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Best Beaches After Labor Day

Many people love heading to the beach during the summer, but once Labor Day Weekend arrives, many of the beaches close for the season. While that has been the norm for a long time, there are many weekends filled with warm weather after Labor Day, and those weekends are still perfect for trips to the beach. Kids have gone back to school and the throngs of tourists have gone home. Avoid the summer crowds and enjoy a relaxing, sun filled beach holiday after Labor Day.

Here are the best beaches to visit after Labor Day:
1    Cape Cod

Yes, the water will be cold, but the crowds will have diminished after the holiday weekend. That means that people will have plenty of room to build that spectacular sandcastle and look for shells in the sand. The only downside to spending time in Cape Cod after Labor Day is that some of the businesses have shorter hours, so people will want to plan their days accordingly.
Cape Cod
2    Fort Macon State Park

Visitors to this North Carolina state park can spend some time on the sand before participating in one of the beach walks that are led by the park rangers. Learn about the ecosystem that includes dunes, estuaries, and salt water marshes. History is abundant near the beach in Fort Macon State Park, and people can visit the restored Civil War fort that is on the ocean.
Fort Macon State Park
3    West Beach, Alabama

This area is warm throughout the year, so there are not too many days that are not perfect for the beach. After Labor Day, the sun is still shining and the Gulf is still warm for swimming. People can lay out anywhere on the six miles of sand and enjoy the beautiful weather. The only time after the holiday weekend that might be a little more crowded is when the National Shrimp Festival takes place during a weekend in October.
West Beach, Alabama
4    La Jolla, California

There are plenty of beaches in California, but La Jolla Cove has an abundance of wildlife. People can walk along the shoreline while trying to catch a glimpse of seals and sea lions in their natural habitat. The best spot to see these marine animals is over at Sunny Jim’s Sea Cave, which also happens to be the only sea cave in the state that is accessible by land.
La Jolla, California
5    Burnham Park, Illinois

You might not think of a beach in Chicago, but this park on the shores of Lake Michigan offers Midwesterners a waterfront escape. Yes, the beach is a perfect location on nice, warm sunny days. However, did you know that the beach in this park is also a fabulous place to be during the cool and crisp evenings during the fall? Yes, people can head to this beach and build a fire in one of the fire pits. Everyone should arrive early to claim their spot and bring their s’mores kits with them.
Burnham Park, Illinois
6    Chincoteague Island

Located on Virginia’s Eastern Shore, the beach on this island is still phenomenal during the month of September and many of the local restaurants will still be open. A side trip can be taken to Assateague Island to see the famed wild horses that live there. These horses have adapted to the coastal ecology and are favorites of beach visitors.
Chincoteague Island
7    Treasure Island, Florida

The three miles of beaches on Treasure Island are perfect for sunbathing after the holiday weekend. This barrier island is near St. Petersburg and the beaches are open all year long. After Labor Day, the summer crowds are gone and snowbirds haven’t yet descended on the area. people can relax from the time they arrive until the magnificent sunset in the evening.
Treasure Island, Florida
8    East Hampton, New York

Dog lovers will want to visit the beach in East Hampton after Labor Day, because after September 30th, dogs can run along the shoreline. The water may be too cold for a long swim, but everyone can attempt to put their feet in for a quick dip. Despite the cooler temperatures, people will love walking along the sand as they remember those long days of summer that seem so far in the past right now.
East Hampton, New York
9    Cape May, New Jersey

There is so much to do in Cape May after Labor Day, including going to the beach. While the beach will not be too crowded, people will find themselves wanting to do much more than sit in the sand for the day. A wonderful option is to board one of the whale watching boats and head out onto the water to find at least one dolphin or whale during an excursion. A sunset dolphin cruise is also available and includes drinks and dinner.
Cape May, New Jersey
Cooler weather and falling leaves should never deter anyone from planning a trip to the beach after Labor Day. Yes, people may not be as warm as they would be during the summer, but the ambiance on these beaches do not change too much like the seasons do. And it is the ambiance and the views that continuously draw people to the beach.

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