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12 Best Oktoberfest Celebrations in the World

For beer lovers worldwide, autumn means something beyond the changing leaves – Oktoberfest! All around the world, people celebrate Bavarian culture and beer with Oktoberfest with lively festivals You may be surprised to learn all the international cities that celebrate this very European event. From Germany to Canada to Hong Kong, here is a list of the best Oktoberfest celebrations around the world.

1    Munich, Germany

Naturally, the world’s best Oktoberfest celebration is exactly where the tradition began: Germany! About six million people pour into the city every year for good beer and good times. This isn’t just the world’s biggest Oktoberfest. It’s also the world’s largest folk festival!

Oktoberfest here is such a big deal and fun time that it actually starts in the middle of September! The celebration lasts two weeks, and in the process, people enjoy lots of pretzels and sausages, dancing and singing, and, of course, beer. There’s even an awards event that selects the best beer and awards the brewery that makes it.
Munich, Germany
2    Santa Catarina, Brazil

Believe it or not, the second largest Oktoberfest in the world isn’t in the United States or the United Kingdom. It’s in South America! Oktoberfest of Blumenau has about 700,000 attendees. This Oktoberfest features gallons upon gallons of beer and hours of live music! It also features a pageant, in which the Queen of Oktoberfest is chosen, and a beer drinking contest.
Santa Catarina, Brazil
3    Cincinnati, Ohio

More than half a million revelers stream into Cincinnati for the United States’ largest annual Oktoberfest! German dishes and German beer are liberally enjoyed by all, and many people choose to dress in Bavarian garb out of remembrance for their heritage – or just for fun! There are many fun events to attend. Visitors can take part in the Beer Barrel Roll, the Brat Eating Championship, and other contests. One of the cutest is the Running of the Wieners, which is a dog race featuring dachshunds dressed at hot dogs!
Cincinnati, Ohio
4    Kitchener, Ontario

The Kitchener-Waterloo Octoberfest is a major fall festival event for Canadians. While Canada has hundreds of fall festivals throughout its provinces, this is one of the country’s favorites! This Oktoberfest does include a lot of beer, but it’s also family-friendly and has plenty for kids to do.
Kitchener, Ontario
5    Mexico City, Mexico

Forget tequila—this Mexican fiesta is all about the beer! Although you won’t find any tortillas at this event, you will be able to get some spicy bratwurst, served with a Mexican flair. Isn’t everything better that way? This event is so much fun that it’s caught on in other places — Chicago has its own version of the hybrid Mexican-German beer celebration, Das Bueno Oktoberfest!
Mexico City, Mexico
6    Hong Kong

The largest Oktoberfest in Asia has been going strong for over two decades! This celebration sees about 1,500 guests over its three-week duration! It is hosted in the Marco Polo hotel, so be sure to stop by if you are going to be in the city in October and early November. This German Bierfest has plenty of fun activities! There’s live music, games, and dressing up Bavarian style. Plus, if you follow the event on social media, you get in free.
Hong Kong
7    Yokohama, Japan

Believe it or not, Oktoberfest is a huge hit in Japan. There are actually many Oktoberfest celebrations that take place around the country, but the largest and most popular is the one in Yokohama. “Beerfes” charges an admission fee that includes tastings of over 200 beers, plus a cool commemorative cup.
Yokohama, Japan
8    Cape Town, South Africa

South Africa’s largest beer festival has a variety of events to enjoy. You can go for the full 3-course traditional Bavarian meal, a stein, reserved seats, a Bavarian outfit, and more, or you can buy a ticket to just get in the doors. Or, choose admission that includes anything in between.
Cape Town, South Africa
9    Denver, Colorado

This huge Oktoberfest celebration has been around for almost half a century! This is a huge deal for the residents of Denver, and it also attracts many visitors from out of state. The revelries last for six whole days! Enjoy live music, the dog derby, keg bowling, eating contests, and much more! You’re sure to have a blast – and some great beer – when you attend Denver’s Oktoberfest.
Denver, Colorado
10    Bangalore, India

India’s leading brewery, Kingfisher, is the host for this annual beer-lovers event! The festivities include lots of live music, craft vendors, food stalls, and a market. Oh, and plenty of beer, of course! This event attracts over twenty thousand people.
Bangalore, India
11    Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Even Dubai dresses up in German colors for Oktoberfest! There’s a whole day of celebrating at the Dubai Sports City complex, and many high-end hotels hold their own party. When you see the Dubai Media City Amphitheater’s contribution to Oktoberfest, you’ll hardly believe you’re in the Middle East rather than Europe! This nine-day event includes three nights of Halloween fun, a Tuesday night ladies’ night, Bavarian brunch, and more.
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
12    Brisbane, Australia

October is actually part of Australia’s warmest season, but that doesn’t stop Brisbane from enjoying good, strong drink! For two weeks, the city celebrates Oktoberfest with dozens of Bavarian-themed activities, including a Bavarian Strongman Competition, music, and even yodeling. Even the beer is authentic — they import it all from Tucher Brewery in Germany.
Brisbane, Australia
Where will you travel for Oktoberfest? Whether you can travel to Brazil or make a road trip to the next city, you’re sure to have a great time! No matter where you do it, you’ll be celebrating an event with the entire world. If nothing else, at least we can all agree on beer!

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