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Most Expensive Airbnb Rentals in the UK

England certainly has many excellent Airbnb rentals available! You can stay in an upscale London flat, have a view of Buckingham Palace, or even vacation in the home of a British lord! Of course, these privileges cost money—a lot of money! Here are the most expensive Airbnb rentals in England.

When I began combing through the most expensive UK Airbnb listings, I was shocked to see how much some rentals were listed for. Two thousand pounds a night? For a two-bedroom house? And um… is that mildew on the wall? Yuck! At first, I was quite horrified. Then I realized that most of these overpriced homes are listed so high because they are close to upcoming sporting events! Because these are not permanent listings, I won’t be including them here. So sit back, relax, and enjoy these very pricey British manors for rent.

1    Entire Castle in Cumbria – $8,409 per night

Originally built as a “gentleman’s folly” in 1841, this castle has everything you imagine in a fairytale setting: turrets, battlements,secret doors, winding corridors, stained glass, and even a secret garden. When you let the entire castle, you get 15 bedrooms, sleeping up to 30 adults and 10 children. Each bedroom is unique with some offering fireplaces, four poster beds, and more. Breakfast and dinner are included in the exclusive hire and are served by staff as huge banquets.

The owners of Augill Castle have been hiring out the property as a unique B&B for almost 20 years, so they know how to host your celebration. Price to exclusively rent the entire castle? A price fit for a king, $8,409 per night. If that’s not in your budget, you can also spend a night in a single room in the castle starting at just $267.
Most Expensive Airbnb Rentals UK   Aguill Castle
2    Luxury London Belgravia House – £5000-per-night

Enjoy experiencing the best of London when you stay at this £5000-per-night Airbnb rental! This stately house is close to Buckingham Palace, must-see museums, the Victoria Palace Theater, Hyde Park, and more! This is a truly fantastic location, and one that isn’t easy to book. The house itself is also lovely, with the latest in luxury amenities and décor. You are sure to love your stay here—especially since you’ll be temporary neighbors with the Queen!
Luxury London Belgravia House
3    Airy Country Apartment – £5000 per night

In true British fashion, the most expensive Airbnb rental in England offers you milk and tea upon your arrival. Things just get better and better from there! If you request grocery pick-up beforehand, you will find them waiting for you in the large kitchen. You can wander through the beautiful garden, soak up the sun on the patio, or enjoy the lovely conservatory. This house is set in the country, so you can revel in the peaceful surroundings. Not only is this is beautiful place to stay, it also has many positive reviews! With so much good press and an excellent rental home, it’s not surprising that the host is able to charge £5000 per night in this two-person home.
Airy Country Apartment
4    Cotswold Manor Estate – £2702 per night

This stately mansion was once a country estate for the landed gentry of England. This rental is incredible! You can enjoy an eclectic mixture of historic and modern items in the house, or while away your days in the large garden, Jane Austen style. The 10 beautiful bedrooms in the manor can accommodate up to 22 people, making it a great place to go with groups! Of course, you can always make it your very own instead. The best part of this amazing Airbnb rental is that you don’t have to do any work. That’s right—this is a cross between a hotel and a home rental. You’ll get breakfast and cleaning while you stay like a duke in his castle. For £2702 per night, you really will feel like a royal in this house.
Cotswold Manor Estate
5    Somerleyton Hall – £2692 per night

Imagine life as a lord or lady in the beautiful English countryside. This home might have been an exclusive private home for a titled gentleman a century ago, but today it can be your temporary residence, courtesy of the current Lord and Lady Somerlyton! There is everything you could ever ask for and more. Five thousand acres of gardens and forest surround the estate, including a lake, a huge hedge maze, and an indoor winter garden! The inside is no less fantastic. Here, you will find the finest of furnishings in every room, from the sleek staircase to the ten sumptuous bedrooms. You are sure to be impressed by the incredible architecture, the layout of the grounds, and the overall lavishness of the place. When you think of the romance of the England’s past, this is exactly what you picture! Only £2692 stands between you and a night with the manor all to yourself.
Somerleyton Hall
6    Reforge Retreat – £2500 per night

