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Warning: Is Traveling Bad for Your Health?

Do you believe that travel is good for your health? Think again! Even though so many people claim that traveling is beneficial for you, there are actually many risks to your health that come from traveling. In fact, it may just be enough to keep you home from your next big trip. Do the health risks from traveling outweigh the benefits? Some would say yes! We’ll let you decide for yourself.

Vacation offers endless junk food choices. Driving or flying encourages boredom eating. Gas station snack foods, food stands, desserts, sodas and beer and sugar… it never ends! Before you know it, you’ll be eating oversized restaurant portions and chowing on candy bars! And let’s not even get started on the food at all-inclusive resorts.

With all the temptations for overeating and eating poorly, how are you supposed to maintain a healthy weight or diet while traveling? It’s impossible to set boundaries, after all. I suppose you could exercise self-control, cook in your hotel, use a diet app, or make smart food choices, but who has time for that during vacation?

Sitting in Airplanes

Although airplanes cause far fewer deaths than road travel, there are still health risks on airplanes. After all, you’re stuck in a seat near dozens of other people. You’re likely to breathe in all kinds of nasty germs and come in contact with awful viruses. If you want to avoid getting a cold, airplanes are a terrible idea.

Airplanes are also awful because they cramp your muscles and keep you still for long periods of time. The risk of blood clots increases on longer flights and in more cramped conditions. Heck, you might as well stay home and go to the office as usual. At least you’d be getting paid for being sedentary.

Sitting In Airplanes
Doing Dangerous Things

Vacation activities are often dangerous! If you want to stay away from all the dangers of traveling, stay at home. We’ve all heard it said that most accidents happen at home, but you can probably handle knives, burners, and stepstools better than you can handle new and unfamiliar activities.

Sure, trying new things expands your comfort zone and experiences, but it also expands your risk of getting hurt. Don’t go snorkeling – you could get stung by a sea urchin. Don’t go bungee jumping – who knows, that thing could snap. Don’t try skiing – you’ll probably break a bone or something. It’s better to stay at home and do the same old things than try something new and risk getting hurt.

Doing Dangerous Things
Eating Unfamiliar Food

Eating unfamiliar food is a horrible idea. Your mom always told you that you never know if you’ll like something until you try it. But is that really true? You know what you like, so just stick with that mac-n-cheese and those peanut butter sandwiches. You don’t need to try gourmet steak dishes or authentic Japanese street food or a fresh gyro.

Even if eating unfamiliar food does sound fun to you, it’s not healthy. Sure, a varied diet is healthy, but isn’t that what the produce section at Walmart is for? And you can always supplement with vitamins. If you try something new, it might make you sick. And the risk of getting sick from new food is reason enough to stay home altogether.

Eating Unfamiliar Food

Stress is obviously bad for your health. You can get ulcers, acne, headaches, and so much more from being stressed. Traveling is stressful! All that running to get to your flight, worrying about driving the right direction, watching your money slip through your hands, and trying to find your way in a new place. No, thank you!

Sure, getting burned out at everyday life is stressful, too. So is never taking a break from work. But you could just stay home and watch Netflix with your days off. Why add the extra stress from traveling? You’re not going to be that relaxed when you’re sunning at the beach, right?

Ruined Workout Routines

Do you have a workout routine? Don’t ruin it by going on a trip! If you don’t have a workout routine, then don’t spoil your good intentions of starting one by leaving home.

Even though many cruise ships and hotels have workout rooms these days, you’re still risking your daily exercise routine if you leave home. If you go on vacation, you might miss a few days of cardio.

Even worse, you might do some physical activity that makes you sweaty, tired and sore! How are you supposed to do an elliptical workout if you’ve been hiking the Canadian Rockies or learning how to surf? Burning all those calories with exhilarating adventures won’t leave you much energy for push-ups and sit-ups!

Ruined Workout Routines
Exposure to New Illnesses

If you travel outside your area, you will expose yourself to all kids of unfamiliar sicknesses. Your immune system can’t effectively fight illnesses is hasn’t encountered before! This is especially dangerous if you’re traveling to a foreign country.

Even though few tourists die of sicknesses contracted while on vacation, there is still that small percentage of travelers who pick up a rare strain of the flu or something. You could be part of that tiny percentage if you go! With the risk of encountering new illnesses, it’s not worth encountering new cultures and experiences.

Exposure To New Illnesses
Exposure to the Elements

Think back to last summer. How many of your friends came home with sunburns after vacation? Probably a lot of them! If you go on vacation, you could get a sunburn. And this can happen anywhere—not just the beach! Although you can prevent sunburn by wearing the right clothes and using sunscreen, you might forget. So it’s better to skip the vacation and the risk.

Even worse, you could get frostbite if you travel somewhere sold. Whatever you do, don’t take a ski vacation! What if you take off your glove for some reason and stay outside for a long time? You could get frostbite in your fingers! And then you could lose a finger. You don’t want that! Stay home and save your fingers.

Exposure To The Elements
As you can see, traveling is bad for your health. Admittedly, there are many physical health benefits from getting active and trying new things on vacation. There are also many mental health benefits from broadening your horizons, taking a hiatus from everyday life, and getting new experiences. However, there are also terrible risks. It’s not worth it to risk sunburns, sickness, and travel-related stress. If you just stay home and read memes or something, you’ll be safe from damaging your health while traveling.

Or you can ignore these over the top warnings about real concerns and get out there and see the world. Use common sense and exercise a little caution and you may just survive your next holiday.

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