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Places Where You Can Drive a Tank. Really.

What kind of vehicle have you always wanted to try driving? A Ford GT? A classic Cadillac? Danica Patrick’s racecar? How about a real military tank? Now, that would be something.

Did you know that you really can drive a tank? That’s right, even civilians have the opportunity to drive tanks at several hard-core attractions around the world. See how these monstrous vehicles work and find out what it feels like to be in the driver’s seat!

There are many options out there, from low-cost rides to elaborate car-crushing adventures. Find your perfect tank excursion in the list below!

Drive A Tank: Kasota, Minnesota

This is America’s most famous tank-driving adventure! At Drive A Tank, you can get the complete tank experience, including car crushing and an equipment tour.

The basic package, which includes a one-person drive and a tour, is just $300. You can add a passenger or a car crush for extra cost, or go with the $549 package, which includes two people, or the all-inclusive car-crush experience for $2,600.
Drive A Tank Kasota, Minnesota
Ox Hunting Ranch: Uvalde, Texas

If you want to get the most extreme tank experience on the continent, you can do it at Ox Hunting Ranch’s Drive Tanks. This Texas attraction gives you the opportunity to experience the full capabilities of a tank in a way that isn’t done anywhere else in the States!

Hop into the world’s only functional Sherman E8 or pick from any of the other tanks. Costs range from $450 to almost $3,000, depending on what you want to do.
Ox Hunting Ranch: Uvalde, Texas
Battlefield Vegas: Las Vegas, Nevada

There are plenty of unusual experiences to be had in Las Vegas, but the most epic of all is Battlefield Vegas. Here, you can try out a variety of military-grade equipment, including real tanks!

For $2,500, you can crush a car with a real British military tank. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a movie or video game!

To top it off, Battlefield Vegas will provide your transportation in a sweet Humvee.
Battlefield Vegas: Las Vegas, Nevada
Tank Town USA: Morganton, Georgia

This tank driving experience is the most affordable option in the United States! Get half an hour of driving and an exhilarating car crush for just $600. Get ready to hear that satisfying crunching and smashing!

If you want to save some money and just drive around, you can do that, too. There’s also a low-cost drive option.
Tank Town USA: Morganton, Georgia
Stay in Kiev: Kiev, Ukraine

If you travel outside the United States and spend time in Europe, you’ll find a whole new breed of tank driving adventures. You just may get to do some crazy things that aren’t offered in the States! When you take the tank tour from Stay in Kiev, you’ll get an incredibly authentic tank immersion.

Step into the world of Eastern Europe’s military history! You’ll get the chance to learn interesting military history, play with apparatus, and even drive a tank. As a plus, the tour includes a military-style lunch, so you can get the full experience. You’ll pay around $350 for this professionally-guided tour. This is definitely a can’t-miss opportunity for any vacation in Kiev!  
Stay In Kiev: Kiev, Ukraine
Prague Tank Driving: Prague, Czech Republic

If you want to do a group tank experience, this is the best option! A quick half-hour drive from the sophisticated center of Prague will take you to Prague Tank Driving, where you can try off-roading in a real tank.

The tank driving course you’ll experience isn’t a fenced-in lot or a boring track. It’s an expanse of real terrain, including hills, trees, and even water that you can drive through! Get ready to get dirty.

For the price of 45 €, you can enjoy the ride, and for 290 € you can test your own tank-driving skills. As a perk, a round of beer is included for everyone in your group!
Prague Tank Driving: Prague, Czech Republic
Irish Military War Museum: County Meath, Ireland

This informative museum is pretty cool all by itself, but the exhibits are eclipsed by the museum’s most popular attraction: tank driving. You’ll get one-on-one instruction from an expert on how to handle an original FV32 for only 150 euros. There isn’t any car crushing involved, but this is a fun experience with good value!  
Irish Military War Museum: County Meath, Ireland Moscow 360: Moscow, Russia

As sketchy as it might sound, you can actually drive a real Soviet tank in Russia. Are you gutsy enough to climb into the driver’s seat of a T-55? This machine hails from the Cold War era, and even when compared to more modern tanks, it’s a real beast.

When you’re done driving, you can head to the military canteen for a drink of vodka.

The cost to drive this soviet-era tank is 13900 rubles, which is about $240 USD. You can add another person for some additional cost, too. This experience is four hours long, so this is a great price!
Moscow 360: Moscow, Russia
Panzerfahrschule Heyse: Brandenburg, Germany  

This “driving school” is nothing like the place you went to practice for your driver’s license. You won’t see any SUVs or sports cars here—instead, you’ll find imposing tanks and impressive military vehicles!

Suit up in full military garb and get ready to learn some new skills. You’ll get a quick lesson on how to handle a tank, and then you’ll finally be able to slide into the driver’s seat and try it out for yourself.

For half an hour, you’ll get full run of the range! You can attack the obstacles, roar through muddy water pits, and cruise along the rough ground. Once you’re done, finish your experience with lunch and drinks. This is an unforgettable German attraction!
Panzerfahrschule Heyse: Brandenburg, Germany
If you could pick any of these tank driving experiences, which one would you do? Is car crushing at the top of your bucket list, or would you prefer rolling through the water? Let us know in the comments!

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