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Tips for Winning Online Sweepstakes

We’ve all seen them: billboards, ads, and social media posts featuring yet another average citizen who scored big time through an online sweepstakes. Ever wonder how those people got so lucky? Ever wish it could be you? We have good news! It’s not that hard to win online sweepstakes. All it takes is some luck, effort, and strategy. Want to be the next online sweepstakes winner? Try these tips to watch your odds rise exponentially!
Here are 9 tips for winning online sweepstakes:

1. Get the right equipment

You can’t expect to win online sweepstakes using the 4G data on your phone. If you want to increase your entries—and thus your chances of winning—you need to use the right tools. Enter using a computer and high-speed internet. If your wireless internet isn’t very fast, you can try hooking up your computer with an Ethernet cable.

Get The Right Equipment
2. Use form-filling programs

If you’re going to be entering tons of sweepstakes, you’ll probably end up with carpel tunnel from all the typing! Unless, of course, you don’t have to do all the typing. You can use a program that fills in forms for you automatically! Pronto Forms and Repsly are two options, but there are many on the market.

Use Form Filling Program
3. Create a special email account

If you’re ever entered an online contest, you know that you can end up with a lot of inbox spam. Creating a special email account for contests is a good way to keep your main inbox clean. It’s also an easy way to store all your sweepstakes information in one place! Just make sure you still take the time to sort through the junk mail in your new inbox.

Create A Special Email Account
4. Enter on social media

A few years ago, you’d have to comb through hundreds of websites to find a good number of online sweepstakes. Today, though, things are a bit easier. You can still find sweepstakes on company websites, but you can often stick to social media sites for sweepstakes news and even sweepstakes entries. Keep tabs on contest news through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites. Many companies post their sweepstakes on their socials, so follow companies you like as well as general sweepstakes pages.

The main advantage to social media sweepstakes is that they’re usually very easy to enter. This is also a drawback, unfortunately. The easier the entry, the more likely people are to enter. You’ll be able to try more social media sweepstakes in a short amount of time, but you’ll also be competing against a lot of people who had the same idea as you.

Enter On Social Media
5. Enter constantly

Hardly anyone wins the first sweepstakes they enter. If you want to score, you’ll have to keep working at it! Be sure to enter sweepstakes regularly. Set aside some time every day to enter a few contests. If you don’t have daily free time for entering sweepstakes, you can pick one night of the week to sit down and fill out entry forms. Whatever works for your schedule, do it.  Just don’t stop!

Enter Constantly
6. Don’t get burned out

While it’s important to enter sweepstakes consistently if you want to win, it’s also important to keep yourself from getting burned out. Pace yourself! Don’t spend hours and hours in front of your computer filling out forms when you have other things to do. Live a balanced life of work, exercise, fun with friends, and relaxation. If you can find a good lifestyle rhythm, you’ll be more inclined to keep entering sweepstakes and increase your chances of winning.

Don’t Get Burned Out
7. Make your entries worthwhile

The internet is filled to the brim with tons of sweepstakes, contests, and competitions. There are a whole lot of random, low-value sweepstakes you could waste your time entering, but your time could be much better spent going after things you actually want. Try scoping out this week’s prizes. Keep track of the sweepstakes you want to enter. Go for a good mix of sweepstakes with high value prizes and high chances of winning.

Make Your Entries Worthwhile
8. Check for your winnings

Don’t forget to check and see if you won something! You’ll probably focus more on entering sweepstakes than keeping tabs on your winnings. But it doesn’t matter if you win when you don’t claim your prize! Your sweepstakes email will inevitably become filled with tons of advertisements, announcements, and useless spam emails. You need to keep yourself organized by regularly deleting unneeded emails and keeping an eye out for prize emails!

Many winning emails have “congratulations” in the title. Use your inbox’s search function to screen for this word every few days, just in case. You may also see the name of the sweepstakes in the title, and the sender will often be a real, human name from a company that you recognize.

Check For Your Winnings
9. Avoid Scams

There’s nothing like identity theft to ruin the fun of entering sweepstakes. Keep your personal information and money safe by being cautious when entering contests. There are many ways to get scammed through online sweepstakes, but you can avoid being a victim if you are careful with your entries and prize claims.

First of all, be security savvy. Using a separate sweepstakes email can help protect your main email from infiltration of spam and false “winning” emails. You should also mix up your passwords when entering contests that require them. Occasionally, sweepstakes passwords are compromised. So don’t use the same password for all your entries or use the password from your bank account or social media profile. And never enter a sweepstakes that asks for your social security number or bank account number!

Secondly, make sure the sweepstakes are legit. A reputable company that you recognize is usually a good choice. It’s also a good idea to do some research to educate yourself about other sweepstakes organizations with good reputations and legitimate prizes. After all, you can’t win a sweepstakes with a fake prize.

Avoid Scams
We hope you found some useful sweepstakes tips and tricks! Now that you know what to do, it’s time to try entering a few sweepstakes. If you win using any of our tips, please comment and let us know what prize you scored. Happy winning!

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