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Buried Treasure. It’s Still Out There. Can You Find It?

Imagine digging a hole in your backyard to bury your child’s third goldfish in a month, when suddenly the tip of your shovel slams against a solid object. It could be anything. A tree root. A city gas line. Not wanting to punch too many holes in the lawn you toil and sweat over every weekend, you opt to find out what it is.

You cautiously prey open the lid on the box you lifted from the hole, fully expecting to find an animal skeleton of some sort buried by a previous resident when suddenly your eyes light up brighter than New York Harbor on the 4th of July. As your shaking fingers extract the ancient looking parchment paper, you discover you are holding a treasure map from a time long ago. You leave the recently expired goldfish laying on the ground and hurry inside to investigate further, outside the watch of nosey neighbors.

Do these types of things happen anymore? Haven’t all of the gold doubloons and priceless jewels all been found by divers and explorers using sonar and other modern devices? The answer is no. They have not been. There are treasures still out there for the taking. Many have attempted finding them, but none have been successful.

How about you? Do you feel lucky? Will your superpowers let you find what no one else can? If they will, here are some good places to begin your quest for riches beyond your wildest dreams. Happy hunting.

The Treasure of Forrest Fenn

Forrest Fenn is a Vietnam Veteran and a treasure hunter. Please note, I said “is.” The old-timer is still alive and in his 80’s, though back in 1988 he thought he was a goner. Fenn had been diagnosed with cancer. The prognosis said the final curtain was closing fast.
The Treasure Of Forrest Fenn
They say you can’t take it with you but this didn’t stop Fenn from still giving it his best shot. He crammed as many of his most valuable possessions as would fit into a box, left his front door unlocked behind him, and hiked as far up into the mountains as he could. His intent was to die alone in the wilderness, his hand gripped tightly around his fortune.

Some guys have all the luck. He lived. It was either a misdiagnosis or a miracle. The jury is still out. Anyway, in 2010, figuring he was getting old anyway, Fess must have figured it would be a hoot to create his own entertainment. He hiked back up in the Rockies, once again going deeply remote where most dare not wander, and buried his treasure chest, the contents of which he claims are worth millions.

Then he went home and published a set of nine clues, all hidden within the words of a self-composed 24-line poem. It was finders-keepers.

An estimated 65,000 treasure hunters have failed in their search. Fenn continually reminds people that even at his overly ripe age he could easily access the location of the treasure. This could be a possible case of our proven human nature to often ignore the obvious.

The local police have found the remains of several wishful searchers who risked more than they probably needed to, and have warned against taking part in what they have labeled as dangerous nonsense.

Is it really there? You decide.
The Treasure Of Forrest Fenn
Captain Kidd’s Treasure

One of the Indian Ocean’s most vicious and well-known pirates was Capt. William Kidd. He and his band of peg-legged buccaneers struck fear in the hearts of passing vessels as they plundered and pillaged their way to notoriety. The Capt. was captured and put to death in London in 1701, but not before his fortune mysteriously vanished.

The most widely accepted story says the good Capt. set his flagship vessel Adventure ablaze, but prior to lighting the match, he unloaded the ship’s booty. The theory claims he transferred it to another ship, but this is all speculation.

To make it easier for you in case you’re interested, experts claim the unnamed vessel is sitting on the floor of the ocean off the coast of Madagascar, or possibly New York. Then again, it might be in the Caribbean. Good luck.
Captain Kidd's Treasure
Treasure of Santissima  Concepcion 

This enormous Spanish vessel, while en route to Spain, ran bow first into a hurricane in 1683 and took a nose dive to the watery depths. None of the 496 on board were ever heard from again with the exception of four men who somehow washed up alive on the shores of what is now St. Augustine, Fla. Despite the many in vain searches, the mammoth ship, and everything on board, remains unfound.

What was on board you may inquire? How about 1,500 pounds of gold, 77 chests full of pearls, 49 chests stuffed with emeralds, silver bullion, and spices. It’s been said that a chest containing 1,500 pesos and a bunch of clothing washed up on Florida’s coast.

The ships bounty was worth enough that rescue efforts continued for 18 years before Spain finally threw in the towel and counted their losses.  It is believed by some that the wreckage is still lying in the waters off of Key Biscayne. Other say it can’t be there or it would have been found by now. Once again according to the so-called experts who can’t find it either, the ship could be anywhere between the Bahamas and the Florida coast, and that’s a lot of water.
Treasure Of Santissima  Concepcion
The Treasure of Genghis Khan 

This emperor who still holds the Guinness world record as commander of the largest contiguous empire in the history of the world, lies in an unmarked grave, in an unknown location. It’s a secret forever lost in time. There’s a very likely chance he was buried with the riches of the Mongolian Empire.

Rumor has it 40 men buried the body and then were executed. To be on the safe side, the executioners then killed themselves. It’s also said forty women adorned in fine jewels and gold were killed and buried with the Emporer.

His location will forever remain a mystery.
The Treasure Of Genghis Khan
It may seem like there are no more mysteries left to explore, but these rumored fortunes are sure to intrigue anyone looking for an exciting adventure. And, if anyone is ever lucky enough to find one of these buried treasures, the payoff could be unbelievable.

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