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Florida Open for Business after Hurricane Irma

Don’t believe everything you see on the Internet. Florida is still on the map! Contrary to the harrowing picture painted by the media, Florida is actually doing great after Hurricane Irma. While there was damage in some parts of the state, clean-up efforts have made miraculous improvements and much of Florida was totally untouched by the storm. Power’s on, the mess has been cleaned up, and businesses and attractions are ready for visitors. You can safely travel to Florida after Hurricane Irma and be assured of a fun family vacation!

Want to know more about specific Florida locations and get answers to common post-hurricane questions? Read on!

Is Florida Safe to Visit?

This is one of the top hurricane-related questions on the internet. Is Florida safe to visit? Or will tourists get drowned in a rush of flood water? Fortunately, Florida is perfectly safe to visit! The streets are flood-free, the beaches are clean, and the debris has mostly been taken care of. And there is no sign of another hurricane headed for Florida.
Is Florida Safe To Visit?
Can I Still Visit Top Florida Cities?

Although many of the top tourist destinations in Florida were hit by Hurricane Irma, the rebuilding process has been fast. Florida is pretty much back to normal! You can visit any of the top Florida destinations.
Can I Still Visit Top Florida Cities?

Many people outside of Florida seem to think that Miami has turned into a watery marsh. But we have good news! Miami is just fine.

After only a couple weeks post-hurricane, the Miami airport was open and the tourism industry was humming as usual. If you could visit The Miami-Dade area today, you would see all your favorite attractions functioning as normal and get to stay in just about any hotel you like.

As a post-hurricane perk, Miami is actually offering quite a few deals to visitors in order to combat false perceptions of hurricane destruction. This makes Miami an ideal vacation destination in the coming months. A quick Google search will highlight the ways you can save in Miami this season!

Although Orlando was also hit by Hurricane Irma, it is back to its usual bustling self! Central Florida didn’t get hit as hard as the coastal areas, so the cleanup was very quick. If you have been hoping to visit Orlando, you don’t have to wait!

The Disney parks were closed on September 10 and 11, during the hurricane, but they reopened on the 12th of September. You can get the full experience at the Disney Parks, Universal Studios, Gatorland, the Kennedy Space Center, and any of the other attractions you want to see.
St. Augustine

America’s oldest city is also happy to welcome visitors. Virtually every business and attraction has reopened since Hurricane Irma. You’ll have plenty of hotel options, endless restaurants to try, and a lot to see! Head to St. George Street and the rest of St. Augustine for an awesome Florida experience.
St. Augustine

Jacksonville was quick to bounce back after Hurricane Irma. After only about a week, almost everything was back to normal. Visit today, and you won’t notice much hurricane damage at all!

You may have seen photos in the media of people paddling kayaks down Jacksonville streets. Although the riverfront areas did see some flooding immediately after the storm, most of the city stayed relatively dry. Every hotel in the city is at full service capacity, and even those businesses that saw water damage are repaired and serving locals and tourists alike.

If you want to experience the charm and excitement of Jacksonville, Florida, why not book a trip? There’s no time like the present! The sun is shining, and the beaches are calling your name. The museums, shops, and restaurants are filled with tourists having the time of their lives. Go join them!
Tampa / St. Pete

Tampa was one of the least-affected major cities in Florida. It got some heavy rainfall during the storm, but damage was minimal and cleanup was quick.

Immediately following the storm, the tourism industry was humming once again. In fact, many people from other areas of Florida dropped in for a week or two until the power in their homes were fixed. Things were barely disturbed in Tampa, and the usual events – sports games, concerts, and more – went on without any glitches.
Tampa / St. Pete
The Florida Keys

While mainland Florida is virtually back to normal after Hurricane Irma, the Florida Keys still have some work ahead, particularly in the Lower Keys. However, that shouldn’t stop you from visiting! The Florida Keys are now open to non-residents, so tourists can enjoy the beauty of these popular Florida getaway destinations.

The Port of Key West is welcoming cruise ships once again, and Key West International Airport is up and running. The bridges have been inspected and declared safe, which is great news for motorists hoping to visit the Florida Keys!

If you want to experience classic Florida Keys culture, you’re in luck! All of the biggest Florida Keys events are still proceeding as planned! You can still compete in the Stone Crab Eating Contest or enjoy Key West’s Fantasy Fest.

Although not every hotel or attraction is open yet, many are and the rest will be soon to follow. Many of the open hotels are offering post-hurricane discounts, and there are a handful of specials for tours, as well. Visiting the Florida Keys in 2017 can be a great way to save money on an awesome vacation.

The Keys are improving daily, and it won’t be long before everything is totally back to normal.
The Florida Keys
Can I still Visit the Beaches in Florida?

Many people outside of Florida wonder whether Florida’s beaches after Irma are safe to visit. Or if they are even there. The answer is yes to both questions: Florida’s beaches are still there, they’re safe, and they’re calling your name!

After Irma, there was a lot of debris on some of the beaches—including a stranded manatee that was promptly rescued. However, the litter is long gone, and the beaches are clean, pristine, and ready for your beach towel. Many of the palm trees have a new windswept hairdo, but other than that, you can’t see any difference between Florida’s beaches before Irma and after Irma.
Can I Still Visit The Beaches In Florida?
Are Businesses Still Open in Florida?

With a few exceptions, Florida’s businesses are up and running. You can make reservations at pretty much any hotel you like, and you won’t have a hard time finding a great place to eat. Even the major attractions are open! Although a few (such as the Miami Zoo) are projected to open in mid-to-late October, most tourist favorites already have doors wide open and premises filled with visitors.
Are Businesses Still Open In Florida?
If you visit Florida now, you will find pretty much all of your favorite attractions, resorts, restaurants, and bars open for business. You can go shopping, sip a cold beer, or relax at a spa. You won’t find any flooded streets or crumbling resorts, but you will find happy faces and sun-kissed tourists everywhere you look.

If you are dreaming of a sunny Florida vacation, don’t fret! There’s absolutely no reason why you can’t follow through on your upcoming Florida plans. Florida is safe to visit, cleaned up, and open for business. You can make plans for a Florida vacation without any worries. In fact, this might be the best time to visit Florida! After all, when will you ever have another chance to get discounts and deals during tourist season? You can book a trip to Florida and be confident that you’ll find nothing but sunshine and happiness while you’re there.

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