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Stay Off of These 4 Haunted Roads – Unless You Like Being Scared Senseless

If you live in a city, chances are you now and then have the need to clear your head of exhaust fumes. You need to get away from the Wal-Marts, Piggly-Wigglys, and Pizza Huts. Away from the endless string of always red traffic lights. But be careful where your drive takes you. Not all roads are as peaceful as others. In fact, some are downright haunted.

They’re all over America. Chances are, you have no idea which roads to steer clear of. Most locals know the legends in their area, but if you’re just passing through their neck of the woods, you could innocently end up where you just don’t want to be. On the other hand, there are serious seekers of the supernatural who might be planning their route on Mapquest once they find out where some of these roads are located.

Some claim to not believe in spirits from the great beyond, while others adamantly do. For the truth to be known, there’s only one way to settle this age-old debate. Pick one the roads listed below and take a drive. If you’re a non-believer the idea shouldn’t frighten you in the least.

Archer Avenue – Lemont, IL (Chicago Area)

You probably had thoughts of a dirt road in a deep dark forest instead of Archer Avenue in the Chicago area. What could be scary about that? The portion of Archer between Resurrection Cemetery and the church at St. James at Sag Bridge in Lemont, is curvy and heavily lined with forests. The road leads to several lakes and the scenery is dotted with multiple cemeteries.

In 1600 the church was a French mission. Sometime in the mid-1800’s the Catholic Church bought the building and property. The church is the source of many haunting tales.

In 1897 two musicians gave a concert in the church and because of the late hour when their show finished, they slept on cots in the church’s upstairs hall. One of them was awakened during the night. He heard hoofs, and when he looked outside he saw a coach approaching on the gravel road. It approached the building then turned around and stopped. A girl dressed in white climbed in. The coach turned around again and then simply disappeared.

They are said to be the spirits of the priest’s assistant and a housekeeper who fell in love and had little choice but to elope. They are buried in the cemetery out back which houses between 5000 – 7000 graves spread over eight acres, and they are said to re-enact their elopement whenever the moon is bright.
St. James Catholic Church And Cemetery
There is another tale about a procession of monks clad in black, marching with candles and chanting in an unknown language. In 1977, a police officer reported seeing the monks. He chased them on foot when they ignored his command to stop marching. He said they seemingly glided uphill. He heard no footsteps, no leaves crunching… nothing.

All of the cemeteries along this road have their legends. The Sacred Heart Cemetery has the “Gray Baby.” Riders on horses cross a nearby intersection. But the biggest legend of all is “Resurrection Mary.” Never pick up a young female hitchhiker anywhere on Archer Avenue. Chances are you’ll be giving a ride to a girl who died 80 years ago. She was bumming a ride then, too, when she was struck by a car and killed.
Sacred Heart Cemetery
Kelly Road – Ohioville, PA 

This is a mere one-mile stretch of road, sometimes called the Mystery-Mile, but many strange things have been known to happen in this short distance. This portion of Kelly Road is bordered on both sides by a dark, somewhat ominous forest. It feels like something straight out of an Alfred Hitchcock movie.

When otherwise docile animals pass through this one-mile area, they morph into violent aggressive creatures, attacking whatever they see, be it animal or human. Drivers report seeing apparitions through the denseness of the forest and noises of no particular distinction have been heard.

Here is another test for the non-believer. Halfway through the mile, preferably at night, pull off the road for a while. You might want to stay in your car and keep the engine running. We don’t blame you if you lose your nerve and take off.

At the end of the one-mile mark, things return to normal. Legend has it the area was cursed by Native Americans who lost their land. Sounds about right.
Haunted Kelly Road Ohioville PA
Dead Man’s Curve – Clermont County, OH

Studies show Dead Man’s Curve, because of the sharpness of its turn, has the highest crash rating. Anywhere.

People have reported seeing apparitions of horse-drawn carriages. Quite a few of them went over the side, 100 years ago. And the dangers haven’t diminished.

In the 1960’s, a car full of teenagers was struck by another car that was going 100 mph around the curve. There were no survivors. Drivers have reported seeing both cars, appearing as if they were floating. This is another place to not pick up hitchhikers. Especially if they don’t have a face. Yeah. There’s one of those out there.
Dead Man’s Curve
Bragg Road – Saratoga, TX

Travel this dark unpaved road at night. Pick a spot to pull over. Kill your lights and wait.

If you’re lucky, and 60% are, you will see a white light with blue edges approaching you. It’s a lantern.

Don’t worry. It will appear to be approaching but it will never get any closer. If you try and approach it, it will disappear. Legend says a newlywed bride was walking down this road when she was killed. The lantern is being held by her husband who is still searching for her.
Bragg Road – Saratoga Texas
There are other roads in America which are known for regularly experiencing paranormal activity, but if you are truly interested in the ultimate ghost hunting experience, hop on one of the roads just mentioned. Or go the long way around. The choice is yours.

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