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Best Ski Resorts for Beginners in North America

Skiing is a very popular activity during the winter months, but not everyone can simply strap on a pair of skis and start zooming down a mountain. After all, there is a learning curve, and some ski slopes are better than others for those first time runs.

Here are the best ski resorts for beginners in North America:

1    Aspen Snowmass in Colorado

This ski resort is accessible to four different ski areas including Snowmass, Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highlands, and Buttermilk. They offer lessons for children and adults, and they recommend the slopes of Snowmass and Buttermilk for every beginner. At Snowmass, everyone receives instructions on how to use their equipment before riding up the Elk Camp Gondola and gliding down the mountain. Buttermilk offers slightly more challenging beginner runs that are perfect for those that have conquered the easier routes at Snowmass.
Aspen Snowmass In Colorado
2    Big Sky Resort in Montana

This resort offers more than eight hundred acres of skiing for beginners and it never seems crowded there. The magic carpet and poma lift are perfect for those who are still trying to get a handle on skiing under the watchful eyes of a professional ski instructor. The Big Sky’s Explorer Lift is where the beginners will go when they graduate from the magic carpet. No one will become overwhelmed on these slopes as they are all perfect for confidence building.
Big Sky Resort In Montana
3    Deer Valley Resort in Utah

This resort personalizes every aspect of a person’s stay, so it should not be a surprise that they do the same with their beginner skiers. Every beginner can go down the green runs, which are marked with slow skiing signs, without needing to worry about them being too crowded. The reason for the limited crowds is that the resort limits how many lift tickets are sold each day. The instructors offer ski classes, which never have more than four people in each one, or private lessons.
Deer Valley Resort In Utah
4    Winter Park Resort in Colorado

There are easy slopes located on Winter Park Mountain, Mary Jane, and Vasquez Ridge, and they all lead down into the valley. Beginners will love how the lift chairs to these slopes connect in certain areas, and that they can even take advantage of some of the lifts at the Winter Park Village base stations. Before hitting the slopes for the day, everyone can take advantage of the practice lifts that are near the base. They can then start on one of the slower skier slopes before heading out to conquer a slightly more difficult one.
Winter Park Resort In Colorado
5    Stowe in Vermont

Many people think that Stowe is geared for excellent skiers, but they do have areas for beginners. In fact, there is a beginner’s area with three ski lifts and a magic carpet at the Spruce Camp Base Lodge. Beginners will want to ski down the slopes at Mountain Triple and the Toll House double chair lifts into the valley, as each one is easy to do. Curves are quite tricky, so beginners will want to take advantage of the easy ones that are available at the Midway Surface lift.
Stowe In Vermont
6    Whiteface in New York

Whiteface is another area that most people think is for the more experienced skiers, but the lower parts of the skiing area is perfect for beginners. There are a large number of beginner trails near the Base Lodge, plus there are additional slow skiing zones and easy gladed runs. There are even practice lifts near the base, so that people can slowly ease into their day.
Whiteface In New York
7    Mt. Norquay in Alberta, Canada

Every beginner will want to focus on the slopes that can be reached by the Cascade and Sundance Surface lifts, as they are the easiest. However, once a person gets a little more familiar with their skiing abilities, they can venture over to the Spirit and Mystic Express chair lifts for the easy runs that are available over there. Beginners are warned to stay away from the North American chair lift, because that is where all the more difficult slopes are located.
Mt. Norquay In Alberta, Canada
8    Big White in British Columbia, Canada

Beginners will love the fact that they can ski almost every single slope at this ski resort. Every slope is not only easy, but wide as well. Many of these slopes lead to either Happy Valley or the Big White Village. Those who have never been skiing before will want to take lessons at the Big White Ski School, before practicing their curves near the people movers at the base station of Lara’s Gondola.
Big White In British Columbia, Canada
Skiing can be a difficult sport in the beginning, but with the right lessons and the right slopes, everyone can learn how to ski. These ski resorts are the best at teaching people how to ski and they should be at the top of a person’s list when they decide that it is time for them to learn how to ski.


  1. October 28, 2017 - 3:43 am

    Great work Sarah. I liked Stowe in Vermont better than any other. There is a funny incident that happened last time I visited Stowe. My boyfriend purposefully went underground for 3-4 hours. Initially I was hoping I’d find him but as time passed, I got too much worried. I started yelling and crying. Authorities were involved and they found him in my room hiding. I was so angry at him. But the rest of the time we had fun. Now we are planning to go back and this time it’s my turn to hide myself…

  2. Mitchell
    October 30, 2017 - 11:32 am

    The large expanse of land for skiing is a great advantage of the Montana Big Sky Resort. I would also advise any beginner to consider the slope of an area when choosing the perfect Ski Resort.


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