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Add Some Disney Magic to Your Halloween

Disney theme parks have some pretty awesome Halloween plans, from parties to special food to decked-out rides. But if you can’t get to the Magic Kingdom this October, don’t worry—you can bring Disney to your house!

Whether you want to go all-out in Pirates of the Caribbean décor or play with Nightmare Before Christmas themes, there are many ways to bring a little spooktacular magic to your Halloween! Here are some of our favorite Disney Halloween decoration ideas.

Go Classic with Mickey and Friends

There’s nothing like good, old-fashioned cartoon fun with classic Disney characters! Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald and Daisy are ready for Halloween in full costume. You can create a cute, scare-free Halloween house this year with a Disney flair. It’s sure to be popular with kids and adults, too!

To kick off your Disney Halloween theme, you can get a decorating kit with all the classic cartoon characters. Make the season extra special when you throw a party with festive place settings for all! Don’t forget to invite Mickey in the form of a lawn blow-up—he’ll be dressed as a vampire for Halloween!

There are plenty of great DIY ideas out there, too. It’s easy to make Mickey and Minnie jack-o-lanterns! Just carve their faces into a pumpkin and attach ears made of foam, cardboard, or tiny pumpkins.

If you want to add some magical music to your Halloween, treat your Halloween guests to theMickey’s Monster Bash soundtrack, which includes silly songs and goofy sound effects.
Go Classic With Mickey And Friends
Wake Up with Nightmares Before Christmas

October 31st isn’t too early to bring out a little Christmas magic… right? Well, only if it includes Nightmare Before Christmas fun. The Halloween season is Jack Skellington’s favorite time of year! Celebrate with his ghoulish grin all over your house. Or even your car! There’s no better way to create a Halloween filled with Disney magic.

Make Jack the star of the show with a life-size hanging version of this unforgettable character. Or, make him a greeter at your door with a friendly statue of Jack sitting on a jack-o-lantern! If you want to go all-out, you can set up an entire Nightmare Before Christmas Graveyard in your front yard.

If you want to bring nightmares to your car, you can get this super-techie, futuristic cigarette lighter laser that projects a Halloween scene on your car ceiling! The darkest Halloween night will get a little brighter with this fun gadget. You can also get a classic car decoration, like a license plate holder or bumper sticker.
Wake Up With Nightmares Before Christmas
Go Rogue with Pirates of the Caribbean!

If you’re going to do skulls and skeletons this Halloween, do it right! Pirates of the Caribbean décor is the most magical way to deck out your house with grinning skulls. Create a Halloween theme in your home that’s sure to be a huge hit with teens and adults. Pirates never go out of style!

The most essential part of decorating with pirates is, of course, a glowering skull from the movies.  Bring it to the next level with a life sized stand-up of Captain Jack Sparrow! This makes a great decoration, but it’s also a fun photo-op for your trick-or-treaters and Halloween guests. Even better, set up a cool photography background for the ultimate Halloween pirate photo booth!
Go Rogue With Pirates Of The Caribbean!
Find Your Inner Villain

Is House of Villains even on Disney Channel anymore? I’m not sure! Whether or not the infamous Disney villains still have their own TV show, they are certainly a big part of our childhood memories—and nightmares. I don’t know about you, but I was terrified of Disney villains as a kid. They were the scariest characters in my life!

Bring classic Disney villains to life this Halloween! Whether you love princess movies or adventure stories, you can make the theme of your Halloween all about your favorite villains.

Go under the sea with Ursula! You can get a 6-foot blow up for your yard that will be sure to attract all the fishes with wishes. Or, bring Snow White’s Evil Queen out of her deep, dark basement and into your house.

No matter which villain is going to steal the show at your house this Halloween, you can light up a path to your door with villain luminaries. Luminaries are a must-have Halloween decoration, but you don’t have to settle for the boring (and dangerous) candles-in-a-bag routine. Make it magical with Disney!

To set the perfect villainous mood, make your Halloween soundtrack the songs of the wickedest Disney characters. You can get a soundtrack of all the Disney villains’ songs and play it until midnight!
Find Your Inner Villain
A Star Wars Halloween

Head to the Dark Side this Halloween. Star Wars fans of all ages will love trick-or-treating at your Star Wars themed Halloween house! Star Wars never goes out of style, and you’re sure to have many characters from the movies visit your house on Halloween night. Delight them with galactic fun!

Be sure to make your yard stand out with Star Wars characters. You can feature a super-cool Darth Vader standup, or pick a friendlier character like R2D2. You can also simplify your pumpkin-carving this year with easy and awesome Darth Vader Pumpkin push-ins! Go a step further and decorate your porch lights with Stormtrooper light covers.
A Star Wars Halloween
Which Disney theme is your favorite? No matter what you love best, you can create the ultimate Halloween house with a Disney twist. Your trick-or-treaters will love the fun decorations, and you’re likely to get plenty of visitors with matching costumes! Make awesome photo ops and a fun atmosphere with these themed decoration ideas. What will you do this Halloween season?

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  1. Luis Torres
    October 28, 2017 - 4:03 am

    There are only two days left for Halloween and your article has provided me exactly what I was looking for. I’m going with Pirates of the Caribbean theme. Captain Jack Sparrow will look cool and the Pirate ship background is perfect. Thanks so much for it. Are there other products in this theme?

  2. Catherine Matt
    October 30, 2017 - 11:31 am

    Since I love watching Star Wars, I would prefer going with the Star Wars theme. The galactic fun of Star Wars really gets me excited about the extraterrestrial sphere.


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