An expansive house, twenty acres, and even a brightly-colored tent make up the lovely grounds of Reforge Retreat. Groups of up to 50 people can stay here comfortably. During the night, you can sleep cozily in either the medieval bedrooms or the modern apartment. Both are lovely, though very different! The area is large enough to accommodate not only a wedding party, but all the guests as well! If you have a very large group, this is an excellent and affordable option. You can rent this Airbnb for £2500 per night.
Reforge Retreat
7    Beautiful House in Suffolk – £2300 per night

Enjoy a hundred acres in the country when you stay at this lovely home! This house is located a short hour and a half train ride from London, so you can easily take a day trip if you get tired of the country—though I rather doubt you will! There is plenty to do at the house, including tennis, nature walks, kayaking on the lake, and horse riding. The inside of the house is wonderful as well. It is meticulously decorated to reflect the heritage of the home, and it is brightly accented with shades of cheerful colors. You couldn’t help but be happy here. While money can’t purchase happiness, it can purchase a night at this house for £2300!
Beautiful House In Suffolk
8    Luxury Yacht Accommodation in St. Katharine Docks – $1995 per night

This luxury yacht moored at the St. Katherine Docks is your answer to a decadent stay in the heart of London. The unparalleled view of London’s iconic marina may make it hard for you to leave, but the city’s marvelous restaurants, bars, and shopping will beckon. The marina is adjacent to the Tower ofLondon and Tower Bridge, making its location both convenient and coveted. There’s no better base for exploring London. The master suite includes an ensuite, as does a second cabin. The galley and saloon offer stunning views of the marina from $1995 per night. Customized tours and services are available, for a price of course.
Most Expensive Airbnb Rentals In UK
9    Crayke Manor, North Yorkshire – $1600 per night

Wow. This is a lovingly restored Jacobean manor built in 1620 that is an absolute gem. Stone windows, heavy oak beams, and local flagstone preserve the original feel while modern conveniences like surround sound systems and upscale kitchen make it a true luxury retreat. Sitting on 17 acres, it is far enough from the village for privacy but close enough for a walk to the pub. The restored stables offer a unique banquet space or even room for indoor football! At $1600 per night, you even get a caretaker on call for any assistance you may need.
Most Expensive Airbnb Rentals UK Crayke Manor

10    The Priory, Cosgrove – $1259 per night

The Priory is a quirky choice on 30 acres in the lovely village of Cosgrove. With 10 bedrooms and 4 baths, this beautiful 16th century manor house is perfect for large groups. The Great Hall and extensive grounds make it perfect as a destination wedding venue. They welcome kids and pets, too, so it is a great destination for a family reunion. Rumor is there’s a zipline on property. There’s some refurbishing still being done, but that just means you should grab this rate while it lasts. It will only go up after everything is completed. At $1259 per night, it’s a pretty good deal considering it accommodates 16+ guests.
Most Expensive Airbnb Rentals UK Manor House
Which of these is your favorite? I am partial to Somerleyton Hall! After all, it isn’t every day you get to stay with a lord and a lady! However, any of these rental properties are quite fantastic. If you have the money for something so fancy, why not go for it? You certainly could not find anything quite as luxurious and sophisticated as these anywhere else in the world!


  1. Mia Ben
    September 9, 2017 - 6:01 pm

    I think I will have to go with the Suffolk’s. It looks good and with features perfect enough for me. And moreover, I have always wanted a home not too far from London. I will like to visit my grand children as often as possible and I will also want them to do the same to me.
    Thanks for this!

  2. Kelly
    September 10, 2017 - 3:41 pm

    I have to admit I would love to stay in an entire castle… all to myself (well maybe not just myself, because otherwise I would probably freak out from the thought of ghosts and stuff). I probably wouldn’t pay that much to stay there though – well maybe if I was a millionaire.

  3. Caitlin
    September 30, 2017 - 6:42 pm

    I won’t lie, the very notion of renting an entire castle in England is absolutely enchanting, so I would probably love the idea of going with Augill Castle, if money was no object, of course. Still, though, he idea of exploring Somerleyton Hall for a day or two would be its very own vacation, in and of itself! That place is absolutely huge! Splitting it with a few friends and finding them in the hedge maze would be a great romp in and of itself! While it’s nice to dream of such lavish…


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