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Where do Australians go to Vacation at Home? Their Top 7 Destinations.

It’s a well-known fact Australians are world travelers. They love to be on the go. But when time or finances won’t permit, or they just feel like vacationing at home for a change, where do they go?

Surely within the confines of a complete continent, there must be some places they enjoy getting away to. Well, there are. Quite a few actually. And the options are by no means sub-standard. In fact, they are incredible choices.

With so many great places to escape to it would be near impossible to cover them all, so let’s have a look at the top seven destinations in the land down under.

Cruising the Kimberly Coast

The Kimberly Coast hosts some of the oldest landscapes on the planet. Cruise ships sail or motor past seemingly mile-high cliffs and terrain never before trampled by humankind, and beaches where the only invaders are pieces of driftwood and seaweed blown on land by an ocean storm.

There are waterfalls, gorges, wilderness, wildlife, bushland, and even some salt flats where a U.S. fighter went down in World War II. The flats are one of the few areas where visitors can disembark, but they are generally accompanied by guides.

Cruises can last as long as 12-days and ships of all sizes are available, from small rented charters to larger vessels.
Cruising The Kimberly Coast
Driving Tasmania’s East Coast

A drive up the shoreline of Tassie, as it is called by those in the know, takes roughly five days if traveling at a vacationer’s pace and making frequent stops along the way.

The road runs from Hobart to the Bay of Fires. It is extremely remote in lots of areas and runs alongside the most insane beaches on the planet. Finding a deserted stretch to claim as your own is never a problem. Travelers stop to swim in the water and gorge themselves on the plumpest, juiciest, oysters to ever grow in the ocean.

At Wineglass Bay anxious swimmers splash and frolic with gentle dolphins, and at Freycinet Peninsula hikers get a good solid workout.

Upon reaching Bay of Fires, most travelers wish they had a few more days of vacation left.
Driving Tasmania's East Coast
Drive the Big Lap

This is not something that can be accomplished without careful preparation and planning. It’s a trip in and around the entire continent and depending on the route someone takes, they need to have plenty of time on their hands. Driving the Big Lap is a rite of passage of sorts, though most who complete the journey are well over the age of 30.

It is recommended to take the trip in a camper trailer or a van. There is an abundance of wilderness camping to pitch a tent, but certain areas of Australia are subject to sudden and heavy tropical rains and wind. The winds have been known to tear the awnings off of campers.

Extra non-perishable food supplies and a barbeque grill are suggested, and it wouldn’t hurt to pack an extra roll of toilet paper.
Drive The Big Lap
Visit Kakadu

“Kakadu has a sense of quiet spirituality about it. Dotted with Aboriginal artworks, sweeping plains, and soaring escarpments, it’s dramatic, huge and endlessly fascinating.” – Jen Pinkerton

Kakadu is a spiritual place where, in the dry season, you can hike and sleep under a star-filled sky while you contemplate the very meaning of your meager existence. There are silky-smooth swimming holes nestled in between boulders.

In the wet season, the water reflecting off of the rocks presents a cascade of astonishingly beautiful colors.

When Aussies need a place to reflect, this is where they find their peace and solace.
Visit Kakadu
Book a Room at Saffire Freycinet, Tasmania

If there are no shortage of funds, a few days at Saffire Freycinet is just what the doctor ordered. This luxury resort calls out to many Australians in need of a good spoiling. One guest said, “It feels like home… but home, if home was perfect.”

The 20-room lodge features a full-service spa, a restaurant, and a health club. Free full breakfast, free WiFi in public areas, and free valet parking. There is also a bar/lounge, conference center, and massage/treatment rooms.

The rooms are soundproofed and offer giant soaking tubs and free internet. There is fishing on site, kayaking, bicycling, and hiking.
Book A Room At Saffire Freycinet, Tasmania
Take a Food Break in Margaret River

Vanilla colored beaches, a rocky coastline, grape vines hanging from trees, and limestone caves all make up the picturesque beauty of this area. But what Australians really come here for is the food.

Some of Australia’s best chefs reside in Margaret River. Their meals are delicately prepared using only the freshest of locally sourced vegetables and produce. The  White Elephant Cafe, perched on the edge of Gnarabup Beach, is a hot-spot for a gourmet breakfast while staring out at the tranquil water.

At Swings Taphouse and Kitchen you can cozy up to a nice fire or relax under an umbrella of grapevines as you share plates of freshly prepared produce.

Some like the experience of lodging at Pullman Resort Bunker Bay where bunkers serve as small villas for complete privacy.

Everyone in the area turns out for the sunset at Sugarloaf. The view offers one of the most spellbinding sunsets in the world.
Take A Food Break In Margaret River
Lord Howe Island

Lee Abbomonte, the youngest American to have ever visited every country in the world, was once asked to write about the highlights of his journey. He said, “I don’t know what paradise awaits in the next life,” he wrote, “but I do know that paradise on Earth is located on Lord Howe Island.

Hotel rooms run from $400 – $700 dollars, so although the Island is a very popular destination unless you have a kangaroo pouch full of money, scratch this one off of your list. If you do have, by all means, go.
Lord Howe Island
Australia is a large continent and its diversity offers a little something for everyone. While Australians love to see the world, a big portion of the best of it is right in their own backyard.

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