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Are You Wasting Your Weekends? Here Are Some Great Mini-Vacations

If the final knot on the rope you’re dangling from is fraying but you blew your last vacation day interviewing for a new job you didn’t get, take a deep breath. Relax. There you go. Grab your Samsonite, you’re about to take a mini-vacation.

How many weekends have you sat around flattening the cushions on your well-worn sofa? Enough to not need a channel guide? By a show of hands, who’s guilty? You could be spending a couple of days and nights doing something much more invigorating than sleeping late and dreading Monday. It’s called a mini-vacation. No matter a person’s return address there are all sorts of cool head adjusting getaways within easy reach, and it’s amazing the difference a couple of days away can make.

First of all. Going anywhere is better than what you’ve been doing, but If you’re really in need readjusting your center you might as well know where some of the top-rated weekend getaways are. Perhaps you’ll want to make it a girls or guys weekend by gathering up a few friends who won’t squeal on you when you get back.

Bear in mind, these are but a few. If none of them work for you, hop on the net and do a search of things to do within a certain radius of your location. Maybe go to a dude ranch in Arizona or a ski lodge in Aspen. Rent a cabin in Gatlinburg. You’re going to be surprised by what you’ve been missing. You deserve this. Keep reading.

1    New York City

This may come as a surprise but there are a number of good reasons why NYC is a smart choice. The main reason being the ease of getting there. There are two major airports with daily flights coming and going from every corner of the globe so saving time by booking a direct flight is generally not a problem. Depending on your location you can drive. It’s not nearly as frightening as people imagine. There’s AMTRAK, Greyhound, and there are passenger trains shooting in and out from many nearby New England locations. At any rate, if you end up there without a car, don’t sweat it. Flag down one of the millions of taxis.

The second reason is that it’s NYC. If a person can’t find something to crank their tractor in the Big Apple, they’re a hopelessly lost cause in need of professional help. Do you want to party the weekend away? Okay. What type of music would you prefer guzzling your gin to? It’s there. How about going to a museum? The Metropolitan Museum of Art is really easy to get to and if you’re driving there is plenty of parking. Go see a Broadway or even an Off-Bradway show. Do some shopping. The hordes of small private shops are interesting and you never know what you’ll find. Then again. There’s always Macy’s.
New York City
2    Philadelphia

Even as recently as a decade ago Philadelphia wasn’t on many peoples list of places to spend time. But that was then. This is now. Things have drastically changed. Philly’s a happening place with a bustling nightlife, a thriving culinary scene full of world-renowned chefs, a diehard sports scene, a huge arts community with galleries on every corner, cheese steaks from hell, and, of course, for the more tourist minded, Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell.

Philadelphia is the City of Brotherly Love and it holds true to its name by being known for its acceptance of others and its laid-back attitude. The city has one of the largest gay populations in the country and its many ethnic neighborhoods provide for a wide variety of cuisines to appease any palate. The only problem with a spending a weekend in Philly is it will fly by way too fast.
3    Nashville

Nashville is not just a drinking town with a music problem, but since it is the biggest draw it’ll be a good place to start. The nice thing about Nashville is if you book a hotel in the downtown area you can leave your car in the parking lot. You won’t need it. All the action you’re going to need is within a several block area and it’s easy enough to walk. Sure there are other things happening in different areas of town, but if you’re only there for a weekend you won’t want to spend your time driving around when you don’t have to.

Between Broadway and 1st Ave, there are countless bars and honky-tonks with incredible live music. Enough restaurants to satisfy the pickiest of eaters, and enough shops to gather up every type of souvenir imaginable. There are mugs, posters, cow printed cowboy hats, snakeskin boots, and t-shirts galore.

You’ll find lots of country music but you’ll also find blues at B.B. Kings, rock at the Hardrock Cafe, several acoustic cafes, and a little alt going on here and there.

There is a very impressive Science Museum, the Country Music Hall of Fame, the Acropolis, and plenty of more ways to spend an action-packed couple of days.
4    Seattle

Even though you’ll more than likely need an umbrella it’s difficult to let a little rain get you down in Seattle. Known for its chill attitude and cultural diversity, Seattle has it all. With water all around and just a stone’s throw away from the wilderness, outdoor activities are endless. Fishing, hiking, kayaking, camping, and a whole lot more.

If the great outdoors has no appeal, how about viewing the city from the space needle or chowing on some excellent seafood in a trendy neighborhood cafe? The city is also known for its eclectic restaurants which serve a fusion of international flavors. Some of the best bands in the country have come out of Seattle so if live music is your cup of tea you’ll be in the right place.

If you’re a coffee addict hold on to your britches. Seattle is known for serving the best java in the land. Craft beer your thing? They have that, too.
So go where you will, but by all means, go. A lot can be squeezed into a weekend so quit wasting them and go have some fun. Do you know of any great weekend spots? How about sharing them.

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