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Top Cities in the US For Getting Your Groove On

Vacations mean different things to different people. No disrespect to families, but unless they’re dropping the young uns’ off with Grammy and Pops for the week these may be places they don’t want to go.  But if you’re interested in the best places to party like a rock star, we’re going to have a look at some of the top-rated party cities in the USA for 2018. Cities where overindulgence is encouraged and every night is Saturday. Cities running the entire gamut from discos to live music to DJ’s to everything in between and beyond.

1    The Big Apple

NYC should come as no surprise. Every genre of music is right around the next corner. From hip concert type clubs like The Black Madonna to the Japanese pop club, Nippon Leagues, to the Brooklyn dance-music compound, Avant Garde, If you can’t find it in NYC you can’t find what you’re looking for anywhere.

The number one ranked club for getting your groove on is the Bossa Nova Civic Club. The hottest underground house and techno DJs are brought in and they run their sounds through what is considered the most legitimate sound system in town. Billed as a tropical fantasy dance club, add this one on your list.

Another ultimate party club you’ll hate yourself if you miss is Good Room. Besides drenching your clothes from marathon dancing to the non-stop beats being pumped through a massive sound system perfectly tuned for the room, drink prices are shockingly low. There is a gigantic wooden bar, plenty of dance space and a smaller side room called The Bad Room where the walls are lined with vinyl and completely different songs are being played by a completely different DJ. Go there.
The Big Apple New York City
2    The Music Capital of the World

Before anyone starts thinking they have to cram a 10-gallon hat on their head if they go to Nashville, think again. Rock group Kings of Leon skyrocketed to fame after saying goodbye to old Kentucky and hello to East Nashville where they peeled the paint off the walls of every club they blasted with their amplifier volumes set on 11. Other equally as talented bands of every imaginable genre call this drinking town with a music problem home. Try 3-Crow Bar or The 5-Spot. Family Wash is pretty cool as well.

Don’t worry if you are a country music fan, Nashville will always be Nashville. Lower Broadway is the only street you need to remember. You can party till you puke at any number of places, then get up the following morning and start all over again. Most of the joints open up around 10:00 AM, some even earlier, and there is already live music on stage.

If you graduated from college “X” amount of years ago and want to see if you can still party like you used to, go to the West End where Vanderbilt University is located. By all means, go to Tin Roof. If you’re looking to find out if you can still hang, Tin Roof will provide the ultimate test of your stamina. There’s a hotel right across the street so you might consider getting a room there just in case. Just saying…
The Music Capital Of The World
3    Las Vegas

What happens in Vegas… You know the rest. Where other than Sin City can someone drink too much, meet the mate of their dreams and end up married by Elvis in less than 24 hours? Las Vegas is non-stop. Literally. Non-stop.

Some of the very best DJs in the world flock to the strip in Vegas to bombard alcohol infused dancers with their beats. Gambling is not the only thing going on as most casinos have a sperate area for their partying guests and anyone off the street who wants to join in.

But if you want to get away from the casinos and hotels, head to Freemont Street where the hipsters hang. You may want to start at Griffin Lounge. The lounge pulls in a nice size crowd and beer is only one buck between 10 PM and 11 PM. Or try the 10,000 square feet Sedona complete with a firepit and sofas for lounging. If you want to get as local as a person can get, go to Hard Hat Lounge. They feature live bands inside and sometimes outside on a stage in the parking lot constructed from an old converted school bus.
Sin City Las Vegas
4    Miami Beach

How could Miami Beach have not made the list? Partying like there’s no tomorrow is what it’s known for. When the sun goes down Miami Beach comes alive. You’ll find a mixture of locals, people who live elsewhere in Miami, and tourists just like yourself. South Miami Beach is where you need to go if getting down is your goal.

Whether you like rock, disco, or Latin vibes, it’s all there. Some of the clubs sell cheap beer. Others serve expensive champagne.  Some have a dress code where dressing to the nines is required while others are jeans and a t-shirt kind of places.

A few of the most popular bars you don’t want to miss are Twist, Nikki Beach, Do Not Sit on the Furniture, Mangos Tropical Cafe, and Story. These clubs draw huge crowds and a good time is guaranteed for all.
Miami Beach
Anyone can party anywhere, but if you want to really do it up right, now you know where you need to be heading to.

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