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More Amazing Bus to RV Conversions

There are so many people who have turned old school or city buses into amazing RVs that there is enough information for yet another post! It is incredible what some people can do with something made out of metal that has been deemed unusable by schools or cities around the country. A little money and some time is all these people have needed to recognize their dreams of living in a unique house on wheels.
Here are some more amazing bus to RV conversions:

Double Decker Living

Living on the go is taken to a whole new level on board this double decker bus. Aristide Antonas created this space for professionals to use as they are traveling for work and doubles as both a hotel and community center. The entire bus features seven beds, a living area, and a bathroom and each element of the individual spaces was designed to be functional for everyone who stays there.
Double Decker Living
Comfy Bluebird Mobile Home

A couple who wanted to live as debt free and rent free as possible chose to purchase a Bluebird bus on eBay for $3,000. Once their bus arrived, they tore out the inside and began renovating the space to meet their needs. One end of the bus has been designated as the kitchen area and there is plenty of space for cooking and storage. Storage is also plentiful inside the bedroom where the couple has placed a bookshelf above their large bed.
Comfy Bluebird Mobile Home
British Double Decker

A British couple wanted to purchase their own home, but the housing costs in Britain were way over their budget. Instead of admitting defeat, they chose to renovate a double decker bus. Their project took them four months to complete and cost less than twenty thousand dollars.

Their new luxurious home has two bedrooms, a kitchen, living room, bar, and bathroom. There is enough space for everything that they own including dozens of movies that they store underneath their television.
British Double Decker
Cozy Bus Complete with a Wood Stove

The design firm of wpi Creative decided that they needed a unique project to work on, so they found an old and worn out school bus and breathed new life into it. The inside of the bus is now covered with wood and that same wood was used to create the magnificent built-ins, shelves, and some of the furniture.

The best feature in this home on wheels though is the rustic wood fired stove that keeps the bus toasty warm up in the mountains where it is now parked and lived in by the couple who purchased it.
Cozy Bus Complete With A Wood Stove
The Ark

This Ark is a modern-day version of Noah’s Ark and the family that renovated this bus wanted a home that they could use to get away from any life-threatening situations or use for vacations. This bus is forty feet long and has large storage compartments underneath.

The master bedroom is in the rear of the bus and there is a garage underneath that can be accessed by the back door. The back door also allows family members to exit the bus from the master bedroom in case of an emergency.

The bunk beds are right outside the master bedroom and they will fit people that are as tall as six foot three. The kitchen and dining areas have seating available and the dining table folds down into an additional bed. There is a designated spot for a full size washing machine as well as a full-size pantry.

The bathroom is a good size as well and it is plenty of space for people to get ready in during the morning or evening hours.
The Ark
Steampunk Bus

Jake Von Slatt created this Steampunk bus, because he wanted something to live in that felt like a Victorian sea coast summer home. The first thing that he did when he purchased the bus was paint it green and almond. The lighter color is on the top, so that the bus stays cooler during the summer months.

After that, he started scavenging for materials to use for the inside of the bus. Most of what he used was found as he went through the recycling bins at his town dump and everything else he used was either given to him or purchased for very little money.

His favorite feature in his home is the New York Angle Lamp that he bought and refurbished. This lamp is a kerosene burning wick lamp and it creates enough light to see even on the darkest nights.
Steampunk Bus
Green Cedar Bus

This seventy-two-passenger school bus from Dallas City has been given a second chance as a 280-square foot mobile home. The greenhouse roofing allows natural light to shine into the home as does the large decorative glass window. The floors are covered in white oak and the cedar paneled loft gives the space a luxurious feel.
Green Cedar Bus
Magic Biodiesel Bus

This 1979 Bluebird International bus doesn’t use gas when it is on the road, instead the owner fills their tank with recycled vegetable oil. Dave Weaver purchased this school bus and renovated it with his friend after he graduated from college.
Magic Biodiesel Bus 1
Paneling has been installed from floor to ceiling and the home can sleep six people. Anyone who is in the bus enjoys the wood stove as well as the hot water shower. Once the school bus renovations were completed, Dave took it on his first on road adventure from Washington State to Austin, Texas.
Magic Biodiesel Bus 2
All these school or city buses turned out amazing and everyone who created and designed them did a wonderful job as they turned something unusable into a movable home that fits their lifestyle. Check out my original Coolest School Bus to RV Conversions, too.

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