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11 Places to Visit On a Weekend in Boston

Boston is one of the oldest cities in the United States as it was founded by the Puritan settlers from England in 1630. This city played a major role in many events during the American Revolution and that history is still a huge part of the area to this day. It’s also a modern city, with great restaurants, sporting events, shopping and more.

Here are 11 places that everyone will want to visit when they spend a fascinating weekend in Boston:
1    The Freedom Trail

The entire Freedom Trail is approximately two and a half miles one way and it passes sixteen of the most popular historical sites in the entire city. It can easily take a full day to not only walk the trail, but stop and see every single attraction. The easiest way for a person to begin is for them to start at Boston Common and follow the marked trail path. There are also guided walking tours available and those will allow people to hear more of the history of each destination.
The Freedom Trail
2    Boston Common

America’s oldest park covers 50 acres and is a jewel in the Emerald Necklace, an 1100 acre chain of parks designed by famed landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted. Kids will enjoy the Frog wading pond and carousel. The Parkman Bandstand is used for concerts and rallies. The Shakespeare on the Common productions are performed next to the bandstand each summer. Many people find themselves there due to the parking garage underneath. While the Common doesn’t offer a lot of activities, it is a beautiful space to walk around or find a place to sit to enjoy a picnic lunch or snack.
Boston Common
3    Boston Public Garden

This public garden is right next to Boston Common, but it couldn’t be any more different. These gardens were established in 1837 and were quickly designated as America’s first public botanical garden. A four-acre pond sits in the center of these gardens and every visitor will want to hop on board one of the Swan Boats for a little ride.
Boston Public Garden
4    Faneuil Hall Marketplace

The Faneuil Hall Marketplace consists of four buildings, which are Faneuil Hall, Quincy Market, North Market, and South Market. Faneuil Hall is the oldest of all the buildings and it was constructed in 1742. This market is usually crowded and the prices can be a bit steep, but the ambiance makes it worth a quick trip when passing by on the Freedom Trail.
Faneuil Hall Marketplace
5    Paul Revere House

Paul Revere’s home can be found along the Freedom Trail and visitors can go inside and catch a glimpse of what life was like during the 1700s. The home is filled with time period furniture including a few pieces that were actually owned by the Revere family.
Paul Revere House
6    New England Aquarium

The aquarium is filled with marine animals and the fun begins before a person can even walk inside the doors. Harbor seals greet every visitor as they walk towards the entrance. Once inside, people will be able to venture to any of the four floors, but the unique thing about this aquarium is that the Giant Ocean Tank is in the center of the building and goes from the first floor to the fourth. Therefore, it is possible for a person to see a specific fish on the first floor and then see it once again when they reach the top. The best view of the tank though is from the top, because that is where the large sea turtles normally spend most of their time. Visitors can even interact with some of the penguins, sharks, and sting rays at certain exhibits.
New England Aquarium
7    Old North Church

Many people have heard about this church even though they probably don’t remember why. This is where Paul Revere gave orders before heading out to ride through the town to warn people about the British troops getting near. The church is officially called Christ Church now, but it is filled with artifacts from the American Revolution including the chandeliers, ringing bells, and pew fifty-four, which belonged to the Revere family.
Old North Church
8    Samuel Adams Brewery

There are three locations for the Samuel Adams Brewery, but only one of them hosts tours and tastings. That one is the smallest one and it is outside of the city center, but those reasons should not deter a person from going there. The tour itself is quite comprehensive and goes over the entire brewing process, but all that info will come in handy at the end when everyone receives a free sample of beer in a keepsake glass. Samuel Adams brews over 60 craft style beer each year. This is your chance to taste a few.
Samuel Adams Brewery
9    Boston Children’s Museum

Yes, this place is mainly for children, but that is not to say that adults will not have just as much fun when they visit. The museum itself is hard to miss on the outside, thanks to the large milk bottle statue that is at the front of the building. There are numerous hands-on exhibits that will keep visitors of all ages busy for hours.
Boston Children’s Museum
10    Fenway Park

Even non-Red Sox fans will want to watch a game at the iconic Fenway Park with the Green Monster. This baseball stadium has been home to the Red Sox since 1912 and they have been quite successful despite the legendary Curse of the Bambino that began in 1919. For those who do not know, the curse began when the Red Sox traded Babe Ruth to the Yankees during the off-season. Once he was traded, the Red Sox did not win a World Series until 2004.
Fenway Park
11    Rose Kennedy Rose Garden

Not too many visitors know about the Rose Kennedy Rose Garden, which is a shame since it is a beautiful place to sit and relax in nature. This rose garden is in the middle of the Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park in Boston’s North End and it is surrounded by a granite and wrought iron fence. There are too many roses to count and while it is breathtaking there at any time of the year, most people say that it is best during the month of June when every single rose is in bloom.
Rose Kennedy Rose Garden
Boston is an amazing city that is rich in history while also offering an abundance of other things to do. Visitors will find themselves busy from the moment they arrive until their departure with not much downtime in between. There is one more thing that everyone should try to do in addition to the items listed above though. Take the time to stop at either Potbelly or the original Cheers to enjoy a meal. Potbelly serves amazing sandwiches and Cheers is the best place to grab both a beer and dinner. After all, with all that exploring, people are going to need to eat and who knows, they may even run into one of the Cheers regulars. It’s been known to happen.

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