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10 Most Expensive Airbnb Listings in Sydney Australia

You probably won’t be surprised to learn that the most expensive Airbnb rentals in Sydney are almost all boats. After all, this is the location of the world-famous Sydney Harbor! You couldn’t find a better over-the-top bucket list adventure than a stay on a Sydney Harbor yacht. Of course, a luxury rental like this doesn’t come with a cheap price tag. If you want to do your vacation with this level of luxe, you’re going to have to pay a pretty penny for it! Take a look at these incredibly expensive Airbnb rentals, and then start saving those pretty pennies of yours.

1    Light and Breezy Resort Style Home for $10,606

The most expensive Airbnb land rental in Sydney is definitely fabulous. This luxury home is built in an ultra-modern style, and its furnishing are as up to date as the architecture. Enjoy minimalist black-and-white décor with stainless steel fixtures, plus a spotless wood floor for the most luxurious look possible. The backyard is perfect for either adults or kids. It has a nice lawn and a pool. Not far away, you can take a nature walk, which is a great escape from the city life!
Light And Breezy Resort Style Home
2    Luxury Super Yacht Galaxy 1 for $7,343

You’ll be absolutely bathed in luxury if you book this Airbnb yacht. There are three decks on this vessel, each with its own stunning features. Head to the upper deck for getting a tan, visit the forward deck for sunset drinks, and live it up on the saloon deck. As a plus, this rental yacht comes with a private chef who will prepare meals according to your tastes!
Luxury Super Yacht Galaxy 1
3    Luxury Power Boat for $7180

It’s not a traditional yacht, but it goes faster and further! This decked out power boat is a floating party, whether you host a bunch of friends or stay onboard with only one or two others. Up to six people can sleep here, but you can fit many others on the deck! This motor boat is 65 feet, and it has an endless array of features. These include the swim platform, four plasma screen TVs, and beautiful, recently-upgraded bedrooms.
Luxury Power Boat
4    Classic Gentleman’s Cruiser for $9,790

If you want to pretend to be part of one of Australia’s finest families for a day, this yacht can certainly help you do it! The boat is 95 feet long, and it features a sleek exterior and luxurious interior. Believe it or not, this boat was actually owned by Shirley Temple at one time! If you want awesome views of the harbor, a night on the water, or just a photo shoot, you can rent this beauty. You can even get it for just an afternoon—as long as you don’t mind paying $1500 per hour!
Classic Gentleman's Cruiser
5    Best Place Ever for $9790

I’m not sure why this house merits a $9000 price tag, and I am also not sure why it’s the “best place eva,” as the listing boasts. The hosts ought to add a few pictures, or at least chance their description to more than a two-word sentence fragment with no punctuation! I might go for that if it was a $10 tent stay on someone’s farm, but I’d never invest almost ten grand in a vacation rental like that! Is the whole thing a gag? Maybe!
Best Place Ever
6    Super Yacht for $16,317

This is a 105 foot super yacht with no expense spared. If you want to cruise Sydney Harbor in style, this will certainly do the trick! The boat’s beautiful interior can fit eight people with plenty of room to spare, it’s it is fastidiously decorated with the classiest of décor. The outer deck offers a great view of the harbor and city of Sydney, and even includes a hot tub. This is a floating mansion!
Super Yacht
7    Super Yacht Luxury for $17,949

Be prepared for the most expensive Airbnb rental in Sydney to wow you! This massive yacht is 122 feet of awesomeness, and it’s ready for anyone who has $18,000 dollars to burn. Keep in mind that you can’t cut any corners by splitting the costs among a huge group of friends, like you might do if you rent a mansion. This yacht accommodates 12, so everyone who stays will cost a grand and a half per night! Of course, with everything you get on this yacht, it’s probably worth if it you can afford it. With your stay, you’ll get Captain Matt (complete with Australian accent) and his expertise, a huge Jacuzzi, the ability to cruise the harbor, boat staff, and access to entertainers. Of course, this boat offers nothing but the absolute best. The interior was designed by Ed Dubois, and every inch of it is stunning! If spending many thousands of dollars in a day is on your bucket list, this is the way to do it.
Super Yacht Luxury

8    Sydney Harbour ’75 Motor Cruiser for $6282

Keep calm and party on when you book this ridiculously expensive Sydney Harbor yacht for the night. The 75-foot boat is a popular venue for overnight birthday parties—it’s definitely a step up from your childhood slumber parties! You can sleep a dozen people on the yacht and make it a night to remember.
Sydney Harbour '75 Motor Cruiser
9    Beautiful House with Waterview for $1652

This sandstone beauty overlooks the river. Luxe furnishings, a swimming pool, and terraced garden add to the rich feel of this home. Families will enjoy the space and amenities, but visitors are warned to keep kids away from the “cliff” where the garden drops off to the water. It’s a reflection of the Sydney luxury rental market when this home’s starting rate doesn’t sound bad.
Most Expensive Airbnb Rentals In Sydney

10    Heritage Family Home for $1238

A beautiful historic family residence with a large garden with swimming pool, close to many waterfront parks, cafes and restaurants. The neighborhood is described as a “hip but upmarket location” boasting an “abundant cafe society and variety of restaurants and bars close by.” Perfect for a family with kids, the home is ideally located very close to the Sydney CBD, Harbour Bridge, Opera House, Milsons Point Railway Station and Sydney Harbour Ferries. Perfectly for New Years Eve fireworks! Rentals starts at “just” $1238 per night with a 2 week minimum.
Most Expensive Airbnb Rentals Sydney Kiribilli
These Sydney Harbor Airbnb rentals are a yacht fanatic’s dream! Imagine sipping wine while watching the sunset cast a glow over the Sydney Harbor Opera House. Now, that would be a sight worth seeing! But is it a sight worth several thousand dollars? I guess that is up to you and your bank account!


  1. Yassine
    September 16, 2017 - 1:35 pm

    I can afford those places at the moment, but if i would! My choice will be the super Yacht!

  2. September 18, 2017 - 9:31 am

    Hey, great article. I and my friends have discussed about a lot of yachts from your article. Sydney Harbour ’75 Motor Cruiser is amazing and in our budget. One of friends Adriana has her birthday on 29 Nov and we want to make it a memorable experience for us. Looking forward to read your blog more!

  3. Sara W.
    September 20, 2017 - 9:48 am

    Number 9 looks like it should be where number 1’s price is lol! I can’t afford to stay in any places like these but I sure do love looking! One of my favorite things is looking at houses online. I rent but architecture has always been a hidden obsession of mine. Going to bookmark this list so I can google more images of these places later!


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