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Choose a Cooler Summer Vacation on Prince Edward Island, Canada

According to the calendar, it’s springtime in America. But according to reports from some regions of the country, Mother Nature’s a bit late in arriving. Be that as it may, summer temperatures are just around the corner whether springtime ever blows through, or not. It’s getting ready to get hot.

Some hold with the theory of “the hotter the better” as they start heading to southernmost points to consume Mai Tais in tropical settings. But not everyone is a fan of horrid humidity and sunburns. If only there were somewhere with beautiful beaches, milder temperatures, much lower humidity, and smaller crowds. If this sounds more like what you’re looking for, forget what everyone else is doing and head north this summer.

The perfect island vacation for those seeking a tamer experience, minus the pesky sand gnats, awaits them in Canada on Prince Edward Island. The bridge to the island takes roughly 10-minutes to cross but it can also be reached by plane or via a 75-minute car-ferry ride. In addition to the island’s sand, sea, and sun, Prince Edward Island offers a plethora of activities which makes vacationing enjoyable for the entire family.
The Beaches

Prince Edward Island has 683-miles of shoreline, much of it in the form of pristine beaches. There are 23-public beaches so finding a private spot is easier than finding a crowded one. The sand is warm and soft with white-capped waves breaking near shore. In some areas, red clay cliffs serve as a colorful backdrop while a clear blue sky helps paint a picture of perfect serenity.

The Singing Sands is a popular beach. It’s called so because the sand is so fine it squeaks when walked on. The beach is 9-miles long and the water temperature at times will exceed 70-degrees. Cavendish Beach, located in Prince Edward Island National Park, is known for its warm red sand. Views of red cliffs can be seen from a beach chair and the sunsets are amazing. Pitching a tent and building a campfire are permitted. Greenwich Beach sits at the base of a 900-acre sand dune which visitors are welcome to explore and roll down a few hills if they desire.

All 23 beaches are unique and diverse in their own way so it’s very safe to say everyone can find exactly what they are looking for without having to search very far. In case someone chooses to be on the water rather than in it, parasailing, canoeing, kayaking, and excellent fishing are also popular pastimes.
The Beaches

In case there is any energy left after a full day of sun, fun, and fresh air, an island filled with an active nightlife awaits. Barhoppers will find their fill of places from upscale to downscale to funky and groovy and there’s plenty Moosehead beer for everyone. Since the majority of the action takes place in Charlottesville, let’s zone in on what’s happening there.

Myron’s Cabaret is two clubs in one with a small restaurant offering pub fare. A DJ rocks and boogies the night away upstairs while a live band entertains patrons downstairs. If dressing to impress is anyone’s snifter of brandy, though there is no formal dress code, most of the nightclub’s patrons sport their finest duds so take this into account before going. Myron’s is one of the most popular spots on the island. Go early to get a good table and prepare for a long night. What the heck. It’s called a vacation.

For those seeking a more laidback casual atmosphere with cheap drinks, Dooley’s is the place. Shoot a little pool, order some pizza, and wear some ragged jeans. It’s the perfect spot for anyone too tuckered out to dance.

For college-age visitors or anyone roughly thereabouts, the Wave is located in the student center on Prince Edward Island. Most of the events are age-21 and up and there is almost always an event, especially on weekends. Occasionally the Wave puts on an all-age event but those are generally held outside in the courtyard.

The Sport Page receives 5 out of 5 stars for being the friendliest sports bar in Charlottesville. It’s a low-key kind of place with its own band of regulars who regularly make out-of-towners feel right at home. Sounds good. Eh!
Family Fun

Prince Edward Island is more than just beautiful beaches and bars. What kid, or adult, wouldn’t enjoy a fun-filled day at a theme park with 40 wet and dry rides from roller coasters to water slides? Shining Waters Family Fun Park is all that and more. With live and animated animals in the barn area, a mirror maze, a topsy-turvy cabin, and a heavenly pastry referred to as a Beaver Tail, no vacation will be complete without stopping by.

There is absolutely no better way to enjoy family time than on two wheels. There are multiple bicycle roads leading through the countryside where no vehicles are allowed to travel. Depending upon the time of year fields of wildflowers overlooking red cliffs leading to the ocean leave viewers spellbound.

King’s Playhouse is the cultural and entertainment center for the island. It’s also one of Canada’s longest running theaters. Theatrical events are performed with regularity and both national and international music stars are brought in to grace the Playhouse stage.

Open daily from June 1 through September, and on weekends only the remainder of the year, Ripley’s Believe it or Not will amaze the entire family. Some of the displays include an authentic shrunken head, a huge confetti portrait of Ray Charles, a moving 10-foot root made only of used car parts, mystical illusions, rare collections of weird stuff from around the world, and so much more. If this isn’t enough, Wax World is just across the street, and if this still isn’t enough, a putt-putt golf course sits right next to it.
Family Fun
It’s easy to see why Prince Edward Island is an excellent alternative to sweating in the south. There is absolutely something to appease all tastes, and no one has ever left wishing they had gone elsewhere. Want to discover it for yourself? Head north this vacation.

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