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Separate Vacations? Here’s Why it Works

Warm, sunny beach vacations. Cold, snowy ski vacations. Everyone seems to have their own personal favorite vacation destination, it just might not match the one that their partner wants. And, that can be a problem when it is time to choose the destination for a couples getaway.

The solution? Separate vacations. While some people will think that separate vacations are a big red flag in a relationship, there are a multitude of reasons why they are good and actually healthy for couples.
Here are 7 reasons why couples should consider taking separate vacations:

1    Explore Different Interests

The first reason on this list is the most obvious. Separate vacations are perfect to visit a location that the other person doesn’t want to see or to participate in an activity that the partner has no interest in. Maybe you would find your spouse’s dream vacation of a visit to a relaxing spa retreat mind-numbingly boring or your partner is afraid of heights, while you want to go rock climbing. You don’t have to always settle on a compromise, leaving everyone vaguely dissatisfied. Grown ups are allowed to have different tastes and styles.
Rock Climbing
2    Enjoy Time With Friends

As we get older, it seems to get harder and harder to find time to maintain friendships. Spending time with friends can be amazing during a vacation and these “friend-cations” usually allows everyone to do the things that interest them the most. The guys can do the manly things together, while the girls can go shopping, see the shows, and spend time on the beach with a drink. Or vice versa, if that’s how things roll. It’s just not the same as a “couples” trip.
Ladies Love To Shopping Together

3    Find a Little Space

If couples work at home together, they may need a little time away from each other. Even if you don’t work from home, togetherness can sometimes become overwhelming. No “me time” is a common complaint for working adults. Taking separate vacations will provide that time and give everyone their private space.
Private Space
4    Scheduling Conflicts

Some companies only allow vacations at certain times of the year and if a couple’s vacation times do not match, separate vacations may be the only option. You shouldn’t abandon your well-earned and truly necessary vacation time because you and your partner can’t find a week that works for both of you. Plan a couples weekend and take your vacation solo or with friends.
Different Vacation Days
5    Adult Time is Important

Separate vacations may be the only option, as well, if there is no one to watch the children for an adults’ only getaway. Family vacations are wonderful, but so are grown up holidays. Separate vacations allow each parent to have some time away from the children, while the other keeps everything going at home. You won’t have to stress about how the kids are doing and the parent at home gets some one-on-one time with the children.
Baby Sitting
6    Don’t Worry About Making Everyone Happy

A stress-free vacation usually equates to making all the decisions and that can only be done if a person is traveling by themselves. After all, no couple is going to agree on everything that they do on a vacation. Take time to figure out what YOU want to do instead of trying to please your travel companion. Sometimes, compromise is overrated.
 Stress Free
7    Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

If you’re on the fence about traveling separately, couples should imagine the reunion that they will have when they return home from their separate vacations. You’ll come back refreshed and rejuvenated and bring a better energy to your relationship. Romance will be in the air and couples should plan a day or two to reconnect with each other afterwards. There’s nothing like a little time away to make you appreciate what you have waiting at home.
As good as separate vacations can be, couples need to make sure that they are communicating with each other as they are making their plans. One person should not assume that the other will not want to go to a certain destination or try a new adventure. After all, being in a relationship means trying new things on occasion. So, if one person thinks that they need to go skiing on their separate vacation since their partner never skis, but their partner really wants to give skiing a try, that might not be the best destination for a separate vacation this year.

Separate vacations will obviously cost more than a single vacation, so couples will need to determine how they will afford the extra costs and who will be responsible for paying for them. They will also need to determine if both separate vacations will need to cost the same amount of money or if one can cost a lot more than they other.

Not every partner is going to be thrilled if their significant other wants to go jetting off to paradise on their own, and they could feel jealous or concerned or left out. If this is an issue for any couple, these concerns will need to be addressed before any plans are made, so that a separate vacation will not cause stress on the relationship. Once a person is on their separate vacation, they will need to make sure that they check in with their partner at established times. This will allow everyone to know that each person is safe wherever they are.

The one thing that every couple must remember is that separate vacations should never replace a vacation together. Those shared vacations are the ones where couples will make memories together that they will cherish for a lifetime. Couples should always plan their shared vacation for the year first and then decide what each person can do with the money that they have left for their separate vacations.

The good thing is that the size of the separate vacations doesn’t matter. What does matter is that it is spent doing something that the person enjoys as they are relaxing and having fun.

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