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What Do You Get When You Upgrade to First Class or Business Class?

Many people, even frequent flyers, have only ever flown in coach. While there’s nothing wrong with saving money and sticking to cheap seats, there are some pretty nice perks that come with flying first class or business class! Most of us, though, don’t actually know what those perks are. Curious to find out what we’re missing out on? Here are some of the things you could enjoy if you upgrade.

1    Pre-Flight Lounge

The perks for flying first class start well before the flight. Many airlines offer their first-class customers access to the lounge. Often, the lounge is stocked with complementary free food and beverages, charging stations, Wi-Fi, and sweet, sweet silence. I don’t know about you, but I’m not a particular fan of waiting in the overcrowded gates.
Pre Flight Lounge
2    A Welcome Gift

First-class and business-class seats come with gift bags to make your flight more enjoyable. This gift varies from airline to airline, and they can be quite spectacular. Emirates, for example, includes a leather Bulgari bag filled with high-end cosmetics. Other airlines have less expensive bags, but all of them include an interesting mix of things that can range from satin sleeping masks to makeup or fuzzy socks.
A Welcome Gift
3    Complementary meals

Free food isn’t limited to the pre-flight lounge. You can also expect a nice selection during your flight! Full meals are included with flights, and drinks – including alcohol – are also offered to patrons in first or business class. You can take the peanuts if you like, but you’ll be getting a lot of better stuff, too. As a rule, international flights generally offer better food and a wider selection.
Complimentary Meals
4    Bigger seats

Hallelujah! Am I the only one who feels like airplane seats are shrinking these days? If you fly first class or business class, you’ll get bigger seats. This is great for comfort, but it’s also great for working. You’ll actually be able to fit your computer on your lab! Here’s a bonus: most first and business class seats include an outlet for your charger.
Bigger Seats
5    More legroom

If you fly first or business class, you won’t have to worry about the dude in front of you leaning his seat back practically into your lap. Nope! You’ll have plenty of room between yourself and the next person, and you’ll also be able to stretch out your legs. This is a real lifesaver during those long flights.
More Legroom
6    Free movies

You can usually count on free movies when you fly business or first class! We all say we’re going to be productive on flights, but it never happens. At least, not for me! Instead of getting stuck with the half-done Sudoku in the airline magazine, you can enjoy the latest releases while you wait to arrive at your destination.
Free Movies
7    Beds

Although sleeping quarters aren’t always offered on flights, some overnight flights provide bunks for their first-class patrons. Imagine getting to recline in a bed during your flight! No more trying to doze in an uncomfortable seat while every limb on your body goes numb. You’ll even get a blanket and pillow. If you’re on an overnight business trip, this is especially awesome! You’ll be able to arrive at your destination fully awake and well rested after a good night of sleep.
8    Priority boarding

If you book first or business class, you’ll get priority boarding. You won’t have to wait in line or cross your fingers that you won’t get stuck with a cramped middle seat. Sometimes, you can also get priority bag check as well! Say goodbye to the lines and the waiting around.
Priority Boarding
9    More luggage

This is what really makes a business class or first class flight worth it. If you’re on a trip that requires a lot of luggage, it can actually be cheaper to fly business or first class rather than economy! Unlike economy, you usually get an extra bag or even two, and the weight limit is usually higher. I made my last international move at the same time my neighbor did. I paid about $20 more for my flight, and he got to take more pounds of luggage and sit in business class! While he was sipping a coke and stretching his legs, I was crammed into coach with a huge carry-on bag. I guess I know what I’ll do differently next time.
More Luggage
10    A Butler

Whaaat? Yes, that’s right! Depending on which airline you choose to fly, you could get a butler on your first class flight. Etihad Airways actually gives you an entire suite to yourself, complete with a personal chef, a shower, and yes, a butler. You won’t find things quite this luxe on most flights, but there are some out there that offer your own personal attendants. That would be pretty amazing to experience, if only just once.
A Butler
11    Networking

Last but not least, sitting in business class or first class will give you the opportunity to network. While that college kid sitting next to you in coach might have some interesting insight on the best great movies, the people you sit next to in first class or business class could become important business contacts or know people in high places. You might also run into less useful but equally awesome people, such as celebrities and sports stars. You never know who you could meet!
As you can see, flying first class or business class is pretty incredible! Even though it can be really expensive, it’s actually worth it, as long as you can afford it. And there are some circumstances where flying first-class is cheaper than coach! You just have to know how to do it for an affordable price. Check out my other article on how you can fly business class for an affordable price!

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  1. July 14, 2017 - 8:06 pm

    Flying first class or business class is pretty incredible , that’s for sure, but it comes at a high price. Are airplane seats really shrinking these days? heheh maybe they aren’t, but maybe our bodies are expanding a bit.. 🙂 Of course, if its a long long flight, to have a bed would be awesome! what else could be better that arrive to a destination and feel well rested and fresh. Cool 🙂


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