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The Coolest School Bus to RV Conversions

In today’s world, people want to be mobile, but they do not want to live out of suitcases in a hotel room. Instead, they want their home to travel with them as they explore every square inch of the country as possible. Many of these people choose to purchase an RV to meet their needs, but there are a few that decide to take their decision to the next level and create the perfect home from an old, beat up school bus.

Here are the coolest School Bus to RV Conversions:

The Davis Family from Oswego, Illinois

The Davis family had been living in a 1,500-square foot home when Luke Davis decided that he wanted his dream of traveling the United States on a budget to become a reality. He purchased a 1992 AmTran Genesis school bus for $4,000 and spent eighteen months and $30,000 turning it into a stunning mobile home. So far, the family has traveled twenty thousand miles as they have visited thirty-one states.
The Davis Family
He gutted the entire inside of the bus, raised the ceiling up by twenty inches, and remodeled the bus frame. The solar paneled roof provides energy to the bus and the family can manage to be off-grid for as long as two weeks if they have to.

Inside the renovated bus, there is a functioning kitchen, complete with a stove and oven, plus a wood burning stove for those cooler days and nights. The family can even relax on a sofa and eat at the dining room table.
The Davis Family2
Waldmire Road Yacht

Rob Waldmire created the Waldmire Road Yacht out of an old bus and wood and then he spent decades traveling along Route 66 in it. This road yacht is now retired and can be seen by everyone at the Route 66 Hall of Fame Museum in Pontiac, Illinois.
Waldmire Road Yacht
Run-Down City Bus Converts to a Stunning DIY RV

Two Israeli women saw the potential in a run-down city bus and decided that they were going to tackle this DIY project. They gutted the entire inside of the bus and then spent two days trying to decide what their next steps were going to be.
Run Down City Bus Converted
They poured over magazines before installing new floors and wall and ceiling surfaces. The next part of the job was installing a long kitchen counter, dining table, closets, and the ever-important bathroom with a shower. While the inside has been completely changed, the women chose to restore the outside of the bus, keeping the character from days past.
Run Down City Bus Converted
Bus to Minimalist Mobile Home

Hank Butitta purchased an old school bus for $3,000 and then spent an additional $6,000 transforming the inside in fifteen weeks. He created four zones in the bus, consisting of the bathroom, kitchen, seating, and sleeping. While he wanted defined areas, he did not want to lose any space, and chose to keep everything as open as possible.
Hank Butitta
The bed system was designed so that it could be changed into different sleeping configurations and Hank even installed seats that have hidden flip-up and slide-out panels to accommodate additional people. The storage inside the bus is just as unique and little spaces can be found hidden throughout the bus as well as integrated into some of the other built-ins.
Bus To Minimalist Mobile Home
Remodeled School Bus that Sleeps 10

Richard and Rachel decided that they wanted to live in a home with wheels, so they purchased a used school bus for $3,000. They designed their new home down to the smallest of details and then got to work turning it into their dream space.

One of the things that they knew that they wanted was sleeping space for a crowd. The first sleeping space was a seven-foot loft bed that is placed over the driver’s seat. They built that first, because they had a friend who wanted to rent out that front room area. A lounge area was placed next to that bed and the two seats and table fold down into a full-size bed. After a bit more work, they have finally finished all the sleeping areas and can now fit ten people comfortably.
Richard Rachel School Bus To Rv
They can live off-grid while they are using their mobile home, because they installed solar panels and they will have propane for their heater and stove shortly.

It has taken them time to renovate their old school bus, because they have been self-financing, but they have reached their goal of living simply. Currently, they spend one hundred dollars a month on utilities and maintenance, so they no longer work full time and they spend their days doing things that they love instead.
Richard Rachel School Bus To Rv
People have discovered freedom after they begin to live in an RV. RVs are expensive, though, and quite hard to customize, which is why these people thought outside of the box and turned old school buses into amazing RVs. Anyone who sees one of these converted school buses will want to stop and see if they can look at the inside, because they will be amazed at how spacious and wonderful the inside spaces really are.

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