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Tips to Win a Baby Photo Contest

Think your kid is cute? Let others be the judge of that… literally! If you think that cute little face has what it takes to win a baby photo contest, why not try entering a few and see what you can score? Some baby photo contests are all about the bragging rights, but other have nice cash gifts or other awesome prizes. Free diapers for a year? Yes, please!

If you’re not sure how to get started, no worries! We’ve compiled a list of the best baby photo contest tips to increase your chances of winning. Ready to jump in? Read on to learn some tips and tricks for winning baby photo contests.

Take the right kind of photo

Before you start entering baby photo contests, make sure you know what kind of photos generally win. This isn’t your Insta feed, but it also isn’t a photography contest. While you’ll need some basic photography skills to win a baby photo contest (for example, it has to be high-quality and be based on good composition), you don’t have to be a pro to create a great entry. A good baby photo contest entry will reflect the adorable personality of your child, not your great photo editing skills.
Take The Right Kind Of Photo
Make it natural

Make your baby the main focus of the photo! Rather than prioritizing fancy effects and elaborate settings, take contest photos in a place that make your child feel comfortable and happy. You know your baby and what makes her smile!

In fact, it might be a good idea to take photos as opportunities present themselves, rather than trying to take the perfect photo on your schedule. Contest sponsors want natural photos of happy babies—not worried babies with beautiful backdrops.
Make It Natural
Use the right tools

There are endless photography tools out there. But which ones should you use for a baby photo contest? There are some unofficial baby photo rules to consider when choosing photos for contest entries.

First, you should not use fancy editing tools. Sure, you may need to adjust the exposure or brightness for aesthetic purposes. But you shouldn’t use Photoshop to make changes to your photo. Your baby isn’t a pro model! Don’t airbrush her like she’s a teenaged cover girl. Let her natural adorableness shine through.

Secondly, you should use basic photography equipment. A good camera is a must! Many smart phones take great photos these days. You may also consider using a DSLR camera, if you have one. Another important tool is good lighting. You can take advantage of naturally good lighting, or use photographers’ lighting equipment. Small, amateur-grade lighting tools are easily found online. Your living room lamp may also work just as well. However, sunshine is often the best light you can ask for.
Use The Right Tools
Take tons of photos

Parents don’t need to be told to take a lot of photos. You probably already had several thousand photos of your child within their first week of life! But do you take the right kind of photos? The key to creating winning baby photography entries is to take a lot of high-quality photos. Don’t just snap away. Practice your photography skills with each picture you take! You’ll continually improve your photography skills if you take this approach. Besides, you never know when a good photo opportunity will come along, and it’s good to be prepared at all times.
Take Tons Of Photos
Enter, enter, enter…

The more contests you enter, the higher your chances of winning. You can have the best photo of the world’s cutest baby, but you won’t win anything if you don’t try! In fact, why don’t you get started now? Open a new tab and enter a baby photo contest right now.

Are you back? Awesome! Congratulations on entering your very first baby photo contest. Your chances of winning are infinitely higher than they were a few minutes ago!

Of course, you can’t stop there. If you want a decent chance of winning a baby photo contest, you need to keep entering! Find as many baby photo contests as you can and try to enter a few every day. We know you’re a busy parent, but if you can take some time at least once week to enter baby photo contests, you’ll have a good shot at scoring a prize.
Enter, Enter, Enter…

Choose the right contests

You can’t win a fake contest, and you shouldn’t waste your time with lame prizes. Screen baby photo contests before you enter them. A good rule of thumb is to stick with companies you recognize. The Gerber baby photo contest is perhaps the most obvious, but there are many other baby product companies that offer baby photo contests.

If you aren’t sure, you can often find out if a contests is legit with a little snooping. Google the contest and see what others have to say about it. Reputable online contest forums may have a thread about the contest. Skim the posts to see what other parents know about specific contests.
Choose The Right Contests
There you have it! That’s all it really takes successfully enter baby photo contests. Of course, you’ll also need some dedication and a little bit of luck. Keep working at your contest entries, and keep collecting photos. You never know—your baby could be the next Gerber baby. Keep trying, and that sweet little face could become famous before the end of the year!

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