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Halloween Cruises for Adults and Families

Halloween is coming, and along with it all the creepy stories, skanky costumes, and trick or treating kids. What do you love most about Halloween? Is it the chance to dress up? An excuse to eat a bunch of candy? What about your upcoming cruise? If you haven’t planned a Halloween cruise, think about booking one for this year!

Take your family on a cruise, and you won’t have to worry about neighborhood bullies or razor blades in candy—just the fun and games! Or, skip the kiddies stuff and take an adults only cruise that involves drinking, partying, and sexy outfits. Whichever sounds most fun to you, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from! Read on to learn about this year’s spookiest Halloween cruises for adults or families.

Halloween Cruises for Adults

Viking River Cruises

This cruise is pretty exotic, and it is ideal for hardcore ghost hunters as well and bookworms and movie buffs. You can take this cruise through Europe’s waterways to the castle of Dracula! Discover the haunts of the world’s most famous vampire when you said from Bucharest to Transylvania on Halloween night. It doesn’t get any spookier than this! If you want a classic horror Halloween, book this cruise.
Viking River Cruises
Red Dragon Private Cruise

This isn’t exactly a fancy cruise with a large ship and luxury at every corner, but it is on a boat trip and it is fun! This adults-only cruise in Texas is boozy, skanky, and very creepy. It includes live music and plenty of excitement! Get your party on with other Halloween fanatics when you sail along the Texas coast in the Red Dragon.
Red Dragon Private Cruise
Carnival Cruise from Fort Lauderdale

Meet friends, have fun, and do something totally different this year! This singles cruise is perfect for adults who want to have a terrifyingly good time. Aboard the ship, you can drink, eat, and dance onboard at RedFrog Rum Bar and SKYBOX Sports Bar! The cruise will include a dance club, a show lounge, and a comedy club. When you’ve danced the night away, head to Alchemy Bar for personalized drinks. Come dressed in your best costume, because everyone is going all out in face paint and fake blood!
Carnival Cruise From Fort Lauderdale
Bug Lighthouse Cruise

This short cruise is ideal for adults who want to celebrate Halloween night in the spookiest way possible. Take this adult Halloween cruise to Bug Lighthouse! The lighthouse will be dressed in Halloween décor, but the spider webs and skeletal decorations aren’t really necessary—rumor has it that the lighthouse is actually haunted! Come prepared with your best costume and ghost stories, because there will be a contest aboard the ship.
Bug Lighthouse Cruise
Halloween Cruises for Families

Disney Cruise Line to the Bahamas

There’s nothing more fun than a Disney cruise, no matter the season! Kids and adults alike will have a blast with this all-out cruise adventure. Your kids will love the many events, including a masquerade party, the themed pirate night, trick or treating fun, and dancing with Disney characters. Of course, there will be pumpkin carving and mask making for older kids and teens. Also be sure to check out the Tim Burton movie experience and ghost stories! For those who do want to get some grown-up time, there is even an adults-only party. Disney’s not just for the kids.
Disney Cruise Line To The Bahamas
Carnival from New Orleans

This cruise allows you to take part in both of the Americas’ creepiest days of the year! Cast off from New Orleans and head out to sea on this dark Halloween night! This cruise will be fun for all ages. It features pumpkin carving demonstrations for the most creative of cruisers, giveaways, and Halloween movies. There will be things for both adults and kids, such as adult beverages and kids activities. The ship sails on Halloween, so you can still enjoy New Orleans’ haunted activities, such as haunted houses and more! When you arrive in Cozumel, you’ll be just in time for local Day of the Dead festivities.
Carnival From New Orleans
Princess Cruises from New York

Leave the Big Apple behind when you set sail on a ghoulish getaway! This boat will be filled with hidden haunted figures, and whoever finds them first gets a prize. Naturally, there will also be trick or treating, as well as Halloween movies, a costume party complete with a flash mob and “Thriller” performance. You are sure to have a blast!
Princess Cruises From New York
Royal Caribbean Fall Foliage Cruise

Not only will this cruise bring you past some of the loveliest autumn coastal regions, but it will also give you one of the spookiest Halloweens ever. The cruise ship will stop in Charleston, South Carolina, where everyone can disembark and take part in spooky ghost tours and haunted houses. On board. Trick or treating, costumes, games, and crafts, among other fun activities.
Royal Caribbean Fall Foliage Cruise
Holland America to Key West

Cruise down to the Florida Keys for plenty of Halloween fun! This cruise includes costume parties, kid treats, and a costume contest. Take part in Key West’s Fantasy Fest along the way! This cruise will also visit Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and the Bahamas, so you’ll get some sunshine after your creepy night.
Holland America To Key West
Celebrity Cruises to Central America

Take a vacation to South America and celebrate Halloween at the same time! This cruise involves a Halloween costume party, a live band and DJ and a costume contest for adults. For kids, there will be trick or treating, a parade, and arts and crafts.
Celebrity Cruises To Central America
As you can see, there’s really no reason to not take a cruise for Halloween! No matter what you want to do for Halloween, you’ll be able to do it at sea. Combine a sunshiny vacation and a creepy night all in one!

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