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8 Best Restaurants at Disney Orlando for Adults

Disney is for kids, right?? Wrong!!

Adults love Disney too, and there is no reason why adults cannot go and have a fabulous time by themselves! They can get up early or sleep in, the choice is theirs. They can go on the rides that they want to go on and choose the pace of their day. And, imagine this, they can dine at restaurants that cater to adults! Gasp! What a concept!

Here are the best 8 restaurants at Disney Orlando for adults:

1    Raglan Road

This Irish pub is in Disney Springs and adults will have a hard time deciding which they love more, the Guinness, the food, or the entertainment. The cuisine is all traditional with choices that include fish and chips, bangers and booz, shepherd’s pie, and the raglan delight for dessert.
Raglan Road
2    Sanaa

The views of the animals from the dining room at Sanaa at Disney’s Animal Kingdom will be worth the price that adults pay for their meal. The cuisine is a combination of African and Indian foods and includes dishes like African inspired biryani, traditional sosatie, and potjie inspired. Everyone must try the caramel ndizi or the African triple chocolate mousse for dessert.
3    Restaurant Marrakesh

Restaurant Marrakesh can be found at Epcot and adults will love the ambiance of this restaurant as they dine underneath stained-glass chandeliers. While dining, guests will be entertained by belly dancers moving to percussive live music. A few of their special dishes include roast lamb meshoui, Mogador fish tagine, and couscous with beef. For dessert, the Marrakesh delight or the Moroccan symphony are both must-try delicacies.
Restaurant Marrakesh
4    La Cava del Tequila

Adults who love tapas style snacks will want to venture over to the La Cava del Tequila at Epcot, so that they can sample a few of the more than one hundred types of tequila with their meal. Tequila is a true and essential Mexican drink that works well in numerous specialty drinks, especially margaritas. Guests can order a drink or two to enjoy with some chips and salsa, a shrimp cocktail, or a trio combination of snacks.
La Cava Del Tequila
5    Morimoto Asia

Masaharu Morimoto is a Japanese cooking legend and people can now visit his restaurant, Morimoto Asia, in Disney Springs. This Pan-Asian restaurant is massive with two stories, Shanghai influenced lounges, private dining spaces, and a sushi bar on the second level. Adults will love starting with the dim sum before continuing with sushi rolls or a heartier dish of Mongolian filet mignon or Morimoto peking duck. His desserts are just as wonderful as the main dishes and everyone will want to try the chef’s choice sorbetto trio, the MM parfait, or the mochi mochi.
Morimoto Asia
6    Victoria and Albert’s

Victoria and Albert’s takes fine dining to the next level at Disney as they use exquisite ingredients from all over the world. No ingredient is too small to search for the best option for and they will go to great lengths to ensure that they always have the best that is available. There is only one seating every evening at this restaurant, to ensure that everything is perfect for every single guest.

The fresh cut flowers are placed just so in the vase that is on top of the freshly ironed tablecloth arranged just right on top of the table. The Wedgewood china and Sambonet silverware is set in the correct order and no detail has been left out. Each staff member has even been trained to notice the smallest touches and recognize what each guest needs before the guest is even aware of it.

The menu at Victoria and Albert’s is continuously changing, but guests are treated to seven courses as well as coffee and tea. The entire experience at Victoria and Albert’s is amazing and everyone leaves feeling like they were treated like royalty.
Victoria And Albert’s
7    Jiko

Jiko can be found at Animal Kingdom, and adults will love the delicious South African wines that they can enjoy with their African, Indian, and Mediterranean cuisine. The menu changes with the seasons, but each dish is bursting with mouth-watering flavors. Guests may want to consider ordering the fried green tomatoes followed by the oak grilled filet mignon or the maize crusted Alaskan halibut. The sweet potato cheesecake and the safari sunset are perfect choices for dessert.
8    California Grill

Guests will reach this restaurant via a private elevator within Disney’s Contemporary Resort. The dining room overlooks the lagoon, the woodlands, and Cinderella’s castle. While this restaurant is in Florida, guests will be able to experience west coast flavors for both food and wine. In fact, most of the three hundred types of wine are from California. Guests will love anything on the menu, but the more popular items include the jumbo sea scallops, oak fired filet of beef, pork tenderloin, and the Colorado bison loin. For dessert, everyone seems to enjoy the California beignets, warm Valrhona chocolate cake, and the caramel almond bar.
California Grill
Adults do not have to dine where the children do when they go to Disney. Instead, they can choose from the multiple restaurants that now cater to the adult crowd. Many of these restaurants offer unique cuisine and a romantic atmosphere that every adult will love.

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