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Most Expensive Airbnb Listings in Melbourne Australia

Make your home in Melbourne for a few days! This city has so much to offer, from cultural experiences to foodie heaven. There are plenty of places to stay for budget travelers, but this post isn’t for budget travelers. No, this post is for luxury lovers and the dreams who hope to someday travel in style. If you want to really live it up in Melbourne, look no further! I’ve sifted through the upscale Airbnb listing to bring you the most expensive vacation homes in Melbourne.

Armadale Pavilion for $1777

Nothing says “luxe” like an ultra-modern resorted Victorian home! Outside, you’ll see the sharp lines and angles of a high-end modern building, but inside, you’ll see the soft elegance of Victorian charm. All of it, however, is simply grand. Aside from the architecture and décor, this house has a lot to offer. The house has five beautiful bedrooms, and even these are eclipsed by the pool, courtyard, and light-filled interior. Everywhere, you’ll find glass walls and large windows that let it light while still managing to retain privacy. This house is fabulous—and it better be, since you’re paying a cool $1777 per night! Your buyer’s remorse may be assuaged by the gift basket of champagne and goodies.
Armadale Pavilion
The Cosmopolitan for $1500

This wood-paneled home is anything but ordinary. The spacious house is filled with fun things for people of all ages, including six bedrooms, three living rooms, a trampoline, two dining rooms, a study, and a play room. All this space may seem like too much (as does the price tag), but all of it is easily managed when you split it between 12 people. Put a few families in this house, and you have the perfect vacation spot for couples with kids! You’ll have a hard time topping this bright, modern rental home.
The Cosmopolitan
Toorak Lodge for $1839

This hundred-year-old home has been brilliantly transformed into a modern masterpiece! Hang out in metro Melbourne’s suburb Toorak for a stay in comfort and luxury. This Airbnb rental features two levels and five bedrooms, making it an easy fit for ten guests. There are two lounges and a bar, plus a poolside outdoor courtyard where you can enjoy the warm Australian sunshine. Kids will love the table tennis and the basketball hoop—until they discover the six TVs, that is. Everyone will be sure to love a stay in this beautiful, elegant vacation home.
Toorak Lodge
Albert Road for $2019

I’m not sure what puts this rental toward the top of the list for Melbourne’s most expensive Airbnb rentals, but it certainly isn’t the size. If you stay here, you’ll get a single room for a couple grand, and you’ll only have space for two. You’ll also be sharing the house with a family, so you’ll need to respect their noise level and schedule. While that’s pretty standard for budget Airbnb rentals, you might expect some noise leeway when you pay a couple thousand for a night’s stay! Oh well, maybe there’s some buried treasure under the bed. At least the room is close to High Street.
Albert Road
South Yarra Manor for $2019

From the front, this rental looks like a respectable old Georgian home. From the back, however, it’s a piece of modern artwork! Gone are the heavy brick walls, and in their place are ceiling to floor glass windows that let light flood into the house! The inside of the house is a tasteful mix of vintage-inspired décor and modern simplicity, with a touch of class and plenty of high-end amenities. In addition to the four bedrooms, you’ll also get a beautiful kitchen, an outdoor pool, and a theater room! Guests of all ages will love staying at this place. As if all that weren’t enough, this rental is also placed in one of the most convenient locations in South Yarra.
South Yarra Manor
Friendly Sharehouses in Vibrant Area for $2,039

This place looks suspiciously like the Albert Road room above, and I suspect that it is the exact same place. Why have two listings with separate prices for the same room? I couldn’t tell you, but perhaps there are multiple rooms in the house and they just used the same photo. Again, I don’t see how this listing can even dream of making it to the list of most expensive Airbnb rentals. There isn’t much to see here, besides the great location. Even that doesn’t seem to merit a couple grand for a single night’s stay.
Friendly Sharehouses
Caulfield North for $11,045

The most expensive Airbnb listing in Melbourne is a bit anticlimactic. This listing may be for over ten grand, but it’s highly unlikely that the owner meant for this price to be the cost per night. It seems that this is intended to be the price for a two-month rental. This Airbnb listing is located in Caulfield North, near to Melbourne’s city center and points of interest. The apartment features two beds and basic furnishings, but not much else. If you need a place to stay for a couple months, go for it. But if you’re looking for a luxurious night in the city… Well, you’re out of luck as far as this listing goes.
Caulfield North
Unfortunately, not all of these expensive Airbnb rentals are very exciting. It seems that dropping a couple grand on a night’s stay in Melbourne can look like a one-room apartment, or it can look like a massive mansion. Forget about the overpriced bedrooms and take a look at those amazing refurbished historic homes! You won’t find anything like that anywhere else.


  1. Charlotte Jacob
    September 9, 2017 - 6:00 pm

    Oh! This is amazing. Thanks for this list; I have been looking everywhere for a good guide as this. I found the Cosmopolitan to be more appealing to me and will sure consider it for my upcoming relocation to Melbourne. This time around, it’s going to be with my family.

  2. Kelly
    September 10, 2017 - 3:39 pm

    Wow! I can’t believe there are people that actually spend that much on a night in Melbourne – I mean, I know it can be a bit expensive, but I don’t think I’ve ever paid over $150 per night there. I wonder how many reviews each of these expensive places have – do they actually get many guests?

  3. Caitlin
    September 30, 2017 - 6:43 pm

    The Toorak Lodge looks like a very interesting place to stay and seems like the least modern on the list, as far as design components and architecture. It’s obvious, from these listings, that Melbourne is a very sophisticated city with a lot to offer! The idea of splitting a mansion between a few families sounds like a good one. You get to sit in the lap of luxury while enjoying a slightly smaller price tag. It’s easy to see that there are lots of things to see and do in the city, so I don’t…


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