Island. The Kitasoo Spirit Bear Conservancy ensures that these white bears are safe, so that they do not become endangered or extinct.
Princess Royal Island In British Columbia
3    Kenyan Horseback Safaris

Guests will stay at luxury lodges while on this horseback safari in Kenya. The wildlife in this area are not afraid of horses, so people will be able to get much closer to all the animals as they ride through Kenya. Some of the favorite animals that people see include gerenuk, elephants, lions, and even a rare Grevy zebra.
Kenyan Horseback Safaris
4    Safari Drive in Tanzania

Exploring the land in Tanzania is quite easy when it is done within a Land Rover Defender. This safari begins in Arusha and people will stay at luxury lodges throughout their journey until they return back to Arusha at the end. During the drive, people will cross Tanzania and see some highlights that include the Tarangire National Park, the Serengeti National Park, and the Ngorongoro Crater.
Safari Drive In Tanzania
5    Travel the United States from Coast to Coast

Everyone has daydreamed about driving from the East Coast to the West Coast in the United States and a long road trip can definitely be considered a soft adventure travel activity. Stay at luxury hotels along the way and drive only as far as you want to in a single day. Stop at places that interest you, from weird roadside attractions to the Grand Canyon. Decide on the fly that you want to spend two nights in one location, three nights at another, and only one night somewhere else. The possibilities are endless with this adventure as are the destinations and activities.
Travel The United States From Coast To Coast
6    Travel the Silk Route by Train

A luxury train ride evokes the romance of a forgotten age. There is a lot of relaxation available when a person rides the Orient Silk Road Express along the Silk Route. Stops are made at many different places including the Kalyan minaret, Bukhara, Samarkand, and Almaty. In between destinations, people will see magnificent views of the deserts as well as the mountain ranges.
Travel The Silk Route By Train
7    Turtle Conservation in the Bahamas

Anyone who loves to swim and snorkel will want to grab the opportunity to do that amongst the sea turtles in the waters of the Bahamas. Researchers are always looking for people to snorkel with the sea turtles, so that they can determine where their habitats are located. This is a wonderful way to get into those bright blue waters, see the wildlife and help conservation efforts at the same time.
Turtle Conservation In The Bahamas
8    Sailing the Dorian Coast

No one needs to worry about transportation or hotel accommodations when they are sailing along the Dorian Coast in Turkey. An experienced skipper will allow people to sit back and relax while they are sailing from one place to another along the coast and once they have arrived at their destination, they can go ashore and explore.
Sailing The Dorian Coast
Many of these activities allow people to stay inside luxurious accommodations at night and there is quite a bit of downtime during the day and the night. These soft adventures are a lot of fun, yet no one will have to be capable of conquering the world in order to do them. They have been designed so that people of all abilities can do them and the main goal is to have fun while having an experience of a lifetime.
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