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9 More Ridiculous Laws From Around the World. Never Twerk in a Bee Suit.

Not all that long ago we ran an article on some of the silliest laws in the world, one which even included banning Winnie the Pooh from playgrounds in Poland. And though we absolutely have some of the stupidest laws on record right here in the U.S., we aren’t the only ones. They’re everywhere.

Because it was so much fun the first time around, here are some more you may get a chuckle out of.

1    No Re-entry – Tibet

There is a relatively new law on the books in China, passed in 2007, and it affects Monks. In an act of totalitarianism, under no circumstances are they permitted to reincarnate without first seeking the government’s permission to do so. If they die and show back up without asking they are risking jail time.

The State Administration for Religious Affairs said, “it’s an important move to institutionalize management of reincarnation.”

Actually, here is what it is all about. By forbidding Buddhist monks from returning to life, the law will enable Chinese authorities to appoint the next Dalai Lama. The Dalai Lama’s soul will be reborn into a human who will continue the work of relieving suffering. Since Tibet was taken over by China, they wanted to remove the monk’s influences over who gets possession of the soul when it’s time, and they figure this will do the trick.
Tibet Monks Reincarnation
2    One Fish, Two Fish – Monza

It isn’t that the folks in this Italian town have anything against pet fish. Anyone can have as many as they want. But. If it’s a goldfish, better keep it out of a bowl. Town officials passed a law saying you can no longer do that.

One of the council members, Giampietro Mosca, said these wise and humane words,  “A fish kept in a bowl has a distorted view of reality…and suffers because of this. Also, this type of receptacle generally doesn’t have a filter and doesn’t allow for good oxygenation…”

The law not only pertains to goldfish, though. It is no longer legal to use any pet as a prize in a competition, and those cute little blue, pink, and green chicks either won or given away at carnivals and fairs, are now taboo.

The council said they no longer want to see pets viewed as objects.
Monza Illegal Bowl Pet Fish
3    A Day in the Life – Liverpool

In the Beatles hometown of Liverpool, absurdity runs rampant with regards to the law. Case in point. The only way a woman is allowed to be topless in public is if she is selling exotic fish at a pet store. While some Liverpudlians claim this absurd and that no such law exists, yes, it really does.

It’s also illegal to “pop your clogs” in parliament, although I’m not sure what they would be able to do about it. The phrase means “to die.” Here is a really good one. If you happen to be pregnant, and you’re out and about and need to relieve yourself, you can do it anywhere you want to. Even in a police officers helmet. There is also a law which states you must carry a bale of hay in your vehicle at all times.
Liverpool Illegal Topless
4    Do Not Attempt This At Home – Victoria

If you are in Victoria, Australia, and a light bulb burns out, do not attempt changing it yourself. You must be a licensed electrician to do so and it’ll cost you around $10 if you get caught performing this task that may be beyond your skill level. Of course, $10 is less than the cost of an electrician so most of the citizens just take their chances.

Victoria’s Electrical Safety Act of 2002 does not list any exceptions to the rule. If it involves electricity you cannot do it yourself. Contractors list this as an installation of an electrical device.
Victoria Australia Illegal Bulb Changing
5    Speak No Evil – Icononzo

Located in Colombia, this small towns mayor decided he was tired of listening to people gossip and trash one another behind their backs so he made it illegal. Do not speak ill of anyone. Badmouthing is a serious offense.

“Human beings must be aware and recognize that having a tongue and using it to do bad is the same as having dynamite in their mouths,” states the official decree. The mayor was tired of people being falsely arrested due to rumors.

Breaking this law could land a person up to four-years in prison, so they are very serious.
Icononzo Illegal Gossip
6    Expectorate-Free – Coulanges

In this French commune, it is expressly forbidden for anyone to spit on the sidewalk. It’s a gross habit anyway, but especially don’t do it here.

If you are in France anywhere and for some odd reason purchase a pig while you are there, do not name it Napoleon. It’s against the law.

On that spitting thing. Don’t do it in Oklahoma either.
Coulaines Spitting On Sidewalk
7    Hold that Thought – Lanjaron

If your travels take you to this city in Spain, make sure you are the perfect picture of health prior to your arrival. It is illegal to die in Lanjaron.

At one point in time, the local cemetery was full to capacity. No more room at the Inn. The local government ordered all citizens to remain alive until they could locate some land to build a new one, and the law still exists.
Lanjaron Illegal Dying
8    Where to Start? – Iran

Not that anyone is traveling to Iran anytime soon, but this law is so stupid it was worth mentioning. All mannequins must be fully clothed. If they are not, their breasts must be sanded down.

If you do find yourself there and you get introduced to anyone, even if for business, do not shake their hand. Any type of touching whatsoever is reserved for immediate family members only.

If you sport a weird looking mohawk hairstyle or any other type of hairdo that is not considered conventional, you’re going to have to cut it.
Iran Mannequin
9    A Serious Threat to Society – Russia

If emo is your style and you love dressing that way, don’t do it in Russia. They claim emo attire poses a threat to national stability so it’s been banned. Putin doesn’t like it.

Don’t twerk if you’re wearing a bee suit. Some Russian girls staged a twerking dance while wearing bee suits and it went viral. The presidential commissioner for children’s rights expressed huge outrage by saying, “Only a pig could stage such a dance.”

This also includes no twerking in front of a war monument. Six young girls tried it and wished they had not. One of the girls got 15 days in jail, while two more received 10 days each. Two of them were fined and one girl’s mother was even fined for being reckless with her upbringing.
Russia Illegal Emo
Whether these laws are strictly enforced is anybody’s guess, but just the same, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. They are certainly stupid, of this there can be no doubt, but they were obviously enacted for reasons we’ll probably never know or understand. So, don’t go swinging dead eels at people and leave your top on unless you’re selling exotic fish and you should be okay.

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