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Find Out Why Fiji is a Top Holiday Spot for Australians

The search for a perfect vacation destination can be frustrating. Since it only comes around once a year you want to get it right. Resorts compete for your money, all of them guaranteeing the most absolutely out of this world experience. So, how do you know who to believe?

The answer is simple. Put the brochures down. See where the Aussies are going. No nationality on earth speaks the language of travel better than our mates from the land down under. Wherever they’re recreating already has the best seal of approval there is. And the Fiji Islands is one of the most popular holiday destinations for Australians.
Fiji Kayak
Fiji has a heck of a lot going for it and the estimated 350,000 Australians who visit annually can’t all be wrong. Let’s see what the fuss is all about. What do they know that we don’t?
About Fiji

Fiji is 6,745 miles from L.A. as the crow flies or about a 10-hour flight. Americans can grab direct flights from L.A. and San Francisco.

Fiji is a collection of 333 of the sweetest sun-kissed tropical islands to ever grace the South Pacific Ocean, 110 of which are inhabited.  The two largest islands, Viti Levu and Vanua Levu, house 87% of the total population of 898,760, with three-quarters of those residents living on the coastlines of Viti Levu.  Because of Viti Levu’s rough and tumble interior, its human inhabitants are few and far between.
Fiji Beach
In the financial realm, Fiji more than holds its own with a highly developed economic system due to its mineral, seafood, and forestry wealth.

Many of the islands were formed over 150 billion years ago as a result of volcanic activity. Every now and then the volcanic islands of Vanua Levu and Taveuni still get a little hot and cranky.

If you go to Fiji, don’t be a confused tourist. The warm season runs from November to April, and things cool down from May to October. By cooling down, figure an average of 72 degrees.
Things to do in Fiji

There is so much going on in Fiji you’ll run out of time before you run out of things to do. You’ll be plotting ways to live there or maybe checking your 401K balance. Don’t worry. Everybody does.
Fiji Snorkeling
As expected, water activities are the focus of the majority of vacationers. There are snorkel and whale cruises, day trips to deserted islands with the best beaches known to humankind, diving, snorkeling with sharks, jetskiing, underwater scooters, charter boats, river boating, fishing, and of course, doing little more than swimming and lounging.

There are adventure parks, caves, hot springs and the ultimate in zip-lining. An abundance of nature and wildlife with lush gardens and waterfalls are just waiting for explorers to feast their eyes upon their natural wonder and beauty. You might opt for try two or three-day excursion, or longer, and see as many of the islands as you can. Naturally, there’s an arts village full of reality free crafty castaways, and there are sunsets and sunrises beyond belief.
Fiji Zip Lining
Fiji is not known for its crazy nightlife although there are some smaller bars where younger people hang out. There are a couple of clubs with live bands but it depends on where you are staying if they are easily accessible.  If this is a must-have on your list, and you’re staying around Nardi, the After Dark Nightclub, Frequency Lounge, and Ed’s Bar would be where to cruise over to. Many of the resorts offer their own entertainment at night so you’ll probably find what you are looking for right where you are staying.
Fiji Surfing
The Food in Fiji

People in Fiji eat well. Restaurants are known for serving a consistently high quality of food and they are scattered all over the various islands. The bulk of them are located in the towns of Suva and Nadi and it is here where the largest selections of cuisines are available. European, Chinese, and Indian food are bountiful.

Whatever seafood you eat was probably still living underwater earlier in the day, and the fruit was more than likely just plucked from a low-hanging branch.

A traditional favorite in the South Pacific is called, “meke.” Portions of pork, seafood, and vegetables are steamed together in an earthen oven called a lovo.  When served at festivals or parties, it’s followed by drinking a local liquor, “kava,” and then the traditional dancing begins.
Fiji Food
Where to Stay in Fiji

For an ultimate experience unlike few other, do yourself a favor and check out the adults-only Likuliku Lagoon Resort, on Malolo Island. They have 10 bungalows on stilts sitting directly over the water, and another 35 sitting directly on the resort’s own private beach. It’s so private, guests have to catch a boat, seaplane, or a chopper just to get there. Once you’re there, there aren’t very many reasons to leave.
Likuliku Lagoon Resort
Everything is dependent upon on your priorities when selecting an island. Beachcomber Island is home to the not so elusive party animal, while the Wakaya Club &  Spa is an 11 room hotel on a small private unnamed island. Celebrities fleeing the paparazzi have been known to stay there.

If it’ll be your first trip to Fiji, and you really want to experience everything Fiji has to offer, including their customs and heritage, the big island of Viti Luvu would be your best bet. Depending on your demands, a hotel room can be had for between $50 and $400 dollars a night. It’s all a matter of amenities so don’t let a low price tag fool you. You won’t be checking into an Econo-Lodge. Even the lower priced hotels are very highly rated.
Likuliku Lagoon Resort
Maybe this helped make this year’s decision a little easier for you. Just remember. Go where the Aussies go.

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