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Most Expensive Airbnb Listings in the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is one of Australia’s most popular tourist destinations. It has stunning beaches, beautiful waters, and plenty of high-end shopping and dining. Anyone who’s willing to drop a small fortune on accommodations will find plenty of awesome places to stay in luxury. You don’t have to be able to afford rent at these places to drool over their photos… why not take a look?

Here are the most expensive Airbnb vacation rentals available in the Gold Coast.

Paradise in Paradise for $1632

Want a fun, kid-friendly place close to the beach? Check out this amazing Airbnb rental in Surfer’s Paradise! This ultra-modern five-bedroom, waterfront house can fit up to eight people, so you’ll have plenty of room. The upper-class neighborhood around the rental is within view of the city skyline and it even has its own little strip of beach! You can enjoy the pool, a bath with a view, a cinema room, the spacious porch, and more. Your kids will be fascinated by the elevator, when they aren’t enjoying the free wi-fi.
Paradise In Paradise
Party House for Photos and Videos for $1632

Most houses on Airbnb don’t allow wild parties. This one does! This huge rental is open for crazy nights, just as long as everyone is safe and respects the property. It’s advertised as the perfect place to shoot music videos, since it has been the setting of videos in the past. Need talent, make-up, and more? No problem! The host can help you find everyone you need to make your film shoot a success. Or, you can just throw a party and invite 16 of your closest friends.
Party House For Photos And Videos
Burleigh Large Home Near the Beach for $1713

You can stay just a quick walk from Burleigh Beach when you sleep here for a night. Whether you’re driving up the Gold Coast or making your way down, this is an ideal place to stay—as long as you don’t mind paying $1713 per night for it! If you do have a rather large budget, why not spend it on a massive rental house with access to BMX tracks and a forest, plus two stories of modern luxury? Besides, if you split the cost between 12 people, it’s almost the same price as a hotel stay.
Burleigh Large Home Near The Beach
Penthouse 69 for $2039

Want to feel like a celebrity? Then shell out a couple grand and stay in this two-level Gold Coast penthouse! It has an incredible view, plus proximity to the beach and other local attractions. This is located in the heart of the most sought-after area of Surfer’s Paradise, so you will get a chance to enjoy high living for your entire stay. Although the apartment itself doesn’t have much attached, you can enjoy the facilities of the hotel below, including a pools, a gym, and a place to barbeque.
Penthouse 69
Unit 515 Top of the Mark for $2039

This place is a lovely townhouse apartment in Surfer’s Paradise. True to the name, this area of the Gold Coast is a great place for anyone who wants to ride the waves, so this townhome can be an accommodations option for surfers wishing to living in expensive luxury between trips to the beach. To its credit, this place is close to the beach as well as city attractions, and it does have a swimming pool, gym, and tennis court. However, it’s still pretty pricey, even when you fit seven people in the rental!
Unit 515 Top Of The Mark   Surfers Paradise
Luxury 80 Foot Motor Yacht for $3223

Crystal Blue is the name of this incredible luxury yacht in the Gold Coast. It can be your home for a night, if you can come up with the cash! Pretend to be rich when you rent this boat and cruise along the Gold Coast. You can fit eight people in the boat by night and 60 by day, so splitting the cost among everyone could actually make this a financial possibility for moderate budget travelers. Besides, you’ll even get your favorite foods and a crew on board the boat! Head away from shore to check out wrecks, whale watching, and fishing opportunities. This might be the most fun you have had in years.
Luxury 80 Foot Motor Yacht
Event and Photo Shoot Venue for $4080

If you choose to stay in this unconventional Airbnb rental for your Gold Coast vacation, you’ll get an unforgettable experience. After all, when was the last time you stayed in a Mongolian yurt? There are seven beds available on this property, each located in a yurt, plus a cooking and dining building. Other than that, this rental is all grassland, sunflowers, and rainbows. It’s little wonder this place is advertised as a photo shoot location—you really couldn’t find a many better places in Australia for taking incredible photos.
Event And Photo Shoot Venue
Gold Coast Mansion for $6119

The most expensive Airbnb rental in Australia’s Gold coast is located in beautiful Bonogin. This huge mountaintop mansion is hidden away from all the clamor of life in the nearby tourist center, so you can enjoy the many luxurious features in peace and quiet. As if the huge spa, the pool, and the gym weren’t enough, this house also comes with a massage room and a chauffeured Ferrari! You can also take a complementary cruise on the property’s luxury super yacht. Now, that is what I call a vacation. As long as you have six grand to spend in a day, it’s all yours.
Gold Coast Mansion
From luxury yachts to luxury yurts, the Gold Coast has its share of amazing places to stay. A night at any one of these locations looks pretty tempting. Get enough friends together, and some of these places may be within reach for those of us on normal travel budgets!


  1. C. Collins
    September 9, 2017 - 6:03 pm

    Oh! Fantastic! I don’t know how to express my joy towards this article. It is actually relieving me of a whole lot of stress right now. I have been looking for a place to shoot my new musical video around this place but every property here seems to be a ‘No’. I’m glad I found this. I might also need some few help with professionals too. Amazing!

  2. Kelly
    September 10, 2017 - 3:43 pm

    I really wish I just had that kind of money to throw away on a night in a random expensive place – though, at the same time, I’m not sure where I could bring myself to spending that much money on just one night – maybe if it was for a wedding or something.


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