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America’s 10 Must-See UFO Destinations

Do you believe in alien life? Whether you think UFO sightings are hoaxes or real events, you can’t deny that extraterrestrials are an integral part of American lore. Explore the weirdest part of American culture when you visit these ten UFO destinations!

1    Roswell UFO Museum

On July 8, 1947, a strange object came hurtling through the air and crash-landed near Roswell, New Mexico. The United States Airforce claimed that the wreckage was really from a weather balloon… but was that just a cover? Some think so, believing that the object was actually a flying saucer from outer space! To make things stranger, another saucer supposedly landed soon after a couple hundred miles away. This time, there were purportedly alien survivors! You can visit today to see the museum and hear the case for alien life.
Roswell UFO Museum
2    Area 51

Area 51 is the United States Military’s most famous restricted zone. Many strange stories have surfaced over the years regarding this zone. Although the government says that the area is a nuclear test site and Air Force test site, some people aren’t so sure. The most popular theory is that the U.S. government is conducting experiments on aliens, and the high security in the area is to keep secrets about aliens from leaking out. If you’re keen on risking the snipers and legal prosecution, you can drive through the desert to see the “No Trespassing” sign.
Area 51
3    Hooper, Colorado

The tiny town of Hooper, Colorado has been the site of many UFO sightings over the years. However, this community wasn’t put on the map until 2000, when local Judy Messoline set up the nation’s most famous UFO watchtower. It started as a tourist attraction, but it has gathered a cult following of alien seekers who swear they’ve seen alien spacecraft from the tower.
Hooper, Colorado
4    South Carolina’s UFO Welcome Center

Just in case visiting extraterrestrials want a briefing and a tour of earth when they finally decide to make contact, there is a welcome center ready and waiting for them in Bowman, South Carolina. This ramshackle structure is owned by Jody Pendarvis, who refers to himself as “The Ambassador” and claims his homemade spaceship can fly. You can stop to see the flying saucer-inspired building and meet its enthusiastic owner.
South Carolina’s UFO Welcome Center
5    McMinnville, Oregon

This little town might not look like much, but if aliens really do exist, then it’s one of the most significant locations in the States! This is where the world’s best UFO photos were taken. Back in 1950, farmers Mr. and Mrs. Trent snapped photos of an unidentified flying object that sailed above their farm. Was it a hoax? Or are the photos real?
McMinnville, Oregon
6    Betty and Barney Hill Incident Location

In 1961, a couple driving down a New Hampshire highway were stopped by a strange light that came near their car. The next thing they knew, it was four hours later and they were many miles from where they had been at their last recollection. At least, that’s how they tell the story. You can visit the place where it allegedly happened and read the plaque that stands there.
Betty And Barney Hill Incident Location
7    Kecksburg UFO Memorial

Head to Kecksburg, Pennsylvania, and you’ll see an odd monument standing proudly beside the town’s fire station. Known affectionately as “The Acorn,” this large statue is modeled after a strange object that apparently appeared in the town from the sky. Locals, believing that the object originated from outer space based on the Egyptian-like hieroglyphics that someone claimed to see on the side, have kept this legendary episode alive for years. According to witnesses, the night of December 9, 1965 was lit up by a blazing ball of fire. Newspapers around the country claimed that an object had fallen from the skies and scattered burning debris in its wake. The government investigated the landing sight of the object but claimed nothing was found. Was it a cover-up? Many people think so!
Kecksburg UFO Memorial
8    Sedona, Arizona

Beautiful Sedona draws outdoor enthusiasts because of its beautiful red rock formations. It draws history buffs for its endless ancient Native American pueblos. It draws road trippers for its interesting shops. However, the people who stay in Sedona aren’t usually those looking for a good hike or an interesting old ruin. They’re people who believe in the paranormal and the mysterious forces of a world we cannot see. While the most famous elements of Sedona are its alleged vortexes and New-Age outlook, this town has also been a UFO sighting base. Sedona boasts some of the clearest and darkest skies in the United States—the perfect location for UFO watching. Even if you don’t see a UFO, you can listen to some sighting stories at the Red Planet Diner or take a hike up Spaceship Rock.
Sedona, Arizona
9    Dulce Base, New Mexico

Although this is more of an alien site than a UFO site, it’s still worth a stop on your American UFO hunt. Many resident adamantly claim that they have seen UFO activity around the area, and some even insist that there are aliens living underground and working with the U.S. military. In 1979, military geologist Phil Schneider claimed to have created an underground military facility, and in the process, found a seven-foot alien. The creature electrocuted him before he killed two of them, which sparked an all-out battle between the soldiers and the aliens. Although there is disagreement about how the underground facility can be accessed, rumor has it that a mine entrance may be a door to the base. Maybe you’ll be the first civilian to find it!
Dulce Base, New Mexico
10    Mount Adams, Washington

Washington’s Mount Adams seems to be a magnet for UFOs, if we are to believe the many stories of sightings that have turned up over the years. The rumors began in 1947 when a pilot named Kenneth Arnold claimed to have seen flying saucers. Since then, many people have apparently sighted strange alien aircraft. If you want a glimpse for yourself, this is the place to go!
Mount Adams, Washington
Would you ever make a UFO trip? Have we convinced you that UFOs are real? Let us know in the comments!

